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Salient Features

PST Split action is made easy for users with the integration of the smart features.

Split Large PST into Multiple Small PST Files

Split Large PST into Multiple Small PST Files If you have a large-sized PST file, then this PST Split software can quickly split it into multiple small PST files as per your requirements. You can either split it into two PST files or more depending upon the size of the PST file.

Different Splitting Options

Different Splitting Options How would you feel if you get five different options to split your large PST file? Overwhelmed – right! Well, this PST split tool allow you to split your PST file in five different ways, i.e., - Split PST by Date, Split PST by Size, Split by Folder, Split by Sender’s Email ID, and Create separate PST for every selected folder.

Split Every Folder of PST

Split Every Folder of PST Designed with advanced algorithms, this software scans the PST files deeply and then allows you to split every single folder of large-sized PST file, such as calendars, emails, attachments, deleted items, etc.

Extract Multiple Folders to a Single File

Extract Multiple Folders to a Single File While making your selection to split PST file, you can also choose the option to Extract the selected folders into a single PST file. This feature allows you to select specific folders from your PST files and then save them into a single PST file after splitting.

Split Password Protected PST files

Split Password Protected PST files Kernel for PST Split allows you to split password protected PST files. You just need to provide the password of the PST file in the tool and follow along.

Split PST File by Size

Split PST File by Size If you want to split your PST file according to size, then you can choose the split file by size option in the tool and specify a size to split it. The new PST files will have the same hierarchy even after splitting it into multiple files. Read More

Create PST for Every Folder

Create PST for Every Folder With this Split PST software, you can create a separate PST file for each mailbox folder, which means if you want to save a specific folder of your mailbox, say Inbox, to a separate PST file, then it can be done with Kernel for PST Split. Read More

Split PST by Date

Split PST by Date If you want to split your PST file based on a specific date or period, It can easily to do that for you. You can either select the date-range options like Latest, one week, two weeks, one month, two months, one year from the drop-down menu or simply define a period manually by providing the Start Date and End Date. Read More

Split PST by Sender’s Email ID

Split PST by Sender’s Email ID This software allows you to split your PST file based on sender’s email ID. For example, if you want to create a PST file that contains all the emails from a specific sender, then you can easily do it with the help of Kernel for PST Split software.

Maintains Data Integrity of PST file

Maintains Data Integrity of PST file Even after splitting the large PST file into multiple small PST files, this software keeps the data integrity of PST items maintained without affecting the metadata or properties of the items. When you open the split PST file, it will be in the same manner as earlier.


One can distinctly divide large PST files into smaller with the help of our utility Kernel for PST Split:
  1. Start Kernel for PST Split software.
  2. Click Select File button to select PST file that is required to be split or use the Search button to find PST file on your selected drive.
  3. If the file is password protected check the File is Password Protected option and enter the password of the file and click Next.
  4. Select from the mentioned Split Options and click Next to continue with the split process.
Yes! The Kernel for PST Split software smartly incorporates the functionality of splitting, password protected PST files. You just need to check the option of File is password protected and provide the correct password to carry out the further operation.
You can use the functionality of Date range feature that extracts the year or more old PST files with ease. Hence, you do not need to take any tension in identifying and searching for old PST files.
The answer is yes. The software is developed specifically to scan the internal data items of PST for the effective split operation on all data items evenly. The software can easily split the email data items such as Contacts, Calendar, Journals, Email Folders (Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Drafts, etc.)
Yes, you need to purchase the full version, as the free version allows you to save only the first five items from the PST file after the complete split operation.
Yes, the software can split corrupted, damaged or inaccessible PST files. You can use the PST repair tool after splitting the large-sized PST file that got corrupted.
Yes, the software is compatible with all the latest and prior versions of MS Outlook and Windows OS platform. You can simply download, install and start using it without any requirement of special configurations.

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The splitting features for PST file are suitable for the PST file. It can be used for different PST files.

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