MS Outlook is the most commonly used email application by many industry professionals. It stores entire user mailbox information in Personal storage table (PST) in the form of data files. The PST files reside on the user's computer. Though, there is a situation, when the user wants to move Outlook data to a new location from the existing one. The new location could be anything like pen drive, network drive, new computer, etc. It entirely depends on an individual's preference where he/she accurately wants to move PST file.

Scenarios when moving PST becomes the only option

We are going to mention some of the main reasons why a person needs to move a PST to a new computer.

  • If you are switching between various forms of systems, like the desktop to laptop
  • If you are switching from one version of Outlook to another version of Outlook
  • If you are moving from one version of Windows to another version of Windows
  • If you are moving from desktop Outlook to Outlook Web Access

So, these are the situations when you may need to transfer PST from one computer to another.

Where are the Outlook files stored?

Before moving forward, let’s know where PST is located on your system. If you are an Outlook user, then you should know that Outlook saves all of its data on your system. This data includes emails, calendars, contacts, journals, notes, tasks, etc. These files Outlook save on your systems are known as Personal Storage Table (PST). The extension used for these files is .pst.

Now, where to find these files, are mentioned below:

If you are using Windows XP, then you can find the PST file at this given location:

  • drive:\Documents and Settings\user\Local\Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
    If you are using Windows Vista, then you can find the PST file at this given location:
  • drive:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook
    If you are using Windows 7, then you can find the PST file at this given location:
  • drive:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook
    If you are using Windows 8/8.1, then you can find the PST file at this given location:
  • drive:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook
    If you are using Windows 10, then you can find the location of the PST file at one of these given locations:
  • drive:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook.
  • drive:\Users\<username>\Roaming\Local\Microsoft\Outlook.

So, these are the locations where you can find a PST file. Now, we know a bit about PSTs, why you need to transfer one, and where they are located in your system. Let’s now move forward to know the process of how to transfer a PST file from one system to another.

The process to move PST File from One Computer to another Computer/Location:

Having a backup copy of Outlook PST data saves users from losing their essential data as users can restore their data if the original PST file got damaged or corrupted. It can be done by following easy steps:

  1. Make a backup copy of Outlook PST file
  2. Import PST file to Outlook on another computer

Let's discuss each one in detail:

Process 1. Make a backup copy of Outlook PST file:
  1. Click Start, then go to "Run" and type "control panel" and click OK.
  2. It will lead you to the Control panel window. Now click on User Accounts.
  3. Now double click on the Mail icon to open it.
  4. On the mail setup window, click on Show Profiles.
  5. Click on Properties, and then click on Data Files.
  6. Under Name, double-click on the Personal folder service that you want to back up. And then copy the path name that appears.
    Note: If you have more than one Personal folder service in your profile, make sure each PST file should be backed up separately.
  7. Now close all the windows, and open Windows Explorer or My Computer and paste the path in the location bar on the top and hit Enter.
  8. Here you can see the PST file(s).
  9. Now to take a backup of a .pst file, just copy and paste it at another location on the hard drive, external drive or any removable storage drive.

Note: The most common process of moving an Outlook PST file from one computer to another location or computer involves these following steps. Besides this, one should also copy PST file(s) somewhere on a removable drive or an external drive and paste it to another computer straight away.

Process 2. Import PST File from Another Computer:
  1. Launch MS Outlook application. Go to the File tab and click Open & Export > Import/Export.
  2. In Import and Export Wizard, click on Import from another program or file, and hit Next to proceed further.
  3. Now select Outlook data file (.pst) and click Next.
  4. Browse and choose your PST file. Under Options, select the particular option as per your requirement.
  5. Finally, select the folder that you want to import and also check the Include subfolders field and hit Finish button to begin the process.

While moving PST file from one computer to another, your PST file might get corrupted. So it is advised you to choose PST Repair tool to get rid of such issue.

There is no direct method to move PST file from one computer to another manually. To do so, you have to follow procedures as mentioned above. Though it is very time consuming and complicated process and you must make sure you perform step by step process carefully to avoid Outlook PST file corruption.


In this blog, we have discussed how one can transfer a pst file from one system to another. We have explained what a PST is and where it is located on your system, depending on the version of Windows OS you are using. We have discussed the reasons and scenarios in which moving a PST from one computer to another is necessary. Finally, we have provided the process of doing the same in an elaborated way. Apart from this, if you are facing another common problem with PSTs, like corruption, then we suggest you use Kernel for Outlook PST. This third-party automated tool is all you need to use in the case of severe corruption in the PST files. Hope this blog has helped you to transfer your file successfully.