Outstanding features of Kernel Video Converter

Quick conversion of all video formats

You can select video files directly from their location and convert them to any available format like MP4. Video Converter tool converts them quickly and lets you save the new file at the specified location.

  • Quick conversion of the large video files
  • No Lags or waiting while converting
  • Creation of new folder to save the converted video
Quick conversion of all video formats
Conversion to all video formats

Conversion to all video formats

There are multiple video and audio formats available for saving your video files. The converted video will run smoothly on all the available platforms. As MP4 format is the most popular format for videos, you can save any video file in this format.

  • Performs conversion between any video formats
  • Supports Windows, Mac, Smartphone video formats
  • Retains the aspect ratio and properties of video files

Support for smartphone video formats

If you are using the smartphone of a particular brand and you have some unsupported video files, then you can use our tool to convert the video to a supported format. It will allow you to run all kinds of videos on your smartphone.

  • Convert videos of Android (any version) smartphones
  • Convert videos of iPhone and iPod
  • Convert videos of any smartphone brand like Apple, Nokia, etc.
Support for smartphone video formats
Save audio separately from the video

Save audio separately from the video

The audio formats are supported by this tool for output. If you have a special need and you do not require the whole video but only the audio, then choose the audio format and convert it faster.

  • Convert your videos to audio files
  • Significant reduction in the size of the file
  • Run the audio files on all audio players

Conversion of multiple videos at a time

Video Converter tool facilitates the conversion multiple videos at a time. It shortens the whole time required to convert different video files. Get the best results in minimum time here.

  • Select multiple videos files from multiple folders
  • Save the converted files together
  • Significant reduction in the total conversion time
Conversion of multiple videos at a time
Simple user interface

Simple user interface

The tool has a simple interface and performs conversion in minimum steps - choose the video file, select the output format, and provide a destination. After conversion, you can see the video files in the specified location.

  • Simple user interface with smooth conversion
  • Remove the selected videos if you do not want to convert
  • See the thumbnail view of the selected videos.

Preserves video quality

The tool preserves the video quality during the conversion. The length, width, aspect ratio, frame rate, metadata, audio stream, pixels, etc. are retained without change.

  • Preserves the original quality of video during conversion.
  • Play the converted video in any supporting video player.
  • Performs offline conversion and so video data is safe
Preserves video quality
Compatibility with all Windows OS

Compatibility with all Windows OS

You will be able to run Video converter software on all Windows versions ranging from Windows 365 to Windows 11/10.

  • Supports the latest versions like Windows 365/11/10/8.1/8/7.
  • Suitable for older versions like Windows XP/98/95.
  • Smaller exe file size to ensure hassle-free installation.
FAQs of Kernel Video Converter
Video Converter software follows some simple steps to perform the conversion:
  1. Start the software and click the Add (+) button to add the video file(s).
  2. Go to the location of video files and choose the files you want. Then click Open.
  3. After selecting the video files, click the Next button.
  4. Choose the output format for the video files. Click Convert Now.
  5. Select the folder location for the output video file. Then click OK.
  6. After the conversion of the software, you can go to the folder location and see the results
You can run the converted videos in older android smartphones, provided it supports the format.
There is no limitation in converting the video files. But, you will see the converted video for up to 15 seconds only. To play the the full video, please purchase the licensed version of Video converter software.
The size of the video file will be as per the quality you choose for your video. A high-quality video will be large.
There are several video formats that offer you a good resolution for your video. You can convert the video to any one of those formats.
3GP video is a video format that was created in the older mobiles. But you can convert all these videos to a format supported by your new mobile.
Yes, you can choose multiple videos from different formats and convert them simultaneously.
Kernel Video Converter - Video Guide
Kernel Video Converter
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How it Works?
STEPS TO convert a video file

Kernel Video Converter performs conversion in a minimum number of steps. The steps are:


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About Kernel Video Converter

  • Version: 20.9
  • License Type: 1 Year & Lifetime
  • Release Date: May 2020

System Requirements

  • Hard Disk 100 MB of disk space
  • Memory 256 MB Minimum
  • Processor Intel® Pentium Processor compatible (x86, x64) or equivalent
  • Operating System Windows 365, 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT, 95 (FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS5)

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