Use cases for Kernel Video Repair

Repair all types of unplayable video files

Repair all types of unplayable video files Imagine having video files that just won't play—they show weird errors and strange symptoms. It's frustrating, right? Our video repair software can help. It repairs corrupt video files of various formats, including MP4, MJPEG, WMV, 3GP, AVI, MKV, and more. Whether it's VLC, Windows Media Player, Adobe Flash Player®, or another player, our tool ensures your videos play smoothly, restoring your multimedia collection.

Repair corrupt videos from various devices

Repair corrupt videos from various devices Don't let video playback issues spoil your cherished memories captured on different devices. Kernel video repair tool effortlessly fixes videos recorded on DSLRs, camcorders, CCTV cameras, drones, smartphones, and more. It repairs videos from renowned camera brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm®, and others, supporting multiple formats. The software also repairs corrupted images from any camera brand with its Corporate and Tech License.

Fix severe video problems

Fix severe video problems Sometimes, video files encounter severe issues like missing audio or frequent crashes. Kernel Video Repair software specializes in tackling such problems, including crashed, corrupted, or inaccessible video files. No matter how the video got into trouble, whether during conversion, recording, transfer, copying, editing, or rendering, this tool can fix them in just a few minutes. Also, it can repair multiple videos simultaneously without compromising quality or integrity.

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How torepair corrupt videos?

Recover valuable data from corrupted video files using our software. Follow three simple steps to repair and restore your video files to its original state.

Add video files to repair
Repairing video files
Save the repaired file to desired location

Explore software’s key capabilities

Explore the software’s key features to repair corrupted video files while preserving original quality.

Repair any video file

Repair any video file Repair crashed, broken, corrupted, or inaccessible video files. No matter how it got damaged, whether during conversion, recording, moving, copying, editing, or rendering. Our software repairs your videos in a few minutes.

Supports all file formats

Supports all file formats Repair damaged video files across multiple Windows-compatible formats like MP4, MOV, MPEG, MJPEG, MTS, M4V, and others quickly. This tool ensures extensive capabilities for comprehensive video restoration and recovery effortlessly.

Repairs videos from all camera brands

Repairs videos from all camera brands Repair videos captured by leading camera brands, including DSLRs, camcorders, CCTV, drones, dashcams, and mirrorless cameras. Additionally, restores footage from Android and iPhone devices and offers comprehensive repair solutions.

Fix corrupt video files issues across media players

Fix corrupt video file issues across media players If you've got video files that won't play, display errors, or exhibit various issues, our video repair tool can fix them and restore their playability.

Handy tool with simple interface

Handy tool with simple interface Repair videos with a user-friendly interface in a few clicks. The software combines advanced features and an interactive user interface for an instant and hassle-free process.

Preserved data quality and integrity

Preserved data quality and integrity Our video repair tool guarantees video quality preservation during the repair process. Instant recovery ensures the integrity, quality, and fidelity of the video file format without compromise.

Saves recovered file to desired location

Saves recovered file to desired location Save repaired videos to your desired system drive location. You can directly browse and add the saving location to save the repaired video file.

Compatible with all Windows versions

Compatible with all Windows versions Support quick recovery of all file formats, and the video repair software seamlessly functions across all Windows OS versions, encompassing Windows 365, 11, 10, 8.1, and prior versions.

Recover lost or deleted images from any drive

Recover lost or deleted images from any drive This tool recovers lost or deleted pictures from hard drives and external drives. The Corporate and Technical licenses also offer smooth and quick restoration of deleted images.

Repairs multiple video files at a time

Repairs multiple video files at a time Fix multiple video files simultaneously with our video repair tool. Select the corrupted files and provide the saving location to ensure a smooth repair process.

Frequently asked questions
Follow the steps below to repair a corrupt video:
  1. Install the Kernel Video Repair tool and launch it.
  2. Add your corrupt video files using the 'Add (+)' button or drag and drop them. You can select multiple video files of different formats.
  3. If needed, provide a healthy video of the same format as a reference when prompted. Then, click 'Repair' Files.
  4. Browse a destination folder to save the repaired file and click OK.
  5. The software will quickly repair and save the files to your chosen folder.
  6. Access the files via the link under 'Saved File Location. Save the recovery report in CSV format to any system folder.
  7. The software generates multiple copies of the repaired file for you to play and choose the most suitable one.
The Video Repair software supports a wide range of video formats, including MP4, MOV, MPEG, MJPEG, MTS, M4V, MKV, AVI, AVCHD, WEBM, ASF, WMV, FLV, DIVX, 3G2, TS, 3GP, and F4V formats.
Yes. The tool allows you to add and repair unlimited corrupted video files simultaneously.
After the repair and saving process, there is no modification or change in video quality, print, or format.
You can decide any location on your system by providing the path location on the destination feature using the Browse option.
The trial version allows you to repair and save video files up to 30 seconds long. To save complete repaired videos, consider purchasing the full version of the tool.
Yes. The software can fix corrupt MOV files effectively. However, to repair them, you need to transfer the video from your iPhone to a Windows computer and then use the software for recovery. Once repaired, transfer it back to your iPhone for normal playback.
Most drone devices use the same encoding to compress the video. So, drones create videos in MP4 or MOV formats, and our software can repair them easily.
Our software works on the Windows platform only. So, you must transfer your corrupt videos from Android devices to computers. Then, the software will repair all the corrupt MP4 files for you.
If you have multiple video files on an SD card that our software supports, it can repair them all. Transfer the data from the SD card to a Windows computer and add them to the video repair software for recovery.
HERO9 records videos in MP4 format, making repairs straightforward. Connect your HERO9 camera to a Windows system, transfer the file to any drive, and repair the corrupt GoPro MP4 video files using our software.

Software Prerequisites & recommendations

About SoftwareAbout Software

Version: 20.12

Release Date: Dec 2022

License Type: 1 Year & Lifetime

System RequirementsSystem Requirements

Hard Disk: 100 MB of disk space

Memory: 256 MB Minimum

Processor: Intel® Pentium Processor compatible (x86, x64) or equivalent

Operating System: Windows 365, 11, 10, 8.1, and older versions, Windows Server 2022, 2019 & older versions.

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A reliable solution for video repair!

Ensuring security and effectiveness! This Video Repair tool not only fixed my video but also prioritized the integrity and security of my data throughout the entire repair process. A commendable commitment to data safety.

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