Feb 06
The new and better Kernel Exchange Backup & Restore 24.0 tool is being launched by KernelApps.

The Exchange on-premises Administrator can now utilize Kernel Exchange Backup & Restore tool to take swift and safter backups of their professional mailboxes. As it supports Exchange Online too, it now saves Office 365 groups at a greater speed too.

All the tasks created in the calendar feature will be protected in the backup file and you can restore it quickly to Live Exchange account easily. Explore product..

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Feb 06

KernelApps updates Kernel Amazon WorkMail Backup & Restore 24.0

KernelApps has updated a major backup and restore tool called Kernel Amazon WorkMail Backup & Restore tool. The new version has been tested rigorously and resulted in enhanced speed in the backup of complete mailboxes including emails, contacts, notes, etc.

The tasks scheduled in the calendar features will be kept safely in the offline file that you can restore later. Explore product..

Feb 06 Migrate swiftly from Office 365 to Amazon WorkMail with our updated software.

Kernel Office 365 to Amazon WorkMail 24.0 is now capable of migrating entire Office 365 mailboxes to WorkMail at greater speed. The updated algorithm migrates complete Office 365 groups and the tasks created in the calendar will migrate safely too.

The updated features have created a more secure environment in migrating Office 365 mailboxes and the data is available in the WorkMail account instantly. Explore product..

Feb 05 KernelApps is bringing latest versions of Kernel Office 365 Migration 24.0

For effective migration of all Office 365 mailboxes, including the shared mailboxes and public folders, you can rely on the latest version of Kernel Office 365 Migration software. The latest changes in the tool’s algorithm have resulted in enhanced migration speed. The groups present in Office 365 account will migrate faster too.

For the tasks created in calendar, the software puts main focus and migrates with great safety. Overall, the migration speed for entire Office 365 environment has increased substantially. Explore product..

Feb 05 Faster and better version of Kernel Office 365 Backup & Restore 24.0 is being launched by KernelApps

In the data backup section by KernelApps, the major tool is Kernel Office 365 Backup & Restore and now it has been launched with latest features. Now, it saves the mailboxes in the offline PST format more safely and the larger Office 365 groups can be saved effectively too. The speed of both backup and restore actions has been enhanced.

If you have created multiple tasks in the calendar, then it will be kept safely in the backup file and later you can restore all the data back to Office 365 quickly. The latest version of the tool is going to provide you with better performance than its predecessor. Explore product..

Feb 05 Now migrate Exchange mailboxes swiftly with a new Kernel Migration for Exchange - Express Edition 24.0

Kernel has upgraded the lightweight Exchange migration software with proper enhancement in its basic functionalities. Now, the user can migrate all the mailboxes collectively and more quickly. All the mailbox contents will migrate to destination account accurately.

The tasks present in calendar events will be protected during migration and the user will access them in the new account instantly. The tool supports all versions of on-premises Exchange Server and Exchange Online. Explore product..

Feb 05 The latest release by KernelApps - Kernel Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 24.0

KernelApps has empowered an important migration software with an enhanced algorithm. Kernel Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 24.0 migrates single or multiple WorkMail accounts to respective Office 365 account faster, safer, and better.

The tool’s migration speed for large mailboxes and Office 365 groups has increased. It migrates the tasks present in calendar folder effectively too. The new version is going to tackle all migration requirements efficiently. Explore product..

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