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“Objective is to manage Outlook data form all perspectives, even by managing or shedding the duplicate items. Delighted with the positive response.”

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Salient Features

A brief introduction of all the services and features provided by the ultimate Outlook duplicates management tool.

Quick and Easy Removal

Quick and Easy Removal The tool can quickly detect and remove duplicate entries from your Outlook mailboxes, created in any version. Outlook Duplicates Remover tool can remove duplicate items from a multiple numbers of PST files at once.

Comparing Items for Duplicity

Comparing Items for Duplicity To find the Outlook duplicates, you can compare items through various criteria like sender email, text, sender name, internet header, subject, date and time of sending, receiver name and attachment files.

Duplicate Removal Options

Duplicate Removal Options You can decide on what to do with the duplicate items. You can delete permanently, mark as expired, move to deleted folder, put flag, copy to subfolder, and move to subfolder. When you select a subfolder for copy or move, you need to give it a name.

Quick Searching of Duplicates

Quick Searching of Duplicates Search your duplicate items, within the same folder, or in all selected folders using standard and advanced mode. Outlook Duplicates Remover tool allows you to search duplicate items instantly, define the priority of folders for searching and evaluating the duplicity of the mailbox items.

Define Date Range

Define Date Range Detect your duplicate items falling in a specified date range, with the enhanced Time Span search option. The user can either select predefined period, or specific time period manually, to search the duplicate entries, and take the suitable action (delete/copy etc.) to deal with them accordingly.

Import/Export Task

Import/Export Task Once the duplicate items are segregated, you can save them using Export Task or Import task. The Export Task lets you save the created task (.NUTX) to your disk. On the other hand, Import Task lets you save the created task from drive to the tool.


Follow the steps below to remove duplicates from Outlook PST file with the help of our software:
  1. Launch Kernel for Outlook Duplicates Remover software
  2. Click on Add Task button to create a new task as it helps to manage and search duplicates in PST file.
  3. Now, enter the name of the task and a small task description, click the Next button.
  4. Select single or all folder(s) from the left pane to search for duplicate items and click the Next button to continue
  5. Select from the list of actions to be performed on the found duplicates and click Next to proceed.
  6. You also need to select properties from the list for comparing duplicate items and click Next to Save Report and end the process by clicking on Finish
In Standard Mode, Outlook Duplicates Remover software looks for duplicate items within the folders only. But in Advance Mode, the software looks for items that are in other folder selected by the user.
After finding the duplicate items, Kernel for Outlook Duplicates tool displays them along with all the details like From, Subject, To, Created, Received, and Size. Simply by clicking the Save Report button, you can save it as an HTML report.
The free version of Outlook Duplicates Remover tool is for evaluation only. It can save maximum of ten items per folder only. Also, it works only for thirty days. So to avail the full advantages of the tool, you need to have the full version.
Yes, you need Outlook installed on your system.
The best thing about this software is that it does not affect the originality of the data items contained the PST file. It preserves every bit of structure and data integrity after removing duplicates from the PST file.
The demo version and licensed version of Kernel for Outlook Duplicates Remover software are exactly the same when we talk about functionality, features, GUI, etc. The only difference between the two version is that with trial version you can remove the maximum 10 duplicate items per folder contained in the PST file.

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Kernel for Outlook Duplicates Remover

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I am very impressed by the support services of this tool. They are very responsible and professional. I highly recommend this software and its service.


Thank you for making it an incredible experience!! Now I can easily remove duplicate Outlook items.


It was really wonderful to remove Outlook duplicate items with this amazing software. I would like to recommend it to others.

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