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“Many MBOX users do not continue with their email clients because of lack of features. We are trying to help them with this tool.”

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Salient Features

Learn about the exclusive features of the tool that facilitate need-based Import MBOX to Gmail.

Import MBOX files to Gmail

Import MBOX files to Gmail The MBOX import tool helps you import MBOX/MBX/MBS/MSF files to Gmail with ease. You can select and add MBOX files of various email clients one after the other, preview their data, and save them to Gmail. In just three steps, you can view your MBOX emails in Gmail.

Add a folder with MBOX/EML files

Add a folder with MBOX/EML files Instead of adding MBOX files individually, you can add all the MBOX files of a folder just by selecting that folder in the tool. Thus, you can add multiple MBOX files from multiple email clients in just a click. In a similar way, you can also import EML files to Gmail.

Preview MBOX data

Preview MBOX data With the Live Preview feature of the import MBOX to Gmail tool, you can be sure of the integrity and completeness of MBOX data before migrating to Gmail. You can verify the email content, its metadata, and other properties. The preview of data helps you plan for a selective migration too.

Supports all MBOX email clients

Supports all MBOX email clients This tool supports all MBOX files of all email clients, inducing the active and discontinued ones -Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Entourage, Postbox, PocoMail, Netscape, Spicebird, PowerMail, Claws Mail, Opera, Evolution, Sylpheed, SeaMonkey, Mulberry, Gnu, GyazMail, Sparrow, and The Bat!

Import to G Suite user mailboxes

Import to G Suite user mailboxes G Suite users can use this tool to import MBOX files to their mailboxes (without any help from G Suite administrators). The import process is similar to that for importing MBOX files to Gmail.

Selective MBOX import

Selective MBOX import Selective MBOX import is possible with this tool. You just need to apply the required filters (From, To, Subject, Folder Name, and Date range), and then the tool will save only the items meeting the specified criteria. You can apply filters to multiple MBOX files at a time.

Migrate to Office 365/Exchange/Outlook

Migrate to Office 365/Exchange/Outlook It is a complete MBOX import tool to import MBOX files to various platforms and applications. You have a number of saving options with this tool, including Office 365, live Exchange, Outlook, major email servers, popular webmails, and common file formats.

Access Gmail Using the App Password

Access Gmail Using the App Password To ensure security, the MBOX to Gmail tool accesses your Gmail account with an app password. For this, you need to enable two-step verification and generate an app password in Gmail. Read more


Be ready with your Gmail app password and follow the steps as given:
  1. Launch the Import MBOX to Gmail tool.
  2. Add the MBOX files or the folder with the MBOX files.
  3. Preview the MBOX file data.
  4. Select Gmail (or Google Apps) as the saving format.
  5. Apply filters as required and finish the process.

Now, you can access MBOX emails in Gmail.

For secure access, our tool accepts app password only. You can create an app password in Gmail to use with this tool.
Yes. This tool supports MBOX files of all email clients, whether active or discontinued. So, you can import those MBOX files to Gmail using this Import MBOX to Gmail tool.
Yes. The tool supports MBOX files created by Google Takeout too. You can simply import those backup MBOX files to Gmail using this tool.
Yes, our tool supports Apple Mail MBOX files from the Mac environment too. You can import them just like any other MBOX file.
No. The trial version of the tool allows you to add MBOX files and preview the data. To save to Gmail, you need to buy the full version of the tool.

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    Windows 365, 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

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Excellent tool for backing up all MBOX file data on Gmail. You don't have to use Thunderbird email clients any more. Many thanks for your support.


It is a complete migration tool for MBOX users. I have transferred all my data to G Suite account without any restriction. Thanks a lot.


Very nice tool; all the algorithms were executed perfectly. Great tool, and it works perfectly for me. Love to suggest this tool to others.

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