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Backup Exchange to PST

Backup Exchange to PST This tool offers easy brick-level backup for Exchange administrators to save Exchange data to Outlook PST format. The friendly interface helps in backing up Exchange data quite smoothly at the desired location.

Backup all mailboxes

Backup all mailboxes This advanced tool allows users with administrative rights to backup all Exchange mailboxes like shared mailboxes, public folders and archive mailboxes. It backs up even Office 365 shared mailboxes and public folders to PST files.

Backup multiple mailboxes

Backup multiple mailboxes Users can add multiple mailboxes as a source for backup with the help of a CSV file. This CSV file contains both source and destination details with the mapping specifications. By importing such a CSV file, you can add multiple mailboxes at once.

Restores OST/PST files to Exchange

Restores OST/PST files to Exchange The multi-tasker tool also imports healthy PST files to hosted or on-premises Exchange. Also, it restores multiple OST/PST files to Exchange providing mapping facility (manual/CSV-based).

Backup NSF to PST

Backup NSF to PST The software backs up Notes and Domino Server NSF files to the specified location. Regardless of file size, complete backup of NSF file is done smoothly. Users can easily add NSF files from Domino Server and save mailboxes in multiple PST files.

Backup NSF to Exchange

Backup NSF to Exchange Lotus Notes users can also back up their NSF files to Exchange Server using this tool. Exchange administrators or users with proper rights can backup multiple NSF files from Notes/Domino Server to Exchange efficiently.

Backup multiple NSF files

Backup multiple NSF files Any number of NSF files can be added for backup with the help of CSV file. The details to be provide within this CSV file are NSF file location, PST file saving location, Domino Server details, Exchange Server details, etc.

Backup in multiple files

Backup in multiple files With this tool, the user can backup a large-sized NSF file in multiple small PST files. It reduces complexity and makes data easily accessible in Outlook.

Backup PST to Email Servers

Backup PST to Email Servers It backs up both healthy and corrupt PST data (after repairing) to email servers like Exchange Server, Domino Server, and Novell GroupWise. All PST content such as emails, contacts, calendars, appointments, etc. can be saved directly to any email server.

Backup PST to Cloud

Backup PST to Cloud You can take backup of PST data to cloud, i.e., Office 365 user mailboxes. With Office 365 credentials, you can save PST data to your Office 365 mailbox.

Back up PST to Web Mails

Back up PST to Web Mails Save all sort of PST mailbox items whether deleted, lost or inaccessible to webmails such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, etc. You can preview the Outlook PST data and provide the login credentials of the selected webmails to backup instantly.

Backup Emails to different formats

Backup Emails to different formats The tool offers to back up the desired emails from PST file(s) to various file formats – MSG, EML, RTF, HTML, MHTML, DBX, TXT, etc. These exported items can be accessed in the respective email client or the application for the selected file format.

Backup Office 365 to PST

Backup Office 365 to PST Office 365 users can backup multiple user mailboxes to PST files directly with global administrator credentials. Along with that, it provides privilege to export on-premises and hosted Exchange mailboxes to PST.

Backup all mailboxes

Backup all mailboxes The software supports backup of all type of mailboxes – Archived mailboxes, Shared Mailboxes, and Public Folders. It also saves Office 365 user groups to Outlook PST destination. It also backs up accounts with an email address different from mailbox login ID (UPN).

Restore PST to Office 365

Restore PST to Office 365 The professional software successfully restores PST data to Office 365 within minimum time. Any user who wishes to move to online storage can choose this tool. It also supports moving PST data to on-premises and hosted Exchange.

Backup unlimited mailboxes

Backup unlimited mailboxes This robust software allows to back up multiple Office 365 mailboxes altogether. With complete source and destination details in CSV Excel file, unlimited files can be mapped and backed up or restored to the destination.

Backup SharePoint to File System

Backup SharePoint to File System The software backs up SharePoint data to file system smoothly and efficiently. The friendly and descriptive interface of the tool allows performing backup without any hindrance. The authority to decide the saving location for SharePoint lies to the users.

Backup by download

Backup by download Users can save the SharePoint data by selecting it and choosing the Download option to save it to any location on the system drive. You can directly download any required files to your file system.

Backup to a specified location

Backup to a specified location After selecting the required files from SharePoint, users can move that data to a specified location on the file system drive. By selecting the browse option, users can search for the saving folder and save their SharePoint documents there.

Backup only the required data

Backup only the required data The facility to backup only the required data is provided in this tool. Users can select the data on the basis of versions, file creation date, file modification date, file name, etc. It ensures that only the desired data is available on the saving location.

Backup WorkMail to PST

Backup WorkMail to PST The backup software helps its user to backup Amazon WorkMail mailboxes to Outlook PST file. It saves emails and all other mailbox items from Amazon WorkMail to PST format without any error in one go.

Backup all mailboxes

Backup all mailboxes This software supports backup of archive mailboxes and public folders from Amazon WorkMail. Importing PST files to WorkMail public folders and archive mailboxes is also supported.

Restore PST to WorkMail

Restore PST to WorkMail The software imports healthy PST files to multiple mailboxes in Amazon WorkMail. Users hold the privilege to map PST files to Amazon WorkMail mailboxes.

Automate Backup/Restore

Automate Backup/Restore Users can automate both Backup and Restore operations by importing CSV file with the source and destination details. While using CSV file, both the source and destination get added automatically, saving time and effort of users.

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