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Summary: The article discusses common reasons for blurry Instagram photos, including low-quality images and incorrect aspect ratios. It provides solutions such as using high-quality photos and appropriate formats. Additionally, it suggests using Kernel Photo Repair tool to recover corrupted photos for Instagram.

You’ve preserved numerous cherished memories through photography, which has become an integral aspect of your life. Today, Instagram stands as a significant platform for sharing your thoughts, photos, and videos with those closest to you.

Instagram stands out as the premier social media platform for global product and service marketing. It provides a versatile platform where you can share images, typography, or videos to promote your business concepts. Occasionally, as you browse through Instagram and encounter fuzzy images, you might ponder the reasons behind this occurrence. With these solutions, you can also recover Instagram videos with no sound.

Why do Instagram photos get blurry?

There may be a variety of reasons affecting the quality of photos in the Instagram. In this blog, we will discuss some problems:

  1. Images are not of good quality.
  2. Posting images with the wrong aspect ratio.
  3. Using inappropriate image format.
  4. The photo is in poor quality and low resolution.
  5. Data Saving mode on Instagram.
Here are some suggestions to fix blurry Instagram photos
Problem 1: Images are not of good quality

You can make the most of various pictures for your business proposals, promotional strategies, and ad banners to enhance your Instagram presence. If you’ve taken some low-quality photos that ended up looking blurry when uploaded, this can impact the quality of your Instagram visuals.

Solution: Instagram includes a unique feature that automatically compresses the resolution and size of your images, resulting in a reduction in quality. To ensure your photos look their best on Instagram, it’s advisable to capture them in high quality before uploading. Keep in mind that your photo should have a file size of at least 1 MB.

Problem 2: Posting Images with the wrong aspect ratio

When you post a high-quality image on Instagram, the app retrieves the image and adjusts its aspect ratio, which can potentially impact the photo’s viewing quality.

Solution: When sharing your high-quality images on Instagram, be sure to opt for an appropriate aspect ratio that complements your post. Next, strive for the ideal equilibrium to enhance the visual appeal and quality of your photo. Common aspect ratios for photo formats include 1:1 for square photos, 1.91:1 for landscape photos, and 4:5 for portrait photos.

Problem 3: Using inappropriate image format

When you attempt to upload an inappropriate image format on Instagram, the platform automatically converts it to a compatible format before posting it. This is the reason behind the occasional blurriness in Instagram photos.

Solution: When aiming for superior photo quality on Instagram, it’s essential to opt for the JPEG format. Instagram exclusively supports JPEG and PNG image formats. While PNG images can sometimes fall short in terms of quality, JPEG emerges as the ideal choice for all users.

Problem 4: The image is in low resolution

Higher image resolution enhances the viewer’s experience positively, whereas a low-resolution image lacks the clarity necessary for comprehending its content. Such images are unsuitable for professional use.
Solution: Capture high-quality images using both mobile phones and cameras. Ensure your smartphone remains stable when capturing photos to maintain clarity. As mentioned earlier, proceed to upload these images to Instagram in JPEG format.

Problem 5: Data Saving mode on Instagram

Do not turn on your data saving mode on the Instagram mobile application. It deducts image quality and provides you with blurry Instagram photos.

Here are some steps to turn off your Data saving mode on Instagram
  1. Open ‘Instagram’ mobile application and ‘Click’ on your ‘Profile icon’.open Instagram application
  2. In the right corner, you will see three dots; ‘Click’ on them.three dots
  3. Now Find the ‘Settings and privacy’ section in the menu and ‘Click’ on it.Settings and privacy
  4. Find the ‘Data usage and media quality’ section there and ‘Click’ on it.Data usage and media quality
  5. You can see two options there:
  6. First, turn off your Data Saver mode.
  7. Second, Turn on ‘Upload at highest quality’ mode. Now ‘Restart’ your Instagram mobile app and enjoy your Instagram feeds without errors.Upload at highest quality
Providing one of the best solutions to recover your corrupted photos

From time to time, when browsing the internet, there’s a possibility of unintentionally downloading malware and viruses onto your device, which can lead to the corruption of your photos. Additionally, another factor contributing to photo corruption is the improper transfer of files. When you’re in the process of moving files between different storage locations, interruptions can occur, leading to the corruption of your photos.

The Kernel Photo Repair tool is a sophisticated solution for restoring damaged photos. It goes beyond simply recovering your corrupted images; it enables you to obtain high-quality pictures that can be easily shared on Instagram. Also, repair your blurred video files and upload it on your IGTV.

Quick Guide to Recovering your corrupted photo using Kernel Photo Repair Tool

Now let’s go with elaborated ways to recover your Photos:

  1. Go and Download the Kernel Photo Repair tool.
  2. Install the tool to recover every format of corrupted photos. recover corrupted photos
  3. After Installing the tool, you can see Select or Drop your photos here.install the Kernel photo repair tool
  4. Click on Select or Drop your photos here. Select the corrupted photos from your Storage device and click on Open it.Select or Drop your photos
  5. You can see your Corrupted photos in the Repairing list. After that, click on Repair file
  6. When you click Repair Files, a pop-up will appear on your screen where you must choose a destination where you want to save your file and click OK
  7. The software will start recovering your corrupted photos; after recovering files, click on Close. Go to the destination file and enjoy your photos posted on Instagram. recovering your corrupted photos


If you’re unable to resolve the blurriness in your Instagram photos through manual methods, consider seeking professional help from an advanced solution to restore your corrupted images. Give the Kernel Photo Repair tool a try for repairing your blurry Instagram photos. This tool will thoroughly scan and repair any damaged files, ensuring they are restored to optimal condition. Afterward, you can confidently upload these photos to your Instagram app and expect to receive more likes and shares.

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