If you have recently upgraded to any new Windows version (say Windows 8 to Windows 10), you are prone to face technical issues while working with previously installed applications on your system. The solution to which lies either on the OS upgrade or re-installation of the respective applications.

Microsoft Outlook tends to be more vulnerable to these changes. However, there might be several other reasons causing malfunction of your applications.

In the case of Outlook, factors like virus intrusion, Outlook add-ins, and hardware failures may also lead to dysfunction of several components or functionalities.

As of now, we are dealing with one of the most commonly reported errors known as “error 0x800ccc13” generated by Microsoft’s leading email client application “Outlook.”

“Error 0x800ccc13” disables the send/receive email functionality of the Outlook. The syntax of the message pops out on your screen is:

“Sending reported error (0x800CCC13): ‘Cannot connect to the network. Verify your network connection or modem.”

Reasons behind “error 0x800ccc13”

In most cases, faulty system upgrades may corrupt a PST file which in turn affects the functionality of the software. But there could be other possible reasons which may affect the workflow. Apart from the system upgrade, there are factors which may trigger corruption of a PST file. Some of them can be listed as:

  • Virus Intrusion
  • Outlook Add-ins
  • Hardware Damage
  • Corrupted components on hard drives

In all the above cases, the most effective way to get Outlook up and running is to delete the profile and create a new one. However, you can also use some other measures to make Outlook working again without permanent deletion of your Outlook profile.

Error 0x800ccc13 - Possible fixes:

There are plenty of fixes that you can try to solve this problem. Here, we have provided the most effective methods of fixing Outlook error 0x800ccc13.

Start Outlook in Safe mode

The first method is to close the MS Outlook from the background and then restart it in the safe mode. Running Outlook in safe mode open the application with limited features and blocks any extension that stops the app from working. You can easily open MS Outlook in safe mode from the Run dialog box in Windows by pressing Window + R button. In the opened interface, type Outlook/safe and press Enter.

Turn off Windows Firewall

Sometimes, this error occurs due to Windows Firewall enabled n your system. Windows Firewall offers extensive security for your MS applications, but sometimes blocks you from accessing essential files. So, try turning off the Windows Firewall, and then restart the Outlook.

Delete your existing profile and create a new Outlook profile.

If you have multiple profiles in your MS Outlook application, then you should try to delete the unnecessary profiles and create a new profile for your email account. Removing the existing profile and creating a new one will allow you to reset your Outlook configuration settings, which might fix the Outlook error 0x800ccc13.

Run Outlook application as an administrator and check the send/receive functionality. If working properly, you may create an elevated shortcut to run it always in the elevated mode.

Use Windows System File Checker

Windows SFC is a great in-built tool that can be used to repair corrupt system files. You can run this tool directly from the command prompt. As an administrator, open the command prompt and run the “sfc/scannow” command. This command will launch the Windows System file checker tool. After fixing the issues, restart your computer and launch Outlook to check if the problem is fixed or not.

Reboot System in Safe Mode

Rebooting the system in Safe mode allows you to check whether the Outlook’s send/receive functionality is working properly. If MS Outlook works properly after rebooting, then look for the offending program that is interfering with the workflow of your Outlook application, and disable that application.

Update MS Outlook

Another way to fix the Outlook error 0x800ccc13 is to update MS Outlook to the latest version. Usually, when MS Outlook is outdated, it doesn’t configure necessary files with the system. So, you should keep updating MS Outlook time-to-time in order to fix these common errors.

If all these methods fail to resolve the error; you can use a third-party tool to resolve Outlook PST corruption issues. You can also opt to our Kernel for Outlook PST Repair tool to eliminate the PST file corruption. It is widely accepted as the most effective tool to repair your damaged PST files and regain full access to your Outlook mailbox.

Concluding Lines

Windows upgrades/changes can sometimes cause significant issues to system applications like MS Outlook. If you cannot solve these issues using quick fixes, you can always rely on Kernel for Outlook PST repair tool to bring back things to normal.