Category: File Repair

Published On - October 13, 2022

How to Repair Corrupt/Damaged DNG Files

Ever since the popularity of professional cameras has increased, more and more individuals have become keen on capturing photos. Pictures are taken at every incident, from weddings to birthdays, from traveling to café visits. To maintain a higher quality for them, photographers often rely on DNG files, which are a type of raw format for…

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Published On - October 04, 2022

Easy Ways to Fix Error Code 0xc0000142 in Microsoft Office

MS Office is a widely used productivity suite. However, users occasionally encounter error messages when trying to use the application. One of the most common errors is code 0xc0000142. The 0xc0000142 error is a Microsoft Office-related issue that can occur when trying to launch one of the applications from the suite. Tthis error can be…

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Updated On - September 06, 2022

How to Choose the Right Image Compression Method?

We all know how important are images and photos in our lives. It can be a collection of one’s nostalgia, a presentation, etc., and the list is not exhaustible. When it comes to storing images, particularly digital images, the concern are there regarding their security, privacy, and storage space. Taking care of all these factors…

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Published On - July 12, 2022

Office 2019 vs. Office 365 – Comparison between both Applications

Microsoft Office Suite is a set of productivity applications. All the applications in it are designed by the Microsoft team, especially for business purposes. Microsoft Office has different versions, and each new version has better features and capabilities including certain minor self-recovery features like repair Excel files. The first Microsoft Office version was Office 95,…

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Updated On - June 02, 2022

Easy Fixes for File System Error 2147219196 in Windows Photo App

I recently tried to open a photo using the Windows photo app and found an error 2147219196, and I could not open the photo. I learned that this error is usually found on Windows 10 and will stop users from using the Photo app. Is there a simple way in which I can fix the…

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Updated On - July 22, 2022

Steps to Export High Resolution Images from PowerPoint

To make the PowerPoint slides look professional and presentable, we often use high-resolution images. Such images are bright and crisp and give a nice look. However, low-resolution images often look blurry or pixelated. When you get a PowerPoint slide, you might want to export some images and take their printouts. But unfortunately, those exported images…

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