Top use cases for Kernel Zimbra Mailbox Backup

Backup Zimbra data to PST format

Backup Zimbra data to PST format In the current digital landscape, securing Zimbra data in a reliable format is the need of the hour. Amongst the various data formats available, PST definitely stands out as the most secure and dependable choice. The Kernel Zimbra Mailbox Backup tool offers a streamlined solution to execute the backup process effortlessly. It preserves the entire Zimbra mailbox or specific items in a secure PST format. This not only simplifies the backup procedure but also ensures efficient data management.

Backup large Zimbra Mailbox

Backup large Zimbra Mailbox Managing extensive volumes of critical data within your Zimbra mailbox is a daunting task. Large mailboxes carry the risk of potential data loss, and hence, taking their backup is a necessity. Manual backup methods are often time-consuming and prone to errors. However, the Kernel Zimbra Mailbox Backup tool automates this complex process and provides users with a quick and error-free Zimbra backup solution. It ensures the protection of the valuable data that large Zimbra mailboxes contain.

TGZ to PST Converter

TGZ to PST Converter Migrating data between different formats is often a complex process, but the Kernel Zimbra Mailbox Backup tool simplifies it. It eliminates the complexities associated with manual methods and guarantees the precise conversion of the original data, including emails and attachments. Experience a user-friendly interface where all you need to do is upload a single TGZ file, preview its content, and instantly convert it to the PST format. This advanced tool ensures data integrity in every conversion.

How tobackup the Zimbra mailbox?

Kernel Zimbra Mailbox Backup accesses the TGZ file and facilitates a seamless conversion to a PST file.

Add the necessary TGZ zipped file.
Get a preview of all the mailbox content.
Apply filters, choose a location, & save the backup PST.

Explore software’s key capabilities

Make the most of these advanced features for a smooth Zimbra mailbox backup.

Save TGZ files to PST

Save TGZ files to PST Convert Zimbra mailbox items to PST format in a quick and hassle-free manner. Upload a single TGZ file, extracted folders, or a specific folder in just a few simple steps.

Load all mailbox items

Load all mailbox items Backup your Zimbra online account effortlessly with the Kernel Zimbra Mailbox Backup tool. Load all mailbox folders in proper order, select individual folders with checkboxes, and get quick previews with a click.

Advanced filters

Advanced filters Optimize your selective backup process with helpful filtering options such as date range, folder type, and more. This ensures a streamlined backup with only the necessary items.

Comprehensive record loading

Comprehensive record loading Choose and view the record count for each folder in your Zimbra mailbox. This facility allows you to assess the importance of each folder, helping you in making informed backup decisions.

User-defined destination

User-defined destination Select any secure folder location to save your mailbox content in the PST format. This ensures flexibility and accessibility, allowing you to access your backup content in MS Outlook.

Conducts complete migration

Intact metadata in PST Every bit of information remains unchanged, providing a consistent & reliable backup. This Kernel Zimbra Mailbox Backup guarantees the preservation of file hierarchy, properties, & metadata in the created PST file.

Frequently asked questions
TGZ is the open-source zipped format in which the Zimbra application exports mailbox items. You can create the TGZ file using the following steps -
  1. Start the Zimbra application and click on the Preferences tab.
  2. Select Import/Export from the list of options.
  3. Select all the relevant folders you wish to export in the TGZ format by clicking the Advanced Settings button. Other filters, such as Date, Other, Search, etc., are also available. Next, select Export.
  4. The mailbox name and ".tgz" extension will appear in the TGZ pop. Select "Save File," then click "OK."
  5. Click Save after choosing a secure location to save the compressed file.
The tool can load a single TGZ file at a time. But you can load more files later sequentially.
PST is the data file in which Outlook saves its mailbox content. It is perfectly suitable for handling large mailbox content and can contain all Zimbra mailbox folders in excellent synchronization.
You are not required to extract the TGZ file, as the software can access the zipped file itself. However, if you have extracted the file, then you can upload it for the backup too.
The Kernel Zimbra Mailbox Backup software saves the PST file with the same name as the TGZ file. You can rename it later.

Software Prerequisites & recommendations

About SoftwareAbout Software

Version: 23.1

Release Date: June 2023

License Type: Home, Corporate & Technician

System RequirementsSystem Requirements

Hard Disk: 50 MB of disk space

Memory: 64 MB Minimum

Processor: Intel® Pentium Processor compatible (x86, x64) or equivalent

Operating System: Windows 365, 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2022, 2019 & older versions.