What benefits does the tool give to you?

Migrate with settings

Migrate with settings Each item from Google Drive is migrated with the protection of its ownership. The settings and features that the file owner has applied will be there in the new account.

No size limitation

No size limitation The software does not discriminate between the sizes of files and migrates them completely. If the files are huge, then also it will migrate them quickly.

Migrate file attributes

Migrate file attributes The software migrates name, description, created at, modified at, date created, date modified, etc. You can choose the attributes and migrate them.

Create New version

Create New version If you want to get a new version of the file or folder in destination, you can choose such an option on the filter page. It will migrate the file as a new version.

Migrate between accounts

Migrate between accounts The software can migrate Google Drive data from one Google account to another. It can access data from OneDrive and choose Google Drive as the destination for migration.

Migrate from G Suite

Migrate from G Suite G Suite users can migrate their Google Drive data using this tool. They can use a service account or web authentication to add the G Suite account for migration.

Salient Features

Kernel Google Drive Migration tool facilitates easy data migration with its exciting features.

Migrate Google Drive data from multiple accounts

Migrate Google Drive data from multiple accounts This tool helps you migrate data from one Google Drive for Business account to another effortlessly. Both the source and destination Google Drive accounts can be added directly to perform swift migration. Also, it migrates Google Drive data to different destinations. In the same way, it can migrate data from different sources to Google Drive. Also, it can migrate personal Google Drive users.

Migrate Google Drive to Google Drive

Migrate Google Drive to Google Drive You can select multiple Google Drive accounts using a G Suite Super Administrator account and migrate them easily. There is no maximum size limitation in the tool. So, you can migrate unlimited data from all the accounts. For the migration of data from multiple accounts, you can use a CSV file as well.

Migrate all G Suite data

Migrate all G Suite data Apart from the Google Drive data of G Suite, the tool allows the migration of other apps like Gmail, Contacts, Hangouts, Calendar/Appointments, etc. So, it is a complete G Suite migration tool rather than being just a Google Drive Migration software.

Migrate synced Google Drive data

Migrate synced Google Drive data Apart from the direct migration of Google Drive for Business data, this tool performs the migration data from/to synced Google Drive folders on local systems. The tool supports both personal and business accounts for the migration of synced Google Drive data.

Migrate OneDrive for Business data

Migrate OneDrive for Business data The professional data saved in the cloud platform of OneDrive for Business can be migrated to Google Drive with full security using this tool. You need not download the OneDrive data and then upload it to the Google Drive account as the tool facilitates direct migration.

Migrate File System data to Google Drive

Migrate File System data to Google Drive Windows File System data can be moved to Google Drive with the help of our Google Drive Migration software. It can check the data present in all the drives and expand them to select the data. There are various filter options to migrate the content with total control.

The tool works in the following manner-
  1. In the source section, right-click on Google Drive and click the Add Google Drive option.
  2. Provide the Google accounts credentials.
  3. Allow the software to view and manage the contents. Click Allow button.
  4. Follow similar steps (from 1 to 3) to add Google Drive as the destination.
  5. Right-click on the source Google Drive and select the option to copy it to Google Drive.
  6. Perform simple mapping between source and destination accounts.
  7. Allow the migration of permissions. Apply the filters to select the data.
  8. Select the time to start the migration.
  9. Review the complete information of the upcoming migration.
  10. After the successful migration, get a comprehensive report.
No. After the software validates your given credentials, the next step asks you to view and manage the Google drive data. So, the control of the data remains with the user always.
Yes, you can right-click on the root folder and remove it quickly.
The software shows the summary of your selected data before starting the migration. You will see the name of all the selected folders here.
Yes, the permissions of the individual files will also be migrated with it.
If you migrate the entire folder, then the software will maintain the structure and hierarchy of the folder's content.
Yes, the software will allow you to run multiple migration jobs simultaneously.
When the software asks for the Google drive credentials, you will also get the SMS on your mobile phone to complete the 2-step verification.
The P 12 key is the public access key to the Service account that enables the third-party software to connect with the G Suite account. Our software requires the P 12 key to connect with G Suite.
How it Works?
HOW TO Migrate Google Drive data

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About Product

  • Version: 23.3
  • Related Date: June 2023
  • License Type: Personal, Corporate & Technician

Supported Windows OS Platforms

Windows 365 (Cloud PC), 11, 10, 8, 7 Service Pack 1, & Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003

Supported Versions

  • Google Workspace plans

    Business Starter

    Business Standard

    Business Plus


  • Virtual Environments

    Hyper-V Server

    VMware ESX/ ESXi Server

    Microsoft Virtual PC

System Requirements

  • Hard Disk

    4 GB free space for the installation and data migration

  • Memory

    Minimum 4 GB RAM

  • Processor

    Intel® Pentium 4 Class or higher Processor

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