Kernel forOutlook PST Viewer

Kernel for Outlook PST Viewer is a free tool that scans, opens and displays corrupt as well as healthy PST file items such as emails, calendars. The folder structure will be the same.

  • View, access, and open the content of healthy or corrupt PST files.
  • Helps in searching PST files using the Search option.
  • Retains data integrity and sustains original data hierarchy.
KernelExchange EDB Viewer

Kernel for Exchange EDB Viewer is a free solution that does not require Exchange Server environment to view and open the content of EDB file.

  • Help to open and view MS Exchange Server EDB files.
  • Search for EDB files stored on hard disk drives.
  • Work with healthy and corrupted EDB files flawlessly.
KernelOST Viewer

Kernel for OST Viewer is a free tool that can open and display OST files without the installation of Outlook. It is an efficient tool that goes smoothly.

  • Open corrupted and healthy OST file items.
  • Easy to operate because of interactive GUI.
  • Capable of accessing OST files without Exchange connection.
Kernel OLM Viewer

Kernel for OLM Viewer is a free tool to open, view, and read OLM files. It is designed to preview data of all healthy as well as corrupt OLM file items.

  • Opens OLM files on Windows systems without converting to PST.
  • Smartly searches and locates OLM files on Windows drives.
  • Support for all kinds of OLM files from Outlook for Mac.
KernelEML Viewer

Kernel for EML Viewer is a freeware to open, view, & read EML email messages with attachments. It supports EML files of multiple email clients.

  • Allow accessing EML files without installing any email client.
  • Support email clients like Windows Live Mail & Thunderbird.
  • Independent tool – do not require the installation of email clients.
KernelMBOX Viewer

Kernel for MBOX Viewer is a free tool to open and view MBOX email items of more than 20 email clients. The tool allows saving email list.

  • Offer preview of MBOX emails belonging to multiple email clients.
  • Add single/multiple MBOX files or an MBOX folder for viewing.
  • Provide email sorting options – by From, Subject, To, etc.
KernelFree Data Recovery Software

A freeware software to recover all types of docs and media files like photos, videos, songs, etc.

  • Retrieve permanently deleted/lost media files from Windows.
  • Recover data against hard disk corruption, failure, virus attack, etc.
  • Retrieve data from external drives like USB Drive & Memory Card.
Kernel Outlook Password recovery

Kernel Outlook Password recovery retrieves, removes, and sets new passwords for Outlook PST files quickly and supports PST files from all versions of Outlook.

  • Quick recovery of lost or forgotten Outlook PST file passwords.
  • Allow you to remove the old password and set a new password.
  • Suitable for recovering multilingual passwords.
KernelFree SQLite Viewer

Kernel SQLite Viewer provides a detailed description of SQLite database files when they become corrupt due to any cause.

  • Repairs all kinds of databases from various SQLite versions.
  • Repair large-sized databases without any size limitation.
  • Generates 100% preview of selected items.
KernelFree SQL Viewer

Kernel SQL Viewer is the freeware alternative to paid software that will help you in retrieving data from corrupt MDF and NDF files. A thorough scanning will be done quickly.

  • Put the recovered folders in a clean and original hierarchy.
  • Check the version of SQL Server automatically.
  • Recover all UNICODE and ASCII characters from the MDF/NDF files.
Kernel BAK Viewer

Kernel BAK Viewer software to open and read corrupt and healthy BAK files of SQL databases. The tool supports all SQL server database files.

  • Open corrupt and healthy BAK files
  • Display all content of the SQL database BAK files.
  • Support all SQL server version BAK files.
KernelOutlook PST Reporter

Kernel for Outlook PST Reporter is a free tool to generate detailed reports on PST file content. The user can view the overall statistics of the emails in Outlook.

  • Get the details of PST file configured in the Outlook profile.
  • Generate detailed reports on email items of the PST files.
  • Provides details like email address, total mail size, attachments, etc.
Kernel MDF Viewer

Open and read healthy as well as corrupt MDF/NDF files without SQL Server.

  • Repair and view data from corrupt MDF files.
  • Recover deleted data from MDF files and preview it in the tool.
  • Display every object like tables, triggers, records, functions, etc.
KernelNST Viewer

Access data of corrupt/healthy NST files without Outlook using free Kernel NST Viewer

  • Open and view data of corrupt/damaged NST files
  • Get all NST data including emails, contacts, journals, etc.
  • Advanced options to search specific NST emails.
KernelVHD/VHDX Viewer

Display content of corrupt/damaged VHD/VHDX Viewer.

  • Open and view healthy as well as corrupt Virtual Hard Disk files.
  • Three scanning modes to repair VHD file with severe corruption.
  • Search specific files after recovery for preview.
KernelVMDK Viewer

Kernel VMDK Viewer is a free utility that allows users to open and preview healthy as well as corrupt VMDK files. It can display every item including audio, video, images, etc.

  • Open and view the content of corrupt or deleted VMDK files.
  • Fix corruption errors of VMware files before the preview
  • Allow searching specific files/folder with the Find option.
Kernel NSF Viewer Free

View mailbox items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. for all kinds of NSF files from Lotus Notes and Domino Server.

  • Access to NSF files without Lotus Notes/Domino Server
  • Open and view the NSF mailbox keeping original hierarchy intact
  • View complete mailbox items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc
KernelMDB Viewer FREE

Open, view, and read corrupt and healthy MDB files for free.

  • Repair corrupt or damaged MDB/ACCDB files easily
  • Preview of Access Data Files (MDB) with all their details
  • Preview of Tables and other objects accurately
KernelBKF Viewer FREE

Kernel BKF Viewer is a free tool to open and view BKF files without any charges.

  • Open and view the content of corrupt/healthy BKF files.
  • Access data of damaged BKF file without any hassle
  • See data in the original content without compromising data integrity.
Kernel forDBX Viewer FREE

Kernel for DBX Viewer is a free tool to open and view DBX files without Outlook Express.

  • Open, view, and access the content of corrupt/healthy DBX files.
  • Preview every item of DBX file like emails, attachments, etc.
  • Keep the data integrity of DBX file data in the original form.
KernelBulk Image Resizer

Resize images in bulk without losing their quality.

  • Resize photos without any restrictions.
  • Allow you to flip, rotate, and resize the pictures.
  • Save pictures in different formats like JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, etc.
KernelXLS/XLSX Viewer

Access and open healthy and corrupt XLS/XLSX files

  • Views corrupt, damaged & healthy Excel Files
  • Views any size of large XLS/XLSX files
  • Supports viewing single/multiple Excel files.
Kernel Outlook Express Password Recovery

Efficiently retrieves lost passwords of Outlook Express emails.

  • Free tool to recover lost passwords of Outlook Express
  • Capable of recovering multilingual passwords
  • Effortless recovery of Outlook Express passwords with a few clicks
KernelYahoo Archive Reader

View Yahoo chats and emails without signing into Yahoo Messenger.

  • Allow you to view the entire chat history of Yahoo Messenger
  • Decode external Yahoo archive file that is not in the archive directory.
  • No need of login credentials to read Yahoo chats and emails.
KernelIE Password Recovery

Restore user credentials of Internet Explorer without any hassle.

  • Retrieve lost or forgotten user credentials of Internet Explorer.
  • Recover data strings stored by the autocomplete option.
  • Restore the password stored in Internet Explorer easily.
KernelMSN Password Recovery

Retrieve lost/forgotten passwords of Hotmail MSN accounts on your system.

  • Capable of recovering any password for Hotmail MSN accounts
  • Quick password recovery with few clicks
  • No technical expertise is required to recover lost password.
Kernel EMLX Viewer

Kernel EMLX Viewer allows to view EMLX files of Apple Mail.

  • View content of every EMLX file on your system
  • Search for hidden or specific EMLX file with the advanced search option
  • Open healthy as well as corrupt EMLX files without any data loss
KernelPST Add

Free tool to add multiple PST files to MS Outlook quickly.

  • Allow you to add multiple PST files to Outlook without any hassle.
  • Keep the data integrity of PST files during the addition.
  • Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of MS Outlook
KernelPassword Unmask

Easily uncover passwords of Windows program and FTP client.

  • Extract encrypted password from Windows programs in one click.
  • Quick view of hidden passwords from FTP client
  • Recover lengthy and complicated passwords with ease
Kernel forIncrediMail

Perform a complete and rapid recovery of emails from corrupt or lost IMM, IMH, and IMB files while maintaining all the email properties, attachments, links, and formats.

  • Restore complete IncrediMail emails and address book data
  • Offers instant recovery with complete properties and metadata
  • Exclusive Preview of the desired emails for verifying before saving
Kernel forPST to NSF Converter

Adopt the HCL Notes/IBM Notes/Lotus Notes application with the assistance of Kernel for PST to NSF Converter. It can convert unlimited PST files to NSF format easily.

  • Easy migration of Outlook PST emails, calendar, contacts, etc.
  • Capable of migrating multiple mailboxes at once.
  • Migrate PST file data either to an existing or a new NSF file.
Kernel forDBX to NSF Converter

Safest and quick conversion of Outlook Express data files to Lotus Notes files with the assistance of Kernel for DBX to NSF converter.

  • Convert every single item of DBX to NSF
  • Split repaired DBX file into single or multiple NSF files.
  • Preview facility to view DBX file data.
Kernel forLotus Notes to PDF

Perform the comprehensive conversion of Lotus Notes NSF file to Adobe PDF format. Kernel for Lotus Notes to PDF protects the structure of emails in PDF file.

  • Complete conversion of NSF files to PDF files.
  • Convert selected emails/items based on needs.
  • Preview each item before PDF conversion.
Kernel forLotus Notes to Novell GroupWise

An effective migrator tool to migrate from Lotus Notes to GroupWise. You can migrate the NSF file or Domino Server mailbox to GroupWise accounts.

  • Migrate Notes/Domino Server NSF files to GroupWise.
  • Live preview option to view selected file’s content.
  • Intelligent filters to migrate NSF data selectively.
Kernel forNovell GroupWise to Notes

Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Notes is a powerful solution for exporting GroupWise mailboxes to Lotus Notes.

  • Export emails, contacts, tasks, etc. to Lotus Notes
  • Three quick modes to access GroupWise data.
  • Export single/multiple mailboxes & archive mailboxes
Kernel forParadox Database

Kernel for Paradox Database Repair is an effective tool that repairs corrupt or damaged Paradox database files.

  • Efficient in recovering and restoring Paradox DB file data.
  • Repairs and recovers deleted or damaged primary and foreign keys.
  • Quick recovery of deleted or lost indexes, unique keys, tables, etc.
Kernel forProject Server

Kernel for Project Server flawlessly extracts MDF files from MS Project Server and securely restores the Access database data.

  • Recover inaccessible Access database files.
  • Efficiently recover tasks, schedule, and more from workspaces.
  • Offers dual mode recovery to deal with all MDF corruption issues.
Kernel forWriter Recovery

Retrieve data from corrupt/damaged Open Office .odt files efficiently.

  • Restore ODT files with diagrams, indexes, image objects, etc.
  • Preview every recovered file before saving it on the system
  • Perform batch recovery of corrupt ODT files
Kernel forBase Recovery

A simple solution to recover data from corrupt/damaged ODB data files.

  • Quick and simple recovery of corrupt ODB files
  • Suitable for batch recovery of multiple ODB files
  • Compatible with all versions of Open Office Base
Kernel forCalc Recovery

Instant recovery of damaged/corrupt ODS files of Open Office Calc.

  • Retrieve data from inaccessible ODS files
  • Restore every component like rows, column, cell data, tables, charts, etc.
  • Fix corruption issues of every ODS file
Kernel forImpress Recovery

Recover images, graphics, sound files, etc. from corrupt ODP files.

  • Repair corrupt/damaged OpenOffice Impress ODP files
  • Recover data from ODP files with UNICODE characters
  • Preview every data file after the repairing process
Kernel forDraw Recovery

Efficiently repair corrupt/damaged ODG files of OpenOffice Draw application.

  • Repair multiple corrupt ODG files in a single attempt
  • Capable of recovering entire data like graphics, logos, images, etc.
  • Suitable for batch recovery of corrupt files in a single attempt.
Kernel forMath Recovery

Effortless data recovery from corrupt OpenOffice Math ODF files.

  • Retain every single item from the corrupt ODF files
  • Capable of recovering multiple ODF files in one click
  • Maintains the structure of ODF files even after the recovery
Kernel forExchange to GroupWise

Kernel for Exchange to GroupWise lets you adopt to a new GroupWise platform by migrating the mailboxes from Microsoft Exchange Server. It keeps the integrity of mailboxes intact and migrate metadata too.

  • Migrate multiple mailboxes from on-premises Exchange Server.
  • Migrate public folder mailboxes from Exchange Server accounts.
  • Migrate live Outlook profiles connected with Exchange accounts.
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