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Kernel Reseller program?

Huge Collection of Tools Extensive range of products for data recovery, email repair, database repair and email migration.

Round the Clock Support Dedicated 24/7 post-sales support for Technical issues.

Superfast Delivery Automated electronic delivery of our products as soon as you place the order.

Convenient Refund Policy 30-day money back guarantee on our range of products.

Installation Assistance FREE setup on signing up for our tools & products.

Flexible Payment Options Secure payment gateway for our customers affirming absolute protection and zero transactional charges.

Encompassing Training Approach Expert training on Kernel range of products and official licenses are provided for better understanding of the products and empower you to market the products through proper channels

Supporting Manuals Official Materials and product-related Documents from our expanded Knowledgebase are provided for authorized resale of Kernel tools

Become aKernel Partner

Kernel Reseller Program enables resellers to make extensive profits by selling Kernel products using their own retail sales outlets, software shops, computer stores etc. As a reseller you will get a startup discount of 20% on our products, followed by upto 30% with increased volumes.

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