Exclusively for Microsoft Most Valuable
Professionals (MVPs)

NFR (Not for resale) license is designed for MVPs (Microsoft most valuable professionals) and MCSEs (Microsoft Certified Solutions Experts) for Research, Demonstration, Educational, Testing, or Training purposes. As your opinion matters to tech-industry vendors and consumers, we’ll be glad if you share your unbiased feedback via Blogs, Reviews, Case Studies, and the likes. So, fill the form with your details, and we’ll get in touch with you at the earliest.


What is NFR (Not for Resale)

NFR (Not for Resale) is a product license which is provided by sellers and vendors for their channel partners. This license can be used for various purposes like Internal Testing, Research Development, Education, Demonstration, or Training; but the channel partners are not allowed to resell those products.


Kernel Data Recovery’s Free NFR License Program

Kernel Data Recovery NFR License program has been designed and implemented to support the MVPs and MCSEs in their research and development work. With this program, they can access Kernel Data Recovery products for free. Then they can obtain the NFR licensed software which can be used for testing, demonstration, education, training, etc.

To obtain this license, you have to initiate a request through our NFR form. The NFR license for one product will be valid for 12 months. However, it can be renewed with approval from Kernel Data Recovery.

Kernel Data Recovery products are available for domains like Data Recovery, Email Migration, Cloud Migration, etc. These products perform tasks like Exchange Server Recovery, Exchange/Office 365 migrations, File repair, Email conversion, etc.