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Exporting Emails from Thunderbird to Outlook PST

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source application that renders services like email management, RSS Feeds, Junk Filtering, client chat, etc. It provides cross-platform support, which means that Thunderbird client is free to download and install on all major operating systems like Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and Linux.

Though Thunderbird is preferred by professional all over the globe because of its open-source nature, Outlook is a wider and more versatile platform which offers more efficient features to its users. Thus, migrating thunderbird mailboxes to Outlook with the help of MBOX to PST converter could be very beneficial for you.

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Reasons for Thunderbird to Outlook Migration

There might be several factors that prompt users migrate Thunderbird data to Outlook. For instance, many users, while working on Thunderbird client reported that they got troubled by issues like error messages, frequent deletion of emails, unable to display the user profile, etc.

Thunderbird to Outlook migration is a growing need for users nowadays. But, how to achieve such migration and what are the steps one needs to follow in order to migrate their Thunderbird emails to Outlook.

Export Thunderbird Emails to Outlook PST (Windows, Mac, and Linux Versions)

Both Thunderbird and Outlook client doesn’t provide any direct means to export or import their mailbox data to each other email platforms. Therefore, in order to migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook, you have to convert Thunderbird’s MBOX to PST file format.

Note: The default file format supported by Outlook for Windows and Mac machines is PST and OLM, respectively.

Here, we have elaborated on the conversion process for Thunderbird emails to Outlook on different operating systems. Later, we will also highlight an efficient tool that facilitates easy migration of Thunderbird emails to Outlook on Windows systems.

Thunderbird to Outlook Migration on Mac Machine

Suppose you are using Thunderbird and Outlook both on a Mac system, and you want to migrate Thunderbird emails to Outlook for Mac. What are the steps you need to follow in order to do that?

Well, Thunderbird doesn’t provide any inbuilt feature to export its email messages to Outlook for Mac. Therefore, in order to achieve migration on a Mac platform, first, you need to convert Thunderbird emails to OLM file format.

OLM is the default file format used by Outlook for Mac users. OLM files cannot be accessed directly by Outlook on the Windows environment. Once Thunderbird emails are exported to an OLM file, it can be easily imported via Outlook for a Mac. However, to access the same mailbox data on Windows Outlook, you have to convert OLM to PST.

Thunderbird to Outlook Migration on a Windows Machine

The most recommended way to migrate Thunderbird emails to Outlook on the Windows environment is to use reliable third-party software to do the conversion task for you. However, you can also opt for a manual approach in case you are not willing to use any third-party software.

Thunderbird to Outlook migration on Windows platform is achieved by implementing the following three consecutive steps:

  1. Convert MBOX files to EML format.
  2. Import EML to Windows Live Mail.
  3. Export emails from Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST.

The first step requires locating the required email messages via the Thunderbird client manually. Once located, Ctrl + select the required emails, right-click and select Save As >> EML files.

The second step enables you to import the converted EML files to Windows Live Mail’s mailbox. You can simply drag-and-drop the required EML files to the desired mailbox folder.

At last, use the Export emails functionality provided by Windows Live Mail to export all the required EML files to MS Outlook.

Thunderbird to Outlook Migration on Linux

Like Thunderbird, Linux is also an open-source platform with support for multiple email client applications. However, Thunderbird is the most preferred email client for Linux-based users.

Thunderbird stores its data in MBOX format, whether you are using it on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Therefore, to migrate Thunderbird emails (Linux) to Outlook (Windows), first, you have to locate Thunderbird mailbox data on Linux. Typically, Thunderbird data is saved at the following location on your Linux machine.


Once you got the source location of Thunderbird mailbox data, all you have to do is: Go to the Home directory, press Ctrl + H to unhide hidden files, copy the entire directory and paste it on an external storage device. The data on the external hard drive is then moved to the Windows platform and convert to PST.

Till now, it is quite evident that data migration from Thunderbird to Outlook PST using the manual approach requires a lot of precision and skills. For a novice user, it isn’t very easy to perform the migration without proper guidance. Therefore, to make the migration process easy and quick, one should always look for third-party resources.

Kernel for MBOX to PST Converter tool is the most recommended tool to convert Thunderbird’s MBOX file to Outlook PST. This third-party software converts the data leaving the quality and integrity of data intact.

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To convert MBOX files to PST format, follow the steps given below:

  1. Launch Kernel for MBOX to PST Converter on your system.
  2. Install MBOX to PST converter software
  3. Select mode to add files for the conversion task. Typically, to add more than a single MBOX file, select the “Select File(s)” option. And to import an entire folder containing MBOX files, choose the “Select Folder” option. Select mode to add files for conversion
  4. Click the “+” button to navigate to the directory containing the Thunderbird MBOX files.
    Navigate to the directory containing the Thunderbird MBOX files
    The interface also provides an “x” button to eliminate the files that are selected unintentionally and need not be migrated.
  5. Select the MBOX files you wish to migrate and click Open.
  6. Select MBOX file and open
  7. Click Finish to complete adding the files.
  8. Click finish to complete adding files
  9. As soon as you click the Finish button, a preview of emails and other mailbox items associated with the MBOX files are displayed on your screen. You can view the content of each email just by clicking it. Now, to save the required file, click on the Save button located at the top left corner of the interface. The tool also provides Savings Options located at the extreme right corner of the interface.
  10. Preview of emails and other mailboxes
  11. From the Savings Options window, select PST (MS Outlook) as the output type to save your data file. Click Next.
  12. Select PST as a saving option
  13. Choose appropriate filters to save specific data from your converted PST. Click Next if you don’t wish to make any changes to the converted PST file.
  14. Select filter option
  15. If your PST is large, you can split your file into two individual PST files. In the Manage Recovered PST window, you can split the PST into two different proportions. Also, you can add a prefix to the file name of your converted PST. Now, all of these are optional changes, if you don’t require to split your PST and add a prefix, click Next anyways.
  16. Split large PST files
  17. Click Browse to provide a destination path to save the converted PST file.
  18. Provide a destination path to save file
  19. Select the destination path to save the converted PST and click on the OK button.
  20. Select destination path
  21. Click Finish.
  22. Click finish
  23. You will be notified by the tool that your converted PST is saved to the specified location.
  24. Thunderbird to PST converter done
Wrapping Up

Thunderbird uses a common file format to save its data, whether being deployed on a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine, whereas Outlook uses PST on Windows and OLM on Mac. If the MBOX to Outlook migration has to be done only for the Windows environment, then the most recommended way is to use third-party software like Kernel for MBOX to PST.


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