Outlook's efficiency extends beyond email management to encompass a range of tasks such as note-taking, meeting scheduling, address book management, and task creation. Particularly in project management scenarios, you can create tasks and assign them to individuals who will collaborate on completing the task and providing updates.

Here is how you can create and assign the task;

  1. Start Outlook application and select New Items > Task. Start Outlook application
  2. Input the Subject, Start Date, Due Date, Status, and Priority. To assign the same task to other users, then click the option Assign Task. Click the option Assign Task
  3. Enter the email IDs of the team members you want to assign the task to. You can add multiple team members' email accounts. Then, click 'Send'.
    Input the account of more than one team member
  4. If you need to assign the same task multiple times, you can set up recurring tasks using the recurrence option. Simply click on the recurrence icon. Choose to recur the task using the recurrence option
  5. In the Task recurrence window, utilize the various options available, such as selecting the recurrence pattern (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), specifying the range of recurrence (start date, end date, end after a certain number of occurrences, or no end date) Click OK. Range of recurrence
  6. After setting the recurrence of your task, click the Send button again. Click the Send button again
  7. You can click the 'Skip Occurrence' and stop the task from occurring again. Click the Skip Occurrence
  8. Now, you can click the tasks option and see the ongoing task. Click the tasks option Click the task.
  9. When you select the task, then you can see its progress, its due date, owner, and other details. After completion of the task, you can click 'Mark Complete' and fulfill the task. Click Mark Complete

Once you've created the task for your team, your next responsibility is to monitor the task and carry out various management tasks. This includes regularly receiving updates on the task's progress and handling situations where a team member rejects the task for any reason, necessitating reassignment to another person.

When you create a task and assign it to another person, that individual becomes the temporary owner of the task. The user has the option to accept, reject, or reassign the task to someone else. If the user rejects the task, it will be returned to the original owner.

Here are some important tasks that the owner can commit for any task;

Forward the task to another user to track.
  1. Select the task that you want to forward to other users.
  2. Follow Task > Manage Task > Forward.
  3. Input the recipient's email address in the To and Cc input boxes.
  4. Click the Send button to forward the task.
Track the assigned tasks.

There are three methods to track the tasks;

Receive automated status reports.

  1. Click the 'Options' under the Tools menu. Go to Task Options.
  2. Check the box 'Keep updated copies of assigned tasks on my task list.'
  3. Also, select the box 'Send status reports when assigned tasks are completed.'

View the assigned tasks.

  1. Click the Tasks and follow View > Current view > Assignment.

View the list of users who get updated tasks.

  1. Select the task and go to its Details tab and check the names in the Update list box.
Accept/Reject the assigned task
  1. Select the task or the requested task.
  2. At the Manage Task group, click either Accept or Decline.
  3. Perform any of the following action;
    • Click 'Edit the response before sending.' Input your message and click Send.
    • Click 'Send the response now.'
Send the status report or make a comment on the task assignment.
  1. Select the task, go to the task tab in the Manage Task. Select either Send Status report, Reply, or Reply All.
  2. Input the email address of the recipient in the To and Cc input boxes.
  3. NOTE: If the task had been assigned to you, then the name of the recipient will add automatically.
  4. Type your message and click Send.

Final Words

Creating tasks in Outlook can significantly enhance your business productivity, allowing for constant monitoring of tasks and their progress. However, if you lose data in your PST file due to corruption, your tasks may become irrecoverable. In such cases, Kernel for Outlook PST Repair provides a solution. This tool can recover every item, including email messages, contacts, notes, journals, and tasks. Recovered tasks will retain their full content, recipients, progress, and reports.