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"PST passwords are the key to our privacy. So, when you forget them, it is a problem as it takes time to recover them. But our tool takes care of all these problems by recovering all the passwords in seconds."

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Sudesh Kumar

Microsoft Outlook Password Recovery

Why PST Password Recovery?
  • Has forgotten or lost the PST password.
  • Receives a protected file from an anonymous source
  • Has to access old protected PST files
  • Cannot recover the password manually.
When to change PST file passwords?
  • Password gets too old
  • Password needs to be more complex
  • Needs to comply with the company password policy
  • Needs to curb hacking and data breach attempts

Salient Features

PST password recovery is just a matter of seconds owing to its highly advanced and powerful features.

Quick Password Retrieval

Quick Password Retrieval This PST password recovery software quickly recovers forgotten or lost passwords of Personal Storage files (PST) of any version of Microsoft Outlook. What-so-ever may be the length and complexity of the passwords, the software instantly recovers all the passwords.

Zero Data Loss

Zero Data Loss Kernel for PST Password recovery software tool restores PST passwords so that you can access all your email messages, appointment list and contacts. This tool can help even in situations when the network administrator is unable to assist you in regaining or reviving the forgotten password.

Supports Multilingual Password Recovery

Supports Multilingual Password Recovery In addition to the long and complex passwords, this tool can deal with the recovery of multilingual passwords. It can retrieve passwords in any language with utmost accuracy and efficiency, allowing user to access their emails.

Unlocks Highly-Encrypted PST Files

Unlocks Highly-Encrypted PST Files This tool performs password recovery even in conditions where encryption and complexity of the password is quite strong. In such cases, an alternate password is generated by the recovery tool to unlock the PST file.

Remove Password from PST files

Remove Password from PST files This tool is enabled with a ‘Remove Password’ function which allows user to remove passwords from password protected PST files. It works with small and large PST files and users can easily make their PST files free from passwords.

Set New Password on PST Files

Set New Password on PST Files Using this Outlook password recovery tool, users can quickly change the password of Outlook PST files which are already password protected. So this feature is beneficial when you have forgotten or lost the passwords of PST files.

Generates Alternate Password

Generates Alternate Password While recovering the password of a highly protected PST file, the tool generates an alternate password for the PST file using which users can open the PST file and access its emails, contacts and other mailbox items.

Wide Support

Wide Support The tool supports PST files of all Microsoft Outlook versions including Outlook 2019. The password recovery, resetting, or removal procedure is same for all the Outlook versions.

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive User Interface The tool is designed with an intuitive interface that allows any user to operate it. It doesn’t require the user to be technically sound. The unlocking of your PST file is performed in a single click after the selection of the PST file. The tool provides a password recovery report too (in CSV format).

Available Free of Cost

Available Free of Cost Simply download, install and start using it absolutely free. The password recovery freeware allows you to recover, remove or reset the PST file password to access the data for entirely free of cost. Just download, install and start using!

InstallOutlook Password Recovery Tool Right now!

Imagine if you forgot the password of your Outlook (PST) file, all your email messages, appointment lists and contacts will be lost. Download Kernel for Outlook Password Recovery immediately to recover your lost password.


It is a very simple process that you can follow to recover, remove and set new passwords for PST files with the help of our tremendous utility known as Kernel for Outlook Password Recovery. Follow the steps one by one:
  1. Download, Install and Launch Kernel for Outlook Password Recovery software
  2. Click on Add File(s) button and select Recover Password and save the recover report once the process gets completed.
  3. You can select Remove Password for removing password from the PST file and save the report to CSV file format.
  4. Also, if you want to set a new password for PST file select Set New Password and save the report.
Yes! This tool supports different Outlook versions including 2013. You can easily recover PST password.
The tool is quite simple to use. You just need to specify the file whose password you want to retrieve and it will extract the password immediately on clicking ‘Recover Password’.
No, this tool’s functionality is limited to password retrieval. For severely damaged or corrupt PST files, you should install Kernel for Outlook PST repair.
Yes, you can. The tool is designed to recover passwords of any PST file. But the PST file should be a healthy file & not a corrupted one.
Yes, you can. If your password is too complex, you can get an alternate password for your protected PST file. This alternate password works just like your previous password to open your PST file.
Yes, you can upload a PST file of size up to 500 MB while using the free version of the software.


How it Works?

Add PST file for password recovery

Software Prerequisites & Recommendations

About Software

  • Version


  • License Type

    Home & Corporate

  • Version Support

    MS Outlook Office 365, 2019, 2016, 2013 (both 32 bit and 64 bit), 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 98, 97

System Requirements

  • Hard Disk

    50 MB of disk space

  • Memory

    256 MB Minimum

  • Processor

    Intel® Pentium Processor compatible (x86, x64) or equivalent

  • Operating System

    Windows 365, 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT, 95

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I have got very good response from support team. They were very helpful and intelligent. Highly recommended company.


I would like to give 5 stars to support team. They helped me to run the software in proper way and fix the password related issues. Thanks!

Peter Jams

It is most recommended free Outlook password recovery software. I got is in Google search. It really helps to recover and re-set the password.

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