About Our Company

At Lepide Software, we develop solutions that ensure hassle-free IT environments for businesses and individuals. We have more than 100 products in different categories. We operate in more than 180 countries and possess millions of satisfied customers across the world. We recover lost data, migrate emails, repair files, and ease many technical tasks that you consider complex and monotonous. We are committed to develop sophisticated technology solutions and make complex tasks easy.

Our Mission

We are changing the perception that that technology is complex and rigid. We offer simplified solutions, and embed smart options in them so as to empower the users to accomplish the task in the way they envisage. We have successfully applied this strategy to our solutions for data recovery, email migrations, file repair, database recovery, email recovery, and more. The result is that even the non-technical users are able to use our solutions to accomplish their tasks exactly as they want, even in complex environments.

Who we are?

Today Lepide Software is one of the most recognized brands in the arena of information technology. Its Kernel range of products are popular among IT experts, system admins, computer professionals, as well as home users in more than 180 countries. These products include solutions for data recovery, database recovery, file repair, email migrations, email recovery, etc. With the addition of newer products, technologies, and platforms, Kernel is always in a spree of expansion and growth.

Our Story

We started our operations in 2005 with the Kernel range of products. Under the leadership of Rupesh Kumar, Sudesh Kumar, Anil Verma, and Sandeep Verma, we grew and expanded our operations. Today we are a team more than 200 professionals working in different parts of the world. And we provide solutions for IT users working on different platforms, technologies, and environments.

Our customers

2 million users have benefited from our solutions, and we are proud of it. The trust and confidence our customers have in us makes us more responsible, as we look forward to come up with innovative solutions.

Our locations

We have our headquarters and development center in Noida, one of the major IT hubs of India. We have offices in UK and USA as well.

Our operations

Kernel range of products are available for download from anywhere on the globe. Our support teams are also available round the clock through chat, email, and call. And we have loyal customers in more than 180 countries.

Support Center 1-866-348-7872 0-808-189-1438
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