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Kernel has a set of PDF tools to make handling PDF files a lot easier. It includes an Image to PDF converter, PDF to Word converter, Word to PDF converter, PDF repair tool, PDF restriction remover, and PDF split and merge tool.

Kernel for Image to PDF

Kernel for Image to PDF software converts various image formats to PDF format. It offers various features to maximize the quality of converted PDF file.

  • Converts JPG, JPEG, BMP, JPE, PNG, TIFF, JFIF images to PDF.
  • Protects the data integrity and consistency of converted files.
  • Allows to set order, size, quality, and alignment of converted images.
  • Option to set image dimension, position, quality, & property.
  • “Set view” feature to change the color theme of software.Read more...
Kernel for PDF to Word

Kernel for PDF to Word converts PDF files to Word format. It converts an unlimited number of PDF files to Word in a single cycle.

  • Converts PDF to Word retaining the properties, structure, and quality.
  • Converts all PDF content including images, text, tables, links, & graphs.
  • Supports conversion of Unicode characters.
  • Converts encrypted and password-protected PDF files.
  • Supports all versions of PDF and Microsoft Office. Read more...
Kernel for Word to PDF

Kernel for Word to PDF converts .doc or .docx format Word files to PDF format. It has a simple user-interface, and the user can merge multiple Word files into a single PDF file using it.

  • Converts .doc or .docx file format to PDF formats.
  • Retains images, tables, links, graphs, and other information.
  • Option to set preference for page size using page settings.
  • Converts about 50 doc files in a single conversion cycle.
  • Supports all version of Microsoft Office suite.
Kernel for PDF repair

Kernel for PDF repair recovers data from corrupt to inaccessible PDF files. It retains the structure and properties of the file and saves the recovered files at a user defined location.

  • Repairs an unlimited number of PDF file in a single cycle.
  • Preserves structure, layout, links, header & footer, image quality, etc.
  • Simplistic user-interface to help easy and flawless PDF repair.
  • Can fix any corruption in PDF file.
  • Supports all PDF versions.
Kernel for PDF restriction remover

Kernel for PDF restriction remover is a highly effective tool to remove the local restriction on any PDF file. With the help of this tool, the user can easily edit, copy, print, and make changes in PDF documents.

  • Removes local restrictions from all types of PDF files.
  • Retains the structure, layout, and content of PDF files.
  • No need to install Acrobat or any other PDF reader.
  • Saves the output file at the user-defined location.
  • Supports PDF files from all PDF creators.
Kernel for PDF Split & Merge

Kernel for PDF Split & Merge is a special tool that splits or merges PDF files depending on the need. It helps the user to easily handle very large as well as small PDF files.

  • Splits large PDF into multiple smaller files.
  • Merges multiple PDF files into a single PDF file
  • Does not alter the data of PDF files during split/merge.
  • Provides different settings options while merging or splitting the file.
  • Splits files by page, date range, size (KB), even/odd page, etc.
  • Does not require Adobe Acrobat or Reader to split or merge the file. Read more...
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