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MS Outlook is Not Able to Connect to the Proxy Server

Although MS Outlook has become an integral part of the life of email users, there is no denial of the fact that it too is vulnerable to errors, glitches, and corruption. And, one of the commonly faced and known error is “Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server.” Here, we are going to discuss why this error occurs and how to solve it.

Error Notification for Proxy Server Connection Issues

If you are getting any of the notification mentioned below, know that you are facing this very same error.

Why this error occurs?

Some of the few reasons that cause this error are listed below:

  • When you are trying to connect to the server, and it is asking for Certification Authority.
  • Non-availability of trusted Certification Authority at the root.
  • Invalid certificate.
  • Canceled Certificate.
  • Due to the intervention from a third-party add-in.

How to fix is “Outlook is Not Able to connect to the proxy server” error?

  • Check the Certificate

    If you are receiving error notification saying that there is a problem with the security certificate of the proxy server or it is invalid, then you need to check the certificate by following the below-mentioned steps.

    1. Start with opening the Microsoft Internet Explorer and connect to any secure and trustworthy server.
    2. Now, press Enter key.
    3. Now, you will find the padlock icon, double-click on it, and select the Details tab.
    4. Here comes the most important part, note the information from Valid to and Subject fields. And you are done.

    If the date is valid as per the information given in details, and the subject matches the site name, then your certificate gets a green signal. If not, it’s expired, or you need to change the site name.

  • Trusted Root Certificate

    If you are getting error notification saying that the security certificate is not from a trusted authority, then you need to install a trusted root certificate, let’s see how:

    1. In the Certificate dialogue box, click on the Install Certificate option. Click on Next to proceed.
    2. Check the box Place all certificate in the following store.
    3. Now, click Browse to select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities and click on OK. Click on Next to proceed further.
    4. Wait for the process, and once it is over click on the Finish button. Click on Ok to put it to an end.

    This is how you can install a trusted Root Certificate to overcome with the issue, if still the problem is there, move to the next one.

  • Turn Off Third-Party Add-In

    If none of the above solutions helped you out, then this one may help you. If the error shows, saying that the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the target site, then follow the below-mentioned steps to accomplish the desired results:

    1. If Outlook is running in your system, close it and press Win+R key to open the Run window.
    2. In the Run search bar type “outlook.exe /safe” and click on OK.
    3. If you can operate the safe mode without any issue, that means the problem is with the third-party add-ins.
    4. To disable third-party add-ins, go to the File option on the top of the Outlook screen.
    5. Select Options from the file menu and click on Add-ins.
    6. Locate the manage Box and click on the COM Add-ins.
    7. Click on Go to move further.
    8. Do you see the checkbox next to the third-party add-ins? Clear that.
    9. Restart Outlook.

How to deal with Corruption in Outlook OST?

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Final Words:

In this blog, we have discussed, what is “Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server” error and how you can fix it. We have quoted and discussed three manual methods with the help of which you can achieve the desired results. For other Outlook related issues like OST corruption, we have suggested Kernel for OST to PST.

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MS Outlook is Not Able to Connect to the Proxy Server

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