Guidelines for reviewers

Kernel Data Recovery has the great motivation to help the businesses to optimize their professional data through our software products. For that, we require some inputs from your side and that’s why our review platform is available to you. We wish that you share your ideas, experiences, and opinions about us, and we promise that we will put our best foot forward to better our products and customer services.

The only thing we ask you to follow some basic rules that we have set to publish reviews publicly. As many people are going to read it, so it should be readable enough to understand easily and we get the useful insights too. Let’s come and grow together.


Use genuine mail address

Kernel Data Recovery was launched in 2005 and since then it has maintained its policy that our software range is accessible to all the users who require special actions on their data. We promote a healthy relationship with out clients and encourage them to write about our software products. They can praise us, criticize us, or mention their requirements too.

Because anyone can publish a review on the site, so we cannot filter or prohibit what our customers say about us. This is major difference from other businesses who checks each review before publishing and unpublish unsuitable comments. With Kernel Data Recovery, it is never the situation. All posts and comments are put without moderations.

No fake, copied, or prejudiced review

Do not write for someone else or copy other’s content. We do not ask you to write like a technical expert, but just write about your experience with our software and customer support.

Also, we are not going to give you an incentive or discount for a positive review.

The right time to write a review

Reviews give you the ability to tell others about your experiences and provide feedback to businesses. Any experience with a company's product or services, whether it be a phone call, an internet purchase, a live session with our team, or in any other way, should be reviewed in our opinion.

Be respectful

We anticipate you to contribute to our platform in a polite manner. Play courteous and don't be rude. Posting anything hurtful, hateful, unfair, defamatory, or obscene is prohibited. Additionally, refrain from lying, abusing others, extortion, making threats, or engaging in any other unlawful activity.

Promotion is a big NO

There is black hat SEO technique in which the marketeers write promotional reviews on other business websites. They try to gain some traffic to their websites, but we do not support it. We request you to do not include any links, marketing materials, or references to products or services. This isn't the place to meet local singles who share your interests, offer discount codes, organize campaigns, or sell goods.

Keep public and private information apart

Reviews are meant to be published publicly. This is the reason why it is never a good idea to disclose someone else's sensitive or personal information, nor is it ever acceptable to include your own. Names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and any other information that could be used to locate, recognize, get in touch with, or impersonate someone are all fair game. We want your and other people's privacy and safety to be respected and safeguarded.

Keep some evidence with you

We may ask so to provide us some documents that showcase that you relate to us somehow. You should keep the purchase receipts, email sent to you after demo version download, screenshot of your chat with our sales team representative, etc. It verifies your experience and identity with us.

Edit/Delete reviews independently

You are the owner of the review. You can, therefore, edit, alter, or delete your review whenever you like. If you want to include extra details about a particular experience, we advise you to amend an already published review. Additionally, if you've had more than one experience with us, then it's acceptable to write more than one review too.

Check the webpage you are reviewing

You will be surprised to know the number of bad reviews that we have to shift between webpages. Many times, the users submit their review on different software’s webpage, and we have to shift them manually. You must check the current webpage before writing your words.

The Final Verdict

These principles are exactly that—guidelines. Please be aware that we have the final say on how these rules should be interpreted and used, and we reserve the right to change them at any moment. You can contact us through various mediums and ask us to provide you detailed information.