Top use cases for Employee Monitoring software

Real-time employee monitoring software with advanced settings

Real-time employee monitoring software with advanced settings In the era of hybrid work models, ensure compliance seamlessly with Employee Monitoring software. Whether employees are working from home or the office, our real-time monitoring tool allows you to maintain complete oversight. Ensure complete stealth monitoring on remote employee desktops, regardless of their global locations. Tailor your monitoring with advanced settings like Recording Location, Video Retention, and Picture Quality.

Comprehensive surveillance across multiple computers with live screen monitoring

Comprehensive surveillance across multiple computers with live screen monitoring Upgrade your real-time employee surveillance with Employee Monitoring's feature—Live Screen Monitoring. From the moment an employee's system starts, our tool provides uninterrupted monitoring, even though system restarts. The software accommodates dual-screen setups, allowing you to observe activities across two monitors simultaneously. Scale your surveillance effortlessly, as there's no limit to the number of computers you can monitor.

Live / Offline Screen Recording without external supervision

Live / Offline Screen Recording without external supervision Experience uninterrupted monitoring of your employee's remote system with Employee Monitoring. With its Live/Offline Screen Recording feature, you can oversee employee activities even when offline. The tool records desktop activities in your absence and allows you to access recorded videos at your convenience, enabling efficient surveillance even beyond regular office hours. Stay connected to your team's productivity anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring software
Boosts productivity

Boosts productivity A streamlined monitoring minimizes distractions and enhance the daily productivity of each employee.

Ensures security

Ensures security Our monitoring tool does not penetrate beyond screen recording and ensure highest level of security of data.

Increases responsibility

Increases responsibility The constant monitoring encourages accountability and promote the culture of ownership at the individual level.

Early risk detection

Early risk detection It identifies potential threats swiftly and helps the managers to take proactive steps and maintain data and information integrity.

Customizing provision

Customizing provision There are customizable features that adapt as per your monitoring needs and put you in control of complete workflow.


Authority Manage user activities, control access, and maintain governance effortlessly with our comprehensive authority features.

Limitless monitoring

Limitless monitoring You can add unlimited number of computer system of your organization for monitoring with thorough but separate recordings.

Uninterrupted monitoring

Uninterrupted monitoring Our live desktop monitoring software ensures 24/7 monitoring, offering continuous insights into user activities.

Works everywhere

Works everywhere The live desktop monitoring software works everywhere, providing real-time monitoring and control, whether your team is in the office or working remotely.

How toMonitor Employee?

Monitor numerous workstations by installing recording agents and assigning monitoring admins in just three simple steps with Employee Monitoring tool.

Install the recording agent to the systems using available methods
Assign the viewing rights to the selected Administrator
View the live workstations of employees and download the recorded video

Explore software’s key capabilities

Utilize the software's robust features for efficient monitoring of remote employees, recording activities for real-time or later viewing, and enhancing remote work management.

Monitor work-from-home employees

Monitor work-from-home employees Monitor employees' desktops and observe their activities when they work from home due to medical emergencies or other reasons. Our tool facilitates remote oversight, ensuring you stay connected with your team.

Invisible monitoring

Invisible monitoring Employee Monitoring tool operates stealthily, remaining invisible in the Start menu, Control Panel, Task Manager, and elsewhere. It ensures employees are unaware of both its installation and desktop monitoring activities.

Un-interrupted surveillance

Un-interrupted surveillance The software offers uninterrupted surveillance, and it automatically starts monitoring activities right from the moment an employee's system starts. The monitoring remains uninterrupted even if the employee restarts the system.

Multiple system monitoring

Multiple system monitoring Monitor an unlimited number of computers with this Employee Monitoring tool. Simultaneously install agents on multiple computers, whether in the same domain, different domain, or workgroup. View all ongoing activities on these systems on a single viewer screen.

Offline monitoring

Offline monitoring Benefit from the recording feature of the Employee Monitoring tool, eliminating the need for continuous presence in front of the system. Continue monitoring even when you are offline, allowing access to recorded videos at your convenience.

Monitor computers in different regions

Monitor computers in different regions Monitoring employee desktop activities in diverse geographical locations is made possible with this Employee Monitoring tool. So, it is an ideal solution for enterprises with offices spread across different geographic areas.

Dual-screen monitoring

Dual-screen monitoring Enable dual screen monitoring with the software. Monitor employees, even when working on two monitors. The Employee Monitoring tool extends its reach to include floating devices like laptops for comprehensive oversight.

Search & download videos

Search & download videos Download video records of employee activities to your preferred location using the software. Simply search for videos within a specified date range, then select and download the required video(s) from the displayed list.

Warn, shutdown, or restart in emergency

Warn, shutdown, or restart in emergency While the tool doesn't allow data alteration on employee desktops, you can still execute actions such as turning off, restarting, or shutting down the computer. Additionally, if necessary, send an instant warning message to the employee.

Delegate viewing rights

Delegate viewing rights Install the Viewer console of the tool on any system as it operates as a standalone application. Admin users can delegate viewing rights for all or selected computers to other users. The Viewer application is also compatible with floating laptops.

Option for pop-up message

Option for pop-up message Display pop-up messages on all monitored computers with the Employee Monitoring tool. You have the flexibility to showcase these messages at desired intervals, utilizing either the default text or your personalized note.

Different ways to add computers for monitoring

Different ways to add computers for monitoring Simplify the process of adding computers for monitoring with this tool. Manually browse and add computers by providing IP (IP range for multiple computers) or streamline the process using a CSV file with the relevant IP addresses.

Advanced setting options

Advanced setting options Customize your monitoring experience with the tool's advanced settings options. Set preferences for Recording Location, Video Retention, Picture Quality, Pop-Up Notifications, and more to align with your specific monitoring needs.

Frequently asked questions

Employee Monitoring software uses a hidden monitoring agent to record the employee activities. There are three methods to install the monitoring agent on the computers - Install Agent Remotely, Group Policy Installation, and Manual Installation.

  1. Install Agent Remotely
    Install Agent Remotely: Choose the first option for Agent Configuration and select the Domain option to activate the Install Agent icon.
    1. Click the Install Agent icon and opt for the "Add using IP" option or use the "Browse" and Add option to choose the computer from your local network.
    2. Once the computer is selected, click the Install button.
    3. The software will prompt you to restart the computer after installation, with the option to restart later. Enter the user credentials of the computer and click Login.
    4. After restarting the employee's computer, the monitoring will start instantly.
  2. Group Policy Installation
    • Create an agent setup application.
    • Install it by configuring a Group Policy.
  3. Manual Installation
    • Input the employee's IP address.
    • Create the setup and install it manually.
No, the tool operates invisibly in the background, making it challenging to trace even in the All-Programs menu, and it is not removable by the user. Users remain entirely unaware of any monitoring activities.
No, real-time monitoring is not required. The software records all activities, and you can review the recorded videos (in AVI format) at your convenience.
Yes, Support and Maintenance are free for a lifetime.
The Free trial version of the tool allows you to monitor computers for 15 days. You can use the trial to test all the features and functionality before purchasing the application.
Yes. The software supports simultaneous monitoring of as many systems as needed. You have the option to view activities collectively on a single screen or inspect them individually.
No, the software operates across various networks, including LAN-WAN, WAN-LAN, and WAN-WAN. It efficiently monitors employees even on remote networks through the use of Global IP addresses.
Yes. If a user has two monitors, you can actually monitor both of them.
No, the Employee Monitoring tool does not permit alterations to the employee's data. However, administrators have the authority to turn off, restart, or shut down the computer. Additionally, they can send a brief warning message to the employee.

Software Prerequisites & recommendations

About SoftwareAbout software

Version: 18.4

Release Date: Aug 2018

License Type: No. of User

Version SupportVersion support

Virtual environments: Hyper-V Server, VMware ESX/ ESXi Server, Microsoft Virtual PC

SharePoint Servers: All Office 365 Business and Enterprise plans that have SharePoint Online and Team Subscriptions

Office 365: A3, A5, E1, E3, E5, F1, F3

Microsoft 365: A3, A5, E1, E3, E5, F1, F3, Business Basic, Business Standard, Business Premium.

System RequirementsSystem requirements

Hard Disk: 100 MB for Software installation

Memory: Minimum 128 MB RAM

Processor: Intel® Pentium Processor compatible (x86, x64) or equivalent

Operating System: Windows OS (Both 32-bit & 64-bit) - Windows 365, 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT, 95 and Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003 R2, 2003

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Employee Monitoring - Myths & Realities

As businesses are struggling to manage their employees’ productivity, the concept of monitoring has more importance than we imagine. It involves the use of highly advanced methods to monitor employee productivity, workstation activities, and idle time. Earlier, it wasn't easy to check and monitor the work of employees. With advanced employee monitoring methods, it has become easier for almost every organization to improve the productivity of employees.

What is Employee Monitoring?

The practice of using digital tools to monitor and track employees' performance, work, and other business-related activities. It is majorly used to detect and prevent data breaches, enhance employee engagement, and optimize inefficient workflows. Businesses use various tracking methods to measure productivity, track attendance, ensure security, and collect proof of working hours.

Lately, there has been a huge increase in employee monitoring tools. It shows the need for advanced workforce analytics and productivity measuring tools. Analyzing and tracking employee work behavior can improve workforce productivity and make businesses more profitable. It will deliver you with an overview of how work is done by the employees and provide better insights into employee behavior and potential.

Types of Employee Monitoring

Tracking majorly relies on the tool you use to monitor your employees. You'll get different capabilities with different tools based on your requirements. Earlier, monitoring was done only in the office premises, but things have changed now. Let's have a look at the type of employee monitoring methods you can use to track your employees.

Computer Usage Monitoring

Computer usage tracking involves monitoring all the computer events of your employees, such as USB activity, screenshots, application use, websites visited, and log-on activity. It allows you to see whether the applications work as expected or not, detect high-risk transfers to removable media devices, and verify the active hours of employees and overall employee engagement.

Internet and Email

Internet and email are two major targets of employee monitoring tools. Internet is an essential factor in enhancing productivity if used properly. In contrast, emails help stay in touch with others by offering smooth communication. According to a survey, it is believed that more than 60 percent of employees use the internet for personal matters during work hours, which affects their productivity.

Monitoring the URLs your team members visit can help you address potential productivity concerns. For instance, if you notice that employees are browsing shopping sites and social media sites for a long time and failed to respond to your queries, it means they're not working properly.

Screen Capturing

Screen capturing and video recording are efficient methods of employee tracking and allow organizations to view and monitor every activity of their employees. With screen capturing capability, you can view screenshots of employees' screens and check if they're focused on their work.

Time and Data Tracking

Every organization wants their employees to spend some specific time on their systems for work, but most employees often don't put in actual work hours while working remotely. You can check when your employees are clocking in and out with time tracking functionality. It even allows employees to record the actual work hours on a daily basis. Apart from that, employees can track the working hours for a specific project or task. This time tracking data can later be used by managers to measure employees' performance and growth in the company.


Also known as keystroke logging, this is the process of recording the keys when a user is typing on the keyboard. It intends to make employees focus on their work rather than other tasks. Besides, keystroke programs can also take screenshots of the system is triggered by predefined keywords.

However, keystroking has many drawbacks that can pose a greater risk. For instance, whoever gets access to read the data can also read the employees' passwords. Another disadvantage is that employees cannot tell if the keylogger is recording their keystrokes or not.

GPS Tracking

GPS or location tracking is a form of employee monitoring that is not widely popular, but it is still used for monitoring employees involved in frequent traveling. With GPS tracking, you can recover company-provided mobile devices if lost or stolen, improve productivity by tracking the mileage and routes taken by company vehicles, and more.

Monitoring Benefits for Employers and Employees

It can be very beneficial for your organization. Some of the most standard benefits of employee monitoring include:

  • Enhances employee productivity and efficiency by analyzing business processes
  • Allows you to make a more engaged team and productive employees
  • Offers transparency and accuracy for better management
  • Will enable you to discover unrealized revenue from a fully-engaged team
  • Provides useful employee insights to understand their effectiveness
  • Protects against data loss with advanced security parameters
Monitoring Disadvantages of for Employers and Employees

No doubt the advantages of employee monitoring are endless, but there are some drawbacks as well. But, you can mitigate these risks both as an employer and employee.

  • Increases the concern of employee privacy, so you need to ensure they're not being monitored
  • Employees can have feelings of anger or dissatisfaction if they perceive you're spying on them
  • If employees' realize that they're being monitored, they might work harder, take fewer breaks, and worry about their productivity, which can increase the stress levels
  • If you don't use a reliable and secure monitoring tool, it can lead to data leakage, increasing privacy concerns
Legal Considerations for Employee Monitoring

Most organizations are worried about the legal aspects of tracking. Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions as well that can turn you off. But is employee monitoring even legal?

The answer is yes! According to Workplace Laws, it is completely legal. This doesn't mean you can play with the privacy of your employees. For instance, you can read what the emails on your server say. However, the only restriction for employee monitoring is phone calls. As an employer, you cannot monitor employee personal phone calls without employees' consent. For all other activities, no permissions are required from the employees if they're using the company-owned equipment.

However, in some areas like Delaware and Connecticut, employers must provide a notice to employees before monitoring them. So, if you're planning to install any software, make sure you check for any state-specific laws. The European Union nations give you the right to privacy at work. So, all individuals in the EU must consent to personal data collection, and they must be notified of how and why it is being collected.

Selecting Monitoring System

Now that you know the pros and cons of monitoring, it's time to select the best employee monitoring software. Although there are many software available online, choosing the best one can be challenging. So, how can you choose the best software for your company?

Before you decide to invest in any software, make a checklist of tracking requirements. For example, you can consider the following features, such as:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Screenshot capture and export
  • Website blocking
  • Keystroke logging
  • Data leak prevention
  • Full access to SQL data
  • USB-use alerts
  • Measure the time spent on tasks
  • Freedom to categorize activities as productive or unproductive

Another thing to consider is the way the system operates. For example, some employee monitoring software gives the employee the control to keep track of their tasks. Others gather data based on computer usage while providing employees the freedom to work without having to think about logging in.

So, you need to consider what type of features and software you need for your company. Once you narrow down the features, you can look at the tools available in the market. Furthermore, you also need to consider the price of the tool, as it shouldn't affect your budget.

How to Use Monitoring System in Your Organization?

When it comes to using employee monitoring software, it entirely depends on the type of tool you choose for your organization. Generally, there are two categories of software – User Input and Always-On/Scheduled.

The user input employee tracking software allows employees to keep track of each activity. They can use an application to record when they begin, stop, or pause the project. So, all the data is collected during this period only. Other monitoring software gathers information as long as the computer is in use, allowing employees to work without worrying about logging in to the system.

You can select any of these tools in your organization to keep track of your employees. However, the best way to use the employee tracking tool is to install the application on employees' systems and track their activities on a different server without their knowing. Besides, the software might require experts to install and track the activities.

Preparing for Success

If you have decided to choose an employee monitoring tool for your business, it's time to take the next steps for success. Implemention of tool is easy, but the process can be challenging. There are some points that you need to take care of, such as:

  • Make sure you involve your team members in the process by informing them about the employee monitoring activity
  • Inform your employees about how the tool works, why it is needed, company benefits, etc.
  • Be thoughtful about the websites you're going to block in your organization, as websites like YouTube can be very beneficial for employees to learn
  • Don't expect employees to work for eight hours continuously, as employees also need breaks
  • Tailor the tool to your needs, as many tools give you the flexibility to customize your settings
How Can Employee Monitoring Help You?

Employee Monitoring is an effective software designed for remote employee tracking, recording their activities, and viewing real-time. It lets you monitor employee desktop activities during working hours to identify careless and idle workers. It enhances employee productivity, ensures data security, and eliminates security risks.

Monitor work-from-home employees

The tool allows you to monitor employee desktops and see their activities on remote employee desktops. It records employee activities anytime and saves the video for offline viewing.

Offers invisible monitoring

This tool offers invisible Monitoring of all computers, which means it'll not be visible in the Start Menu, Task Manager, Control Panel, or anywhere else. So, employees will not be aware of its installation or desktop tracking. Besides, employees cannot uninstall the tool from Control Panel.

Multi-system Monitoring

The best part about the Employee Monitoring tool is that there is no limitation on the number of systems on which you can install the tool. Therefore, the tool can be installed on any number of systems in the same domain, different domain, or workgroup.

Un-interrupted surveillance

The software offers uninterrupted surveillance on all computers. It starts monitoring activities automatically as soon as the computer starts. Furthermore, it records all the activities performed on the system without stopping/pausing.

Dual-screen monitoring

The tool facilitates dual-screen Monitoring, which means that even if the employee works on two monitors, you can monitor them efficiently. In addition, you can monitor floating devices like laptops using this tool.

Offline monitoring

This tool feature allows you to monitor the employees' activities without staying on the monitoring system. Even if you're offline, the tool will continue monitoring employee systems.

Find & download videos

With the search and download functionality, you can easily download recorded videos of employee activities to the desired location. You can search for videos based on the date range and then select and download them to your system.

Delegate viewing rights

Employee Monitoring comes with a viewer console application installed on any system. As an administrator, you can delegate viewing rights to other users to monitor specific computers.

Advanced settings

The tool also offers advanced settings for individuals to specify the recording location, video retention settings, Pop-up notifications, picture quality settings, etc. It allows you to tailor the monitoring to suitable settings and options.

Warn, Shutdown, or Restart in Emergency

Although it is not feasible to change the data on employee desktops, you can restart, turn off, or shut down the computer anytime. Besides, you can immediately warn the employee if they're doing something else.