Outlook is a popular choice when it comes to communicating through emails. Be it individuals or big organizations, Outlook is widely used and accepted, mainly due to its unique and easy features. One of such features is Calendar, where you can schedule appointments and get a gentle reminder of your meetings and important events.

Recently a couple of users have complained about facing Calendar issues where the calendar appointments were missing. They have experienced that the appointments they have saved in their Outlook calendar are now gone and can’t be found anywhere. Well, in this blog, we are going to discuss this issue and provide a solution to it.

Why does it happen?

This problem happens when the user is also using Outlook on a mobile phone and sync settings are ON. The general settings in any email client are designed to maintain a proper balance between appointments and the space available on the device. Therefore, the settings are arranged in a way that the space should never be full for the new appointments. In this process the software keeps deleting the older appointments in order to keep space for new appointments. So, older appointments are deleted. When the appointments are deleted from the user’s phone, it is also deleted from the email service. Another reason can always be accidental deletion. In both the cases, the issue of missing appointments arises. In a blog, we are also recovering permanently deletd emails in Outlook, just in case if you require it.

How to troubleshoot this?

To fix this problem, you will need to make some changes in the settings. So, let’s discuss what all you will need to do.

  • Change the Settings in your Mobile Phone :- It is simple, all you need to do is go and check settings on your mobile phone by going to the Outlook settings. Now, search for the option in the Outlook settings and change the settings to keep appointments forever. This will make your appointments to last forever and they won’t be missing from Outlook anymore.
  • Turn off Caching :- Another way to fix this issue is by turning off the caching of the shared folders. Doing this on Outlook on Windows will surely fix the issue for you. Let’s know how to do it:
    1. Run Outlook and go to the File option.
    2. Now, go to the Account Settings in the file menu and select Account Settings.
    3. Now, select your account and click on the Change button.
    4. Now, click on the More Settings option.
    5. In the new window, go to the Advanced tab, and look for the Download Shared Folders.
    6. Once found, uncheck the box next to it and click on Ok to proceed.

Once you have performed all of the above steps, you will need to start your system. Restart the system and check if it solves your problem.

How to recover deleted appointments and tackle PST related issues?

We have discussed how you are going to face missing appointment issues in Outlook. Also, there are many issues which may anytime occur in Outlook, like PST corruption. And due to the demand of the situation or any other uncertainty, you may need to change the PST format, or you might require to migrate your PST to other email clients and webmails. What about all that? In that case, we would like to recommend you Kernel for Outlook PST Repair to resolve PST corruption. It is a PST recovery tool that repairs PST files with any level of corruption, low, moderate, or severe. This utility also migrates your PSTs to many other email clients and webmails just in a matter of a few clicks. The tool makes sure that the PST you are processing retains its original quality, format and structure. Such unique features and abilities of this tool makes it stand out. Try the free trial version of the tool and experience the tool’s performance yourself.


In this blog, we were discussing the issue of appointments missing from the Outlook’s calendar. We discussed in brief why this may happen to any user and how to fix it with some changes in the Outlook settings. These settings were suggested for both mobile phone and desktop users. Later on, we discussed how one can tackle other PST related issues in Outlook with the software.