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Repairs corrupt/damaged VHD or VHDX files with ease

Repairs corrupt/damaged VHD or VHDX files with ease Imagine losing access to crucial data due to a corrupt VHD or VHDX file, and you are looking for options to recovery. In this situation, Kernel for VHD Recovery emerges as the perfect solution. The tool repairs damaged VHD/VHDX partitions, recovering lost and permanently deleted files. You can recover various file types, including archives, graphics, documents, etc., at once. Ensure quick revival of valuable data and bring your virtual environment back to life.

Effortless recovery of dismounted large-sized VHD files

Effortless recovery of dismounted large-sized VHD files Encountering a dismounted large-sized VHD file can be daunting, but not with Kernel for VHD Recovery. The tool is designed to handle not just small but also substantial VHD files with ease. It ensures a smooth process, recovering all your data quickly. Size is no obstacle; the tool guarantees a hassle-free recovery operation, making the retrieval of your large VHD files effortless.

Recover all data from corrupted or crashed Virtual Machine

Recover entire data from corrupted or crashed Virtual Machine Imagine a scenario where your virtual machine crashes or faces corruption, putting your data at risk. Don't worry! Our Kernel for VHD Recovery is here for quick action. It recovers all data from corrupted or crashed virtual machines, ensuring the restoration of every piece of essential information. With its seamless operation, the tool safeguards your data integrity and guarantees a successful recovery of all your data.

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How toRecover VHD/VHDX Files

To begin the process of recovery of corrupt VHD files data is very complex but easier with our tool. Effortlessly recover valuable data from corrupted VHD files using our software. Follow three simple steps to repair and restore your VHD data to its original state.

Select the VHD or VHDX files from the system location and perform Scan with any out of three modes.
View the recovered items from the selected partition of VHD/VHDX files.
Export recovered items successfully to your desired destination.

Explore software’s key capabilities

Our tool is expertly designed with premium features to offer trustworthy solutions for VHD file recovery & restoration. Utilize software's advanced features for swift recovery of corrupt or deleted VHD/VHDX files without any data loss.

Assured VHD/VHDX recovery

Effortless VHD/VHDX recovery Recover lost and permanently deleted files effortlessly by using this robust VHD recovery tool. Upon repairing corrupt VHD partitions, it enables one-step restoration of various file types, including archives, graphics, internet, databases, documents, media, and emails.

Recover large and deleted VHD files

Recover lost VHD files of any size Reliable integration of features that ensures secure restoration of small and large corrupt VHD files ensuring smooth processing without compromising recovery speed. Additionally, it retrieves deleted files from the Recycle Bin, simplifying the recovery process.

Quick file searching

Smart search feature Find your specific type of file in a matter of minutes using the search feature in the tool amongst the thousands of miscellaneous recovered files. The software allows users to specify the desired file type (like *.xls or *.doc) to extract the same type of files as the result.

Three recovery modes

Feasible three recovery modes Utilize the virtual hard disk recovery tool to perform in-depth scanning, offering three robust recovery modes—Quick Scan, Extensive Scan, and File Trace, for restoring VHD/VHDX files in diverse conditions.

Pause/resume recovery process

Pause/resume recovery process Modernize feature offered within the VHD Recovery tool's built-in snapshot feature, allowing you to save and resume the recovery process. Users can perform this activity by just saving the progress as a .nkfn file to continue from where you left off.

Configure recovery settings

Configure recovery settings Recover your lost files and folders using the 'Settings' feature that offers various options like sectors to be read per attempt, including/excluding deleted files, and managing duplicate entries with choices to rename, overwrite, or skip.

Compatibility with all VHD files

Compatibility with all VHD files Particular VHD files created in diverse Windows environments are efficiently supported within our tool, including Hyper-V Server, Windows 10, 8, Server 2016, 2012, 2012 R2, 2008, 2008 R2, 7, and Vista. It also accommodates both FAT and NTFS file systems for VHD files.

Preview VHD file content before saving

Preview VHD file content post-recovery Save your recovered file after the completion of the scanning process, but before that user can preview it to verify the file data. Simply click on individual files to preview their complete data in some common formats if the content was restored successfully or not. Note that while most formats are supported, some may not be available for preview.

Recover 250 MB of data free

Recover 250 MB of data free Experience the tool's capabilities with the free version, allowing recovery of up to 250 MB from a VHD/VHDX file. The trial version is fully featured like the paid version, but to recover beyond the limit, an instant upgrade to the full version is available.

Frequently asked questions
Follow these steps for a swift recovery process:
  1. Open the software and select the corrupt VHD/VHDX file.
  2. Choose your preferred recovery mode – Quick Scan, Extensive Scan, or File Trace, based on the level of corruption.
  3. Select the VHD/VHD drive that contains your data and click on Next.
  4. Now, select the VHD partition from the left pane and click Scan.
  5. At the end, preview the recovered data and click Recover to save the VHD/VHDX data to a desired location.
Choosing an online recovery tool is more suitable to achieve superior results compared to inbuilt tools. These tools use advanced algorithms for quick and accurate VHD data recovery, maintaining data integrity despite the reasons for file corruption.
Yes, the tool is highly capable of repairing and recovering complete VHD data from virtual hard disks created using various platforms, including Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Hyper-V server.
Yes, our software is capable of recovering all lost data from the FAT 16 file system. It's important to note that the tool is designed for FAT or NTFS files, so please ensure your file system falls within these categories for optimal functionality.
Yes, errors resulting from VHD/VHDX file inaccessibility due to storage media corruption. By indulging with our a professional tool, user can simply resolve this issue conveniently, as ordinary inbuilt tools are ineffective against this severe issue.
If you suspect VHD corruption is preventing the Virtual Server from starting your machine, consider using our specially designed tool. It addresses issues like lost, damaged, deleted, or formatted VHD files. Download the trial version to confirm the possibility of recovering your VHD file data.
Yes, educational institutes are eligible for discounts. For detailed information on offers and available discounts, email your requirements to sales@nucleustechnologies. Contact the support team through live chat support for additional details.
Yes. The trial version of the tool can now save up to 250 MB of recovered VHD and VHDX file data to the specified destination.
The tool offers three scanning modes – Quick Scan, Extensive Scan, and File Trace. The choice depends on user requirements. Quick Scan is faster for instant fixes, while Extensive Scan involves detailed analysis and takes more time. The user decides the most suitable scanning mode.

Software Prerequisites & recommendations

About SoftwareAbout Software

Version: 19.12

Release Date: Nov 2019

License Type: Home, Corporate & Technician

System RequirementsSystem Requirements

Hard Disk: 50 MB of disk space

Memory: 128 MB Minimum

Processor: Intel® Pentium Processor compatible (x86, x64) or equivalent

Operating System: Windows 365, 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT, 95 & Windows Server 2022, 2019 & older versions

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Found this tool through Google search

I found this tool through Google search. Kernel for VHD Recovery tool is capable of recovering data from VHD and VHDX. It also supports recovery from encrypted and compressed virtual hard disks. The recovered data can be saved in different file formats, including VHD, VHDX.

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