“I need to convert Outlook calendar into an ICS file. I don’t have any tools to perform this, and this work is necessary but do not want to spend money on buying tools for it. Also, I am not from any technical background so do not have too much deep knowledge of such things. I request other users and experts to suggest a free yet easy way for a non-techie like me to convert the Outlook calendar into an ICS file. I appreciate your efforts and time, thank you!”

There are many circumstances when a user has no other option but to convert some certain formats into another. Similarly, people try to convert Outlook calendar to ICS format at the time of requirement. This blog is going to include the whole procedure of converting Outlook calendar to ICS format. Keep reading.

What is ICS file?

To configure Outlook 2007 in Office 365 manually, one needs to have knowledge of Office 365 functionality, and then the following steps can be used accordingly.

For those who are not aware of an ICS file, ICS is the file extension for iCalendar file. This type of file contains all items you find in a calendar like the dates of the events beginning and ending, its description etc. All these details are in plain text and hence it is used by multiple email and calendar programs.

How to convert and import Outlook Calendar to ICS file

For whatever purpose you might need to convert an Outlook calendar to ICS file, it is very necessary to do it safely. It is always recommended to go for reliable tools and methods only. So, here we are going to use Outlook for the same.

  1. Run Outlook in your system.
  2. Once it is open on your screen, locate the Calendar in the bottom and click on it.
  3. Now from the My Calendars menu that will open on the left pane of the screen; select the calendar that you want to convert.
  4. Now, click on the File option and from its menu, select Save Calendar.
  5. As you proceed, you will get to save the file with a name, provide the name and from the Save as type drop-down box, select iCalendar Format as the new format for the calendar.
  6. Once you have opted for the ICS format, click on the More Options option.
  7. Now in the Save as dialogue box, look for the Date Range and from the drop-down menu there select a specific number of days, or just select the Whole Calendar.
  8. Click on OK to proceed.
  9. Now, the next option you will see in Save as dialogue box is Detail. In the column next to Detail you need to mention all the specific details you want in your newly converted calendar. These options from the detail menu are self-descriptive and are available in variety to suit the needs of the user. These options and choices include Availability only filters like “Free, Busy, Out of Office, etc.,” Limited Details and Full details, chose them accordingly.
  10. Now the third option available in Save as dialogue box is Advanced. In this you will see two options, “Include details of items marked private,” and “Include attachments within calendar items.” Both of these options are given with checkboxes beside them, check the box as per your requirement.
  11. Once done with all options, click on the OK button to proceed.
  12. You will be back on the previous screen, where you were saving a new calendar, specify a location and click on the Save button to finish.

So this is how you convert an Outlook Calendar into ICS format. Once done with the above steps, you will have the ICS file saved at your desired location. Now, you need to perform the import. So, let’s know the step by step import process of ICS file to the Mac iCal.

Easily import an iCalendar (.ics) file into the Mac iCal

Once you have converted Outlook calendar into ICS file, you must need to know how to use that ICS file further. To import ICS file to Mac iCal, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Part - 1
  1. Attach a safe external device like USB Drive or a Pen Drive to your system
  2. Now, go to the location of your newly converted ICS file.
  3. Make a right-click on the ICS file and select Sent to from the options menu.
  4. Select the newly attached external drive as the sending destination of the file.
Part - 2
  1. Now, remove the external drive safely from the previous system and attach it to your Mac.
  2. Once recognized by the system, open it and copy paste the file in the system.

    Note: It is highly recommended to copy and paste the file into your system first. Doing this will give your assured results. Taking a file directly from the external drive to the destination may damage or break it.
  3. Now, simply drag and drop the ICS file from the system to the iCal.

So, wasn’t it easy to convert and import Outlook calendar to ICS format? It was fun doing it and the results were accurate. Moreover, it was totally free!

How to recover inaccessible Outlook calendar?

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In this blog, we discussed how to save Outlook calendar to ICS format. We used Outlook’s save as feature and finally imported the ICS file to Mac. The whole process was quick and easy. Later we suggested Kernel for Outlook PST Recovery to recover inaccessible calendar data from corrupt PST files. Hope this blog helped you!