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Opera Mail is the email client developed by Opera Software. It was integrated within the Opera web browser, but it became separate in 2013 after the Opera 15 version. The modern versions are available for both Windows and macOS Operating Systems.
Opera Mail

Features of Opera Mail

  • Opera Mail supports rich-text format for messages.
  • There is inline spell-checking while composing new mails.
  • There is both automated and manual spam filtering feature to recognize phishing or suspicious emails.
  • A contact manager to manage contacts.
  • It displays the email as text and HTML properties.

How Does Opera Mail Work?

Opera Mail creates a single database that saves the messages by indexing them into several views or access points. The messages are sorted into indexes automatically. Such a feature makes the messages instantly accessible. For example, when a .doc file is received in the emails, it will appear in the Documents and Received categories.

How to Take Opera Mail Backup?

The new Opera Mail application is independent of the web browser, and you can save the backup of your account using the following steps-

  1. Start Opera Mail and click the icon of Opera Mail on the top-left-hand side. Then choose Help >> About Opera Mail.click the icon of Opera Mail
  2. On the About Opera Mail information page, you need to go to the Paths category to see the several paths.Paths category
  3. Go to the Mail directory path, right-click and Copy it.Mail directory path
  4. Now, go to Windows Explorer and paste the Mail directory path in the address bar.paste the Mail directory path
  5. In the Opera Mail Directory, you can select the Mail folder and copy it also.select the Mail folder

Now, you can Paste the mail folder to any other folder. It will be a backup for your Opera Mail account data.

The manual process of saving the Opera Mail to another folder is useful for a single account and smaller data. If the data is large, then it will not be a feasible option to save it manually. Also, it will be tough to restore the data back to the account. You should use professional Opera Mail backup software that can save all the content of the mailbox efficiently.

Professional Opera Mail Backup Software

Kernel for MBOX to PST is the converter software that supports more than 20 email clients like Opera Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Power Mail, SeaMonkey, Netscape, PocoMail, WebMail, etc. The conversion algorithm of the software is accurate and safe enough to export emails and other data to PST. It transfers the data without causing any changes in the structure, folder hierarchy, or metadata.

  • The software can convert multiple MBOX files simultaneously. The flexible solution allows the user to add single or multiple MBOX files and apply filters to them.
  • There is a detailed preview facility where the user can see the content of the selected item before converting it. The preview will be accurate enough to show the correct information of selected items.
  • Multiple destination formats like MSG, EML, RTF, PDF, TXT, HTML, MHTML, etc.
  • The software can directly migrate the content from Opera Mail file to Office 365, Exchange, Domino, GroupWise, Gmail, etc.
  • Advanced filtering options that apply various criteria like To, From, Subject, Date, and Attachments.
  • The large data files can be split into smaller files.


Opera Mail application is in the last phase of its life as Opera Software has stopped further development and security updates. So, you should move from Opera to a better email client like Outlook that can handle your IMAP accounts much better. The MBOX file converter tool can convert the data file of your Opera account and save it in the PST format.

After converting the data file, you can import the PST file into Outlook and access your account data. You can use the free trial version of the software to know more about the software.

Kernel for MBOX to PST
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