Opera Mail, included within the Opera Internet Suite, is a comprehensive application that combines email and news client features. It offers users a wide range of email-related capabilities, such as POP3 and IMAP account support, a contact manager, RSS feed integration, and efficient spam filtering. Despite its user-friendly interface and lightweight design, Opera Mail may not possess certain advanced features found in other more specialized email applications.

Due to a number of drawbacks, users are increasingly migrating to the more robust MS Outlook platform. Its features surpass those of any other email client. Despite both Opera Mail and Outlook serving as communication tools, they differ significantly in their functionality. Opera Mail employs MBOX files for data storage, whereas Outlook utilizes PST format to safeguard users' essential data. To facilitate the transition, a dedicated Opera Mail converter software is essential, as Opera does not support compatibility with other email applications.

Reasons to convert Opera Mail to Outlook-

  • Windows 10 systems do not allow Opera to be designated as the default email client.
  • The synchronization process is comparatively slower than on other platforms.
  • Users consistently encounter challenges when attempting to incorporate plug-ins, widgets, extensions, and various integrated software components.
  • The objective is to decrease the frequency of ongoing updates intended to improve performance.
  • The fundamental operation and reaction time are sluggish as well.
  • Outlook provides a unified interface for individuals to access multiple email accounts simultaneously.
  • Outlook boasts additional features for effectively handling and structuring email information.
Locate the source file-

In order to transfer your mailbox data from Opera to Outlook, your initial step should be to pinpoint the precise location of Opera's source database file. Usually, this data is contained within a solitary database file, identifiable by the ".MBS" file extension, which is essentially a variation of the MBOX file format. If you happen to be running Opera version 15 on a Windows 7 system, you can find this database file in the specified directory:

“C:\Users\name of the machine\AppData\Local\Opera\Opera\Mail”

Method to convert Opera MBOX files to Outlook’s PST-

After locating the source database file, you can employ a trustworthy MBOX to Opera Mail converter tool to transform the file into a format compatible with Outlook. In this regard, we have highlighted the working of an efficient third-party software Kernel for MBOX to PST Converter. Here is how it works:

  1. Open the MBOX to Outlook PST converter tool and select the "Browse" option to find the source database file of Opera Mail. Launch MBOX to PST converter software
  2. Choose the necessary MBS file or folder and then press OK. After adding the file, simply click Finish. Add files to convert
  3. To access the email contents in advance, simply select the mailbox hierarchy from the left-hand side panel and then click on the "Save" button. Add folder containing the Opera Mail .mbs files
  4. Choose the PST File (MS Outlook) format as the desired outcome and then proceed by clicking the "Next" button. Select file and open
  5. To retain particular information in your converted PST file, utilize filters. Then, proceed by clicking "Next." Click finish
  6. In case your selected MBS file is large, you can manage the size of your converted PST by using the Split option. Choose the desired partition from the drop-down available under the Split option. You can also add a prefix to the file name in order to give the file a unique identity. Click Next anyways. Click on saving option
  7. Select the Browse option to specify the destination path where you want to save the converted file. Then, simply click the Finish button to initiate the conversion process. Select PST as an output type
  8. After the conversion process finishes, the resulting file is automatically stored in the designated location. Simply click the OK button to conclude the task. Apply filter option


Opera Mail uses the MBOX file format, while Outlook utilizes PST to store data. Because Opera Mail is incompatible with many other email platforms, manual methods for batch transferring MBOX files to Outlook PST are not available. The only secure and reliable solution is to use the Opera Mail converter, which can seamlessly complete the transfer process.