Kernel for PDF Split and Merge

Release History
19 MAY 2010
Kernel for PDF Split and Merge

Kernel for PDF Split and Merge tool launched by Nucleus Data Recovery. This tool helps the user to split large PDF files and merge multiple PDF files into one PDF file.

Kernel for PDF Split & Merge

Kernel for PDF Split & Merge, an exceptional tool that splits and merges PDF files as per user requirement, helps PDF users in managing their PDF files more effectively. When there is a large PDF document, sharing or uploading of which is very cumbersome, one can conveniently split it into many small files. The utility facilitates its user with various options to split a large PDF file based upon various parameters such as Split by page, split by range, split by size (KB), by even pages and by odd pages. The tool also has got various aspects like:

  • Provides many useful options for merging and splitting PDF files
  • Supports PDF files created using all versions of PDF creators like Adobe Acrobat
  • Makes it easier to manage PDF files and to sort its data
  • Preserves the data Integrity and doesn't alter its data in any way

Features of Kernel for PDF Split & Merge

Quick and Accurate Splitting and Merging

Kernel for PDF Split & Merge completes the splitting and merging operations very quickly within a few mouse–clicks. Users can get the resulting documents in a few minutes. Resulting documents will strictly be according to the options selected by the user.

Options for Splitting and Merging

It allows users to split PDF files by criteria like Page, Page Range, Size, and Even/Odd pages. While merging, it allows users to add files individually or to add a folder of PDF files. Users can opt to merge only the specified pages. Also, users can prioritize the page order.

Convenient Saving Options

After splitting, the tool names the output files in sequential order for easy identification. Also, the resulting documents–in splitting and merging–can be saved in the desired location.


Kernel for PDF Split & Merge is a user-friendly tool. It provides necessary instruction on every screen the help users perform the process without any confusion or doubt.

Is a Standalone Tool

You do not require Adobe Acrobat or Reader to use Kernel for PDF Split & Merge. You can install and use it without having any other PDF tool.

User-defined Merge Parameters

The tool offers simplified ‘Range’ feature to let the users easily define merge parameters. Such as ‘blank’ indicates merge all pages, whereas comma (2, 6) indicates specific pages to merge, hyphen (3-8) indicates extraction of pages from specified limits and so on.

Evaluate Free Trial Version

The free version of Kernel for Split & Merge allows users to understand the features and working of the tool before paying for it. Though features and working are same, though the trial version shows a diagonal ‘Kernel for PDF Split and Merge Demo’ stamp on every page of the resulting documents. Users can avoid this inconvenience by purchasing the full version.

Supported Versions
  • PDF Versions - All versions (created by all PDF creators including Adobe Acrobat)
  • OS - Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95
Basic Requirements
  • Pentium Class Processor
  • 64 MB RAM (128MB recommended)
  • 50 MB of free disk space (for software installation)
  • Enough free disk space (to store the split and merged documents)
Kernel for PDF Split & Merge
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Split PDF files
Merge PDF files
Save PDF files
Advanced splitting and saving options
Pages without demo stamp
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Steps to Split and Merge PDF Files

Kernel or PDF Split & Merge completes in operation in some simple steps. This tool performs quick and efficient split and merge function and makes the PDF files manageable and transferrable by splitting & merging pdf files. The important steps one would require to follow for splitting operation are given here.

Select the required option to perform the Split or Merge operation

Select an option to process PDF files

Select the respective PDF File/s to perform the split or merge operation respectively

Select PDF to Split or Merge

In this step, after splitting or merging, save the output file in the desired location

Save the output file in the desired location
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