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You have captured so many memories in the form of photos. Photos are an essential part of your lives. Now Instagram has become one of the vast mediums to share your thoughts, photos, and videos with your loved ones.

Instagram is the leading social media platform to market your products and service worldwide. You can post an Image, typography, or video to promote your business ideas. Sometimes, when you scroll through Instagram and see blurry Instagram photos, you might wonder why this happens. With these solutions, you can also recover Instagram videos with no sound.

Why do Instagram photos get blurry?

There may be a variety of reasons affecting the quality of photos in the Instagram. In this blog, we will discuss some problems:

  1. Images are not of good quality.
  2. Posting images with the wrong aspect ratio.
  3. Using inappropriate image format.
  4. The photo is in poor quality and low resolution.
  5. Data Saving mode on Instagram.
Here are some suggestions to fix blurry Instagram photos
Problem 1: Images are not of good quality

You can utilize multiple photos of your business proposals, promotional plans, and ad banners to promote your business on Instagram. Perhaps you clicked some low-quality images, and after uploading them, it gets blurry Instagram photos.

Solution: Instagram has its own feature; it compresses your image resolution and size and reduces quality. So always click photos in high quality and then upload them on Instagram. Always remember that your photo must be over 1 MB.

Problem 2: Posting Images with the wrong aspect ratio

When you upload a high-quality image on Instagram, the app fetches the image and provide an aspect ratio that may change the quality of photo to view.

Solution: Whenever you post your high-quality picture, choose a good aspect ratio for your Instagram post. And then, select the best balance to make your photo attractive and qualitative. The most usual aspect ratio of photo format is 1:1 for square photos, 1.91:1 for landscape photos, and 4:5 for landscape photos.

Problem 3: Using inappropriate image format

If you are going to upload an inappropriate image format, then Instagram automatically changes its format and then uploads it; that’s why you see blurry Instagram photos.

Solution: Always consider JEPG for better quality photos because Instagram allows only JPEG and PNG picture formats. At times, PNG images are not of good quality, and if we talk about JPEG, it’s a perfect choice for everyone.

Problem 4: The image is in low resolution

Resolution of the image creates a positive impact on the viewer. A low-resolution image in not clear enough to understand its content. You cannot use such images professionally.
Solution: Click good quality pictures from mobile phones and cameras. Keep the smartphone steady while taking some pictures making it clear. After that, as previously mentioned, upload it in JPEG format on Instagram.

Problem 5: Data Saving mode on Instagram

Do not turn on your data saving mode on the Instagram mobile application. It deducts image quality and provides you with blurry Instagram photos.

Here are some steps to turn off your Data saving mode on Instagram
  1. Open ‘Instagram’ mobile application and ‘Click’ on your ‘Profile icon’.open Instagram application
  2. In the right corner, you will see three dots; ‘Click’ on them.three dots
  3. Now Find the ‘Settings and privacy’ section in the menu and ‘Click’ on it.Settings and privacy
  4. Find the ‘Data usage and media quality’ section there and ‘Click’ on it.Data usage and media quality
  5. You can see two options there:
  6. First, turn off your Data Saver mode.
  7. Second, Turn on ‘Upload at highest quality’ mode. Now ‘Restart’ your Instagram mobile app and enjoy your Instagram feeds without errors.Upload at highest quality
Providing one of the best solutions to recover your corrupted photos

Occasionally, while surfing the internet, you may download malware and viruses on your device; that’s why your photos get corrupted. Another reason is bad transferring the file; when you transfer files from one storage to another while moving files, you might face some interruption, and your photos get corrupted.

The Kernel Photo Repair tool is an advanced tool to recover corrupted photos. It’s not only bound to recover your corrupted photos; You can get high-quality photos and then upload them on Instagram. Also, repair your blurred video files and upload it on your IGTV.

Quick Guide to Recovering your corrupted photo using Kernel Photo Repair Tool

Now let’s go with elaborated ways to recover your Photos:

  1. Go and Download the Kernel Photo Repair tool.
  2. Install the tool to recover every format of corrupted photos. recover corrupted photos
  3. After Installing the tool, you can see Select or Drop your photos here.install the Kernel photo repair tool
  4. Click on Select or Drop your photos here. Select the corrupted photos from your Storage device and click on Open it.Select or Drop your photos
  5. You can see your Corrupted photos in the Repairing list. After that, click on Repair file
  6. When you click Repair Files, a pop-up will appear on your screen where you must choose a destination where you want to save your file and click OK
  7. The software will start recovering your corrupted photos; after recovering files, click on Close. Go to the destination file and enjoy your photos posted on Instagram. recovering your corrupted photos


If these manual workarounds cannot fix your blurry Instagram photos, you can take the professional assistance of an advanced solution to repair all your corruption in photos. Try the Kernel Photo Repair tool to fix your blurry Instagram photos. It will scan the bad files and repair them in complete health. Later, you can upload them to your Instagram app and gain likes and shares.

Kernel Photo Repair