How does the Software Work?

The simple user interface of the software makes it easy to select multiple videos and convert them instantly. Here is its working procedure:

Step 1:

Run the software from the Start Menu and click the + button to add the videos.

Start the software and click the + button
Step 2:

Go to the folder where you have saved the videos which you want to convert. Choose the videos and click Open.

Choose the videos from their location
Step 3:

After selecting the videos, you can see their thumbnail in the software windows. If you think that you have selected a video by mistake, then you can cancel it easily using the Remove button. Later, click the Next button.

After choosing the software, click Next button
Step 4:

Choose the output format for the videos and click the Convert Now button.

Select the format for the new videos
Step 5:

Show the destination path for the converted videos. The software will create a separate folder for each video.

Select the folder where you want to save the newly converted video files
Step 6:

The software starts the conversion process.

conversion process status
Step 7:

After a successful conversion, the status of each video will change to Success. You can click the adjacent path link and go to the location of the video directly. You can also save the report in the CSV format.

Save the report to a CSV file