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“SharePoint users can now be more confident of importing a large number of documents from their systems to SharePoint.”

Managing Director Kernel Data Recovery
Sudesh kumar

Salient Features

Know what all features and facilities are included in the SharePoint Migrator tool

Migrates Complete File System

Migrates Complete File System While selecting the Local File Servers, you can connect with your current system and an unlimited number of remote systems. The software is adaptive enough to validate the connection and select files from them. It does not interfere with the structure of the data.

Pre-plan your migration with Migration Analyzer

Pre-plan your migration with Migration Analyzer Plan a foolproof migration journey with Migration Analyzer that allows to conduct an analysis before migrating the actual content. It lets you to validate the file size limitation, names of files/folders to be uploaded, and other factors to ensure error-free migration during the real migration process.

Drag & Drop Files

Drag & Drop Files The solution provides a quick way to copy the file/folder from the source server and paste it immediately to destination server through the drag-and-drop. This feature makes it convenient to migrate bulk files with a click.

Migrate Data from Remote Servers

Migrate Data from Remote Servers Kernel Migrator for SharePoint lets you to easily add a remote computer and validate the connection, to smoothly migrate all data files and folders of file server to SharePoint.

Move Specific Data with Filters

Move Specific Data with Filters After selecting all the data and documents from the File Server, you can apply several filters based on several parameters and properties. These filters make the migration swift, healthy, and greatly effective than a normal migration. The Filtered file server data goes to SharePoint securely.

Automate Migration with Scheduler

Automate Migration with Scheduler Make efficient use of idle resources for executing bigger migration projects with Scheduler. It lets you to automate (auto start and stop) the migration job at the specified time-frames as defined by the user.


You can use an unlimited number of remote systems to perform the migration using the software. They will work as agents and will improve the speed of the migration.
No, the software accesses the local system directly and without any credentials. It will show the drives of your system and you can open them to check the folders.
No. You can migrate an unlimited number of files. But it is beneficial to create multiple batches and migrate them separately.
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