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Summary: Learn how to export your Outlook calendar to Word effortlessly. This step-by-step guide walks you through the process, making it simple to transfer your calendar data into a Word document. Whether for sharing schedules or creating hard copies, this method ensures your Outlook calendar is accessible and printable in a convenient Word format.

It’s no surprise that MS Outlook’s calendar is an essential tool for tracking activities, events, and tasks. Most users are familiar with this feature and rely on it for efficient planning. It’s user-friendly—simply click a date to set a reminder. Outlook sends timely alerts for upcoming events, meetings, or tasks, allowing you to snooze or dismiss them as needed. To maximize its utility, make sure you’re fully harnessing the Calendar’s capabilities. Here are a few noteworthy features:

  • Easily create appointments and events
  • Invite people and organize meetings
  • View group schedules (in your organization/building)
  • Create & view separate calendars for work and personal use side-by-side
  • Overlay view feature
  • Synchronize SharePoint calendar
  • Send Calendar to a contact as an email attachment
  • Subscribe to internet calendars
  • Manage the calendar of another user

Let us now explore some ways to quickly and effectively export Outlook calendar to MS Word manually. The top four manual ways are listed below:
export Outlook calendar to MS Word manually

Method #1: Take a Screenshot of Calendar

  1. Open the Calendar in Outlook.
  2. Make sure you have selected the Monthly Calendar Monthly Calendar
  3. Next, Scroll Left or Right to select the month in the calendar which you want to the month in the calendar to export
  4. Now, create a new Word document and open it.
  5. Got to the Insert tab in the Menu bar and click Screenshot from the drop-down menu.Insert tab in the Menu bar
  6. Note: Make sure you don’t minimize Outlook while taking the screenshot.

  7. Similarly, repeat the method to import any month’s calendar into MS Word.repeat the method to import
Method #2: Copy the emailed Calendar to MS Word
  1. Click on the Email Calendar from the menu bar of Outlook.Click on Email Calendar
  2. A new email message will pop up. Fill the fields to proceed.Fill the fields to proceed
  3. Now, the Calendar details will be inserted automatically in the message body.repeat the method to import
  4. Copy the message body and paste it in a new Word document file.
  5. Repeat the process to copy for other months.
Method #3: Export using OneNote
  1. Open the Calendar in MS Outlook.
  2. Go to the File > Print; select Monthly Style from Settings. Now, select Send to OneNote from Printer and click Print.Open the Calendar
  3. MS OneNote will now open with the calendar.MS OneNote open with calendar
  4. Now go to File tab > Export > select Word Document Format > click on Export.
  5. You will be asked to give the location for saving the calendar. Provide a name and click Save.
Method #4: Export as a .csv File
  1. In Outlook, go to File > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  2. Here, choose Export to a File and click Next.Export to a File
  3. Now select the Comma Separated Values option and hit Next.Comma Separated Values
  4. Now select Calendar from the tree view structure and click on Next.tree view structure of Calendar
  5. Now select where you would like to save the.csv location to save the.csv file
  6. Finally, you will be asked to set a date range so that the appointments in-between that time is only exported. Click OK.set a date range
  7. Locate the .csv file and open it
  8. Now press CTRL+A and then CTRL+C to copy.
  9. Open a new Word document file and press CTRL+V to paste the content.
  10. Repeat the process for all other months.
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We’ve explored four manual methods for exporting Outlook calendars to MS Word, but they can be time-consuming. For a more efficient solution, we recommend a professional third-party tool like Kernel for Outlook PST. This tool not only exports your calendars to Word but also addresses Outlook errors, streamlining the process and enhancing productivity.

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