Do you feel yourself in a frustrating state with suddenly broken records due to Outlook error messages?

Outlook, the world-wide popular email client used to manage work life of professionals at ease is also prone to errors that might crop up anytime in daily routine without any warning. But, these errors are temporary ones which could be solved instantly. These errors include Outlook freezing, Outlook stops responding, start-up issues, problem while opening or sending a crucial file or email, issues with profile handling.

There could be many more hidden glitches that could create issues for Outlook. To overcome these issues, you must read the below-mentioned errors and their possible solutions to troubleshoot Outlook.

Troubleshooting Common MS Outlook Errors:

Here is an instant step by step guide that will provide you with easy fixes for common MS Outlook issues.

Issue 1: Errors while Sending/Receiving Emails

Solution: The prompt solution to resolve this error is to check whether the destination address that you have mentioned is correct or not. The error can take place due to incorrect designation at times. Sometimes, the advanced versions of MS Outlook first recognize the incorrect email address and then inform the users that the destination address is not recognized.

At times, the send/receive error might crop up due to sending of HTML based email messages whose HTML formatting has issues. Hence, you should consider changing the format to a plain text from HTML and this will resolve the error.

Issue 2: Outlook Keeps Prompting for Password

Solution: It is a default setting of Outlook to setup username, password, email address, an incoming mail server for linking the account to POP3. The option to store the associated password can be checked to store the password permanently till the time you change it. But, if you leave it unchecked, you will be prompted to enter the password every time you send an email.

You can resolve the issue by performing this procedure: Open Control Panel, click Mail icon and then edit Outlook profile. It will direct you to provide username and password, simply enter and check the box "Remember My Credentials".

Issue 3: Outlook Sending Spam Emails to Contacts

Solution: The common cause of this error could be infected computer due to virus or malware attack that leads to hacking of your email address or mailbox account. The issue can be resolved temporarily by changing the password of Outlook. Just in case you fail to do so, contact support instantly and report the issue.

Another solution to resolve the issue is to scan your computer hard disk with advanced anti-virus software. Simultaneously, you can inform your contacts about the issue you are facing, so that can simply ignore the email messages from your email address and be alert for future.

Issue 4: Email doesn't show up on MS Outlook

Solution: There are two possible strategic solutions to fix this issue. The first solution is to copy the PST file from the current system to another computer manually and restart Outlook. The second solution is to consider switching to IMAP protocol. This synchronizes the emails from the server to Outlook.

Issue 5: Errors due to Corrupt PST file

Solution: The top-rated solution to resolve corrupt PST file error is the Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe). It scans complete Outlook mailbox items and database to identify errors with PST files. The tool also lets you know the location of the error and whether the PST file data is permanently corrupt, or you have chances to repair your PST file data.

If the ScanPST.exe fails to resolve the error and PST file is severely corrupted or damaged, then it is highly recommended to use the best-rated tool Kernel for Outlook PST Repair.

Concluding Words:

The mentioned errors of Outlook are very common and can be fixed with ease. To resolve these issues, you need the patience to encounter the errors and find the best fixes for the issues. Also, we have discussed the best possible solutions that will resolve the common errors easily. All the above solutions are working, and you can face the unexpected errors at ease.