You can avail the money back guarantee within 30 days of date of purchase. We are confident that our Kernel Data Recovery software range will always prove to be the best in realizing your satisfaction level. Our tools are best in the market and are known for recovering maximum possible data than any other tool available in the marketplace.

Use of Demo Version is Strongly Recommended

There are millions of corruption reasons and computer configurations and that's why we offer “Try before Buy” facility. Every Kernel Data Recovery product has a free demo version available on our website. The functionality of demo and full version of any software is exactly same and hence trying the demo will provide you with clear idea about how much recovery is possible in your case. We strongly recommend you to download and use the free demo version of the software before proceeding further to purchase. If you find that the demo is not working or not providing desired results, then please send an email to or call at 1-866-348-7872. Our team will help you to resolve the issue

Kernel Data Recovery Guidelines for Refund

Kernel Data Recovery is the market leader with more than 1 million satisfied customers. Our products are developed and tested in such a way that they are capable of providing up to 100% successful recovery results. Our money back policy is very clear and easy. Your order will be processed immediately for refund, if it fulfills the below mentioned guidelines:

  • If full version results are different from the demo version, For example: Demo version was showing you all the data but purchased version is not showing it. Then our technical support team will analyze the issue and help you to resolve it. If the file is required by technical team to fix the issue then the client will have to send the file to us, so that we can fix the issue. If the problem doesn’t get fixed even by analyzing the file, then client can ask for refund. We will process the refund immediately.
  • Our software always recovers maximum data but if in case you find it otherwise you can contact us, we will try to recover your data in our lab, and if you are not satisfied with the results you can ask for refund.

Full Refund is not applicable in following cases:

  • If our team finds that to resolve the issue, we need to analyze the original file in our lab. In that case we provide our secure FTP tool to upload the files to our lab server. If client ask for NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) we sign it. If even after signing the NDA, client is not sending the file to us to fix the issue then refund is not applicable.
  • Software has been bought and client does not want to use it in future.
  • Demo has not been tried by client and after buying he/she realizes that it is not running due to lack of minimum requirements of the software.
  • Demo has not been tried and it is found that software is not compatible with the OS or in client’s environment.
  • Software delivery is electronic and it is always delivered within 15 minutes. Sometimes email can be caught by spam filter, so it is always recommended to check the spam/junk folder. If the mail is not there in spam/junk folder, then send an email to or call at 1-866-348-7872 . If you do not get the response within 8 hours, then you can ask for refund.

Partial refund or exchange of products is possible if client has purchased wrong software by mistake and wish to buy other Kernel Data Recovery product.

Refund process:

Client has to drop an email to regarding refund. Refund will be credited back to the same credit card, which was used while buying the software. Refund will appear in the next credit card statement, it can take 15 to 30 days in appearing in your credit card statement.