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Effective Solution to Export Emails from Eudora to PST

Eudora is an email platform available with Mac OS and Windows OS. For storage purpose, Eudora stores the MBOX database files in MBOX file format. However, now Eudora is no more the preferred choice among wide users, because since its introduction no major updates have been made. Besides this, MS Outlook on other hand routinely gets updated with upgradation of MS Office utility. In addition, MS Outlook is available in all Windows editions. Consequently, these days many users are more inclined towards Outlook and opting for MBOX to PST conversion, and the better option is available with the Kernel for MBOX to PST software. The software provides the perfect and safe email conversion from Eudora to PST. To perform such conversion, follow these steps:

  1. Open Kernel for MBOX to PST platform.
  2. Select ‘Eudora’ MBOX client from the screen provided.
  3. Select Eudora Email Client
  4. Click ‘Next’ to proceed. Add MBOX file to be converted into Outlook PST using ‘Add File(s)’/Add Folders option.
  5. Now, the added file is ready to be displayed before entering into PST conversion process. To proceed further, click ‘Finish’.
  6. The Eudora MBOX file folder will be displayed on the left side of the pane, while the right side displays the details items regarding each mailbox folder.
  7. Select folder or files
  8. To save the MBOX files of Eudora to Outlook PST, click ‘Save’ button.
  9. New interface will get open with conversion options. It includes ‘Convert All Items’ and ‘Define Conversion Rule’.

    Conversion options


    1. Click ‘Convert All Items’ to perform conversion of all items and simply click ‘Next’ to proceed.
    2. Click ‘Define Conversion Rule’ to make certain selection of required items and choose from the drop-down menu ‘Where’. It includes ‘From’, ‘To’, ‘Subject’ and ‘Date’.
  10. To use ‘Define Conversion Rule’, select the option from the drop down menu ‘Where’. If ‘From’ field is concerned, then the entries must be made in the required field.
  11. Define conversion rule
  12. If ‘To’ field in concerned, enter the required values.
  13. Select 'To' field and enter value
  14. When ‘Subject’ field is concerned, the required values must be entered.
  15. Select 'Subject' field and enter value
  16. Enter and specify the values in ‘Date’ field.
  17. Specify the values in ‘Date’ field
  18. Once these values are finalized, click ‘Next’ to select the PST file saving destination.

    New window will appear providing different saving options which involves saving in PST, MSG, EML and Office 365.

  19. To save Eudora MBOX files into Outlook PST click ‘Save in PST’.
  20. On clicking the radio button, the two saving options are displayed: ‘Create New PST File’ and ‘Save in Existing PST File’.

    Select saving option


    1. To save the Eudora MBOX files into new PST files, simply provide the path using ‘Browse’ option.
    2. To save the Eudora MBOX files in pre-existing PST file, click ‘Browse’ to save into the dedicated path.
  21. Click ‘Save’ to permit the tool to save the MBOX files of Eudora to PST format. The conversion process is displayed on the user system as:
  22. Conversion process
  23. On successful completion of the saving process, a message will be displayed on the screen.


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Effective Solution to Export Emails from Eudora to PST

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