Free Kernel Tools

Kernel forOutlook PST Viewer

Opens unlimited number of PST files without having MS Outlook installed on your computer. The tool permits to view Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Journal, Notes, etc. Due to simple installation and user-friendly GUI, Kernel for Outlook PST Viewer is easy to handle and it does not require any technical expertise to handle nor is any technical training required. Just download and install to explore the unexplored realms of the tool without any hurdle. View your Outlook PST files anywhere and anytime... Read more

Kernel for Exchange EDB Viewer

Perfectly opens up EDB files in complete absence of Exchange Server. It does not even require any proxy settings that can provide settings of exchange server. The tool has been designed to provide innumerable access to corrupt as well as to healthy EDB files. Once access to EDB file is gained, you can view specific items in user mailboxes and public folders without distorting them. To simply download it just visit the Kernel Data Recovery website and start downloading. Once downloaded quickly install before you miss your EDB file... Read more

Kernel OST Viewer

Lets you to access OST files without any access to Exchange Server. This free tool provides even access to corrupt OST files. Kernel OST Viewer lets user to view attachments and messages attached to the mail. Moreover, you are even permitted to take a copy and print TXT and HTML files efficiently, while using this tool. Due to large supported versions and good compatibility with all versions of MS Exchange Server, MS Outlook and Windows OS, this tool is highly commended by most system professionals... Read more

Kernel OLM Viewer

Viewing Mac Outlook files will be never as easy as it becomes after using Kernel for OLM Viewer. This tool provides grand access to OLM files in absence of Mac Outlook. To download and install this tool, you just have to spare few seconds. This time even reduces to smaller quantity when access to OLM file is done. Due to simple GUI no technical training is required for the user nor is highly qualified system technician required. Got OLM file? Just download Kernel OLM Viewer and start sneaking what you want to within seconds... Read more

Kernel EML Viewer

Now, view your EML files even if Outlook Express is not installed in your system. It is the best tool that provides you grand entry to EML files, thus, providing clear view of entire items in real-time situation. For technical geeks it is important to know that the tool is well equipped with advanced settings to show all EML messages, which are saved anywhere in the computer. Enjoy its swift service to uncover EML in absence of Outlook Express by downloading and installing in your system. Access your EML files from anywhere at any time... Read more

Kernel MBOX Viewer

Being user-friendly and standalone utility for MBOX files, Kernel MBOX Viewer is used to view MBOX files without eclipsing any data items. It provides real time view to the user as it is equipped with email filters and add folder option. Whatever remains the source of your MBOX file, this tool can perfectly open it without any delay as it supports 20 MBOX clients at the same time. For better accessibility, the tool saves the content in HTML format so that it can be accessed from any web browser...Read more

Kernel forOutlook to PDF

You would definitely appreciate the tool that can provide you more secure and stable form by converting your Outlook data to PDF. Kernel Data Recovery has designed an impeccable tool to perfectly convert mailbox items of MS Outlook to PDF. The PDF generated through this process is provided more security by deploying powerful and sophisticated passwords. Even if your mind changes and you are in no mood to convert mailbox items to PDF, then it's fine. Kernel for Outlook to PDF provides 'Preview' facility prior saving the items into PDF. Now, conversion to PDF directly from MS Outlook is within our reach... Read more

Kernel forOutlook PST Reporter

Kernel for Outlook PST Reporter is the one stop solution that provides comprehensive detailed reports on stored PST files in user's computer. The tool provides statistical data and its analysis for email traffic of MS Outlook. The detailed and precise report on data items such as Sender's Name, Sender's Email ID, Emails Read/Unread, and Total Email Item Size, Total Attachments and Attachment Type are more frequently asked by user for comparative study for different systems. It gives brief analysis on type of attachments, its size and correlated file size. Now, just by installing it get detailed reports anywhere... Read more

Kernel forPST ADD

Kernel Data Recovery has designed PST ADD tool to provide concise approach while dealing with bulk volume of PST files. With this tool you can add large number of files to MS Outlook and can easily access all of them in a single place. While using this tool compatibility issue never stays as a problem as the tool supports 32-bit and 64-bit version of MS Outlook. No data loss takes place during entire process of adding PST files and accessible innumerable files. Due to user-friendly GUI no technical training is required. Thus, even new user can efficiently handle this tool... Read more

Kernel Bulk Image Resizer

Have you got tired off using online image resizer and still haven't got correct size of image? Try Kernel Bulk Image Resizer, a product by Kernel Data Recovery designed to resize your desired image as per your choice with better clarity and saturation. Now you can carve your image much professionally than ever before. On few clicks of your mouse, your image turns out to be clearer, if blurred, and more sharp, if dull. Kernel Bulk Image Resizer supports JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, GIF file formats. Once changes are made in the image, you can rename them as per your convince... Read more

Kernel for Outlook Express Password Recovery

Trying to recover your Outlook Express password? Now, perfectly retain your lost Outlook Express password with Kernel for Outlook Express Password Recovery tool designed by Kernel Data Recovery for this purpose. No worries even if Outlook Express has complicated password. The tool efficiently retains powerful and complicated passwords even from other versions of Outlook Express like 6.0/5.5/5.0 and 4.0. As far as supported OS is concerned, Kernel for Outlook Express Recovery supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95... Read more

Kernel Yahoo Archive Reader

Kernel Yahoo Archive Reader, as the name suggests, is an online messenger designed to send instant messages, files, folders, attachments and other data items in few clicks to the user at the other end. The other specialty of this tool is that it also acts as archive message decoder software with which you can view chat details, contact, conversations and other necessary details whenever required. The tool imports the important external archives that are not present in user's system which is equipped with Yahoo messenger. Simple GUI makes this tool more convincing for user of every level... Read more

Kernel forPassword Unmask

Tired of recalling passwords to unlock applications stored in your system? Relax! Try Kernel for Password Unmask to reveal all applications that are locked with password. Kernel for Password Unmask 1.0 is designed to unmask any application locked with password. Basically, the tool bypasses the requirement for complex password ducked behind asterisk symbol. The tool performs its best with FTP Client software like CuteFTP, FlashFXP, and SmartFTP etc. The tool perfectly mines out the password even if they are created by using older versions of Windows... Read more

Kernel forIE Password

As the name suggests, Kernel for IE Password recovers password from cache of Internet Explorer. It displays auto complete passwords, logins and user name within few seconds. The use of this tool entirely depends upon the type of user. For cyber forensic experts this tool can be used to unlock the access points in Internet Explorer of the convict, while other user with professional insight will use this tool to save his other logins and passwords. On the contrary, cybercrime may take good hike by hacking other system and spooling out other information after tracking password... Read more

Kernel forHotmail MSN Password

Kernel for Hotmail MSN Password enables user to recover the lost password of MSN Hotmail. Now, you don't have to stress yourself to recall passwords of MSN accounts. As Kernel for Hotmail MSN password is a free password recovery tool, you have to just download it and install quickly. Installed with powerful algorithm with complex working strategy, Kernel for Hotmail MSN Password tool takes no time to recall the lost password and reveal it to the user within seconds. Moreover, you can count on this tool to maintain privacy of the contents stored in your system... Read more

Kernel forOutlook Password Recovery

Kernel for Outlook Password Recovery efficiently recovers password for PST files without leaving data unsecured. It takes few minutes to download and install this tool and even more less time to recover lost password for concerned PST file. The tool provides multilingual password recovery and supports good range of MS Outlook like MS Outlook 2010/2007/2003/XP/2002/2000/97. Due to simple and active working strategy of Kernel for Outlook Password Recovery, most system professionals use it for PST password recovery. The user-friendly GUI enables the user of every level to handle this tool efficiently... Read more