Restore Deleted and Lost Instagram Videos and Photos

Manisha Rawat
Manisha Rawat | Updated On - 30 Dec 2021 |

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Instagram has reached a whole new level of popularity among is users. After Facebook, Instagram is the most popular and used social media platform. There are more than 1billion users who are active on Instagram. Survey says every 6 in 10 people are using Instagram. If you are reading this blog, you are one of those 6 people, and unfortunately, you have lost your Instagram photos or videos.
If you are wondering that if there is any way to recover lost images from Instagram, then the answer is “Yes.” You can recover those lost images and videos from Instagram; this blog is going to help you through it. So, let’s start discussing the best possible solutions.

How to Restore Deleted Instagram Videos?

Instagram has no Recycle Bin or any similar feature. So, if you think that you can recover images just like you recover on your PC, then this is not an option here. However, you can still recover images and videos you have uploaded prior but got deleted due to whatsoever reason. Let’s discuss the solutions:

  • Restore Images and Videos from Phone’s Album
    One way to restore deleted Instagram images or videos is from your phone’s album. Yes, if you think you have lost all those pictures from Instagram and now you can’t have them back, you are probably wrong. When you upload any picture on Instagram, a folder will automatically get created in your phone by Instagram’s name. So, you can still look for them on your phone; you may find them again and restore them. Let’s see how to do that:

    If you are an Android user,

    1. Check the My files or File Storage or File Manager section of your phone.
    2. Look for the Instagram folder, which might be in the Pictures folder, depending on your phone’s configuration.
    3. Once you get to the Instagram folder, you can have all your lost photos restored by just re-uploading them on your Instagram handle.

    If you are an iPhone user,

    1. In your iPhone, open the photos app and go to the Album section.
    2. There, search for the Recently Deleted folder; once you find it, open it.
    3. Now, you can search for the deleted Instagram pictures and can restore them by re-uploading.
  • Restore Via Archive feature of Instagram
    A few years back, Instagram launched a feature called Archive feature. This feature contains the photos for a temporary period or until you empty it. So, here you can look for the deleted pictures from Instagram, for that follow the below-mentioned steps:

    1. Open Instagram on your mobile phone.
    2. Long-in to your account and in your profile, find the archive option (which is generally on the top right corner of the screen.
    3. Go to the archive category, and you will find the deleted pictures. Once found, restore them.
  • Restore Via iCloud or Google Photos
    Another way to restore your photos is by looking for them on Google Photos or iCloud. When you upload photos on Instagram, Google Photos or iCloud automatically save it, and hence you can go there and check if your pictures are still there. Similarly, you can recover deleted videos; you just need to use another Google service for that.
  • Restore deleted images with Kernel Photo RecoveryPrior to this, we were talking about how you can restore images on Instagram. In the solutions, we were mostly talking about how one can restore deleted images from their mobile phones. What if you have lost images from your mobile too? Don’t worry; you can recover all the deleted images from your mobile phone with Kernel Photo Recovery. It is an automated photo recovery tool that recovers and restores all the lost images from your PC, external drives, and mobile phones. For this, connect your mobile phone with PC and perform the action. Here’s a peek into the Interface of the tool:
  • Note: If you want to recover your videos too, you need to use Kernel for Windows Data Recovery, which is an amazing tool for recovering photos, videos, and all other types of Windows data.

What if your Images or Videos get corrupt?

Don’t worry; we have a solution for that too. If due to any reason your images or videos get corrupt, then you can try Kernel Photo Repair and Kernel Video Repair to fix the corruption in files. Both of these tools are tried and tested and are proven for the best results. These tools can repair photo and video files from a wide range of available formats. Give them a try!

Bottom Line

Never forget to back up your data from time to time, as it is the only source from where you can recover data when you lose it. Always take care of your storage and be attentive while using your smartphones, as a single mistake may lead to a situation like this. Never give your credentials and essential social media account information to anyone who is not trustworthy. Enjoy Instagramming!