Apple Inc. is the corporation that has comforted the users to the pinnacle of comfort. Everything is just a click away with swift actions unknown to the user, running at the backdrop. The email, which is listed in the daily responsibilities of the user, is perfectly made in this platform. For ease the Apple Mail composes the emails and sends it through SMTP, receives it through IMAP and maintains end-to-end communication through S/MIME.

Even being the perfect email platforms for the professionals, sometimes professionals faces obscure problems while migrating the files from older version to newer one i.e. platform upgradation. However, experts do always recommend to take backup prior initiating the upgradation process. There is a suitable method of using a proficient third party MBOX file to PST conversion tool that works promptly in the direction of migrating MBOX file and its items to PST file.

Since both Apple Mail and Outlook doesn’t provide any native method to migrate MBOX file to PST, you have to export all Apple Mail’s mailbox data into an MBOX file. Later, convert the resultant MBOX file to PST using a reliable MBOX to Outlook PST converter tool.

How to Export Apple Mail emails to an MBOX file?

Locating the required emails in Apple Mail is a complex task for novice users; however, in general, the Apple Mail’s mailbox data can be easily located at the following location in your MAC machine:


Note: The directory “V6” can change according to the version of Mac you are currently working on. For instance, the folder “V6” exists in Mac OS Mojave.

Alternatively, you can locate and select the desired mailbox item via the email client itself. All you have to do is to launch Apple Mail on your Mac machine, select the desired items, and choose the Export Mailbox option. In case you are new to Apple Mail and don’t have much idea regarding the export functionality, follow the steps given below to perform the export operation.

  1. Launch Apple Mail on your Mac machine.
  2. Select the mailbox folder you wish to migrate.
  3. Right-click on the desired item and select “Export Mailbox..” option.
  4. Provide a destination path to save the required file.
  5. Move the resultant .mbox file from Mac to Windows platform.

Once, the required MBOX file is saved on a Windows machine, use a reliable third-party converter tool to convert MBOX file to PST format.

Kernel for MBOX to PST Converter is a powerful tool embedded with advanced functionalities and robust algorithms that helps users migrate complete MBOX data to PST. With this tool, you can even save the mailbox data in file formats supported by other clients as well. For instance, you can save the desired mailbox item in file formats like DBX, MSG, EML, Office 365, and Exchange server.

Steps to Convert Apple Mail to PST

  1. Launch the email converter software.
  2. Select an Apple folder/file that you want to convert. Select an Apple mail MBOX file Note: You can either go for Select Folder or Select File as per the requirement.
  3. Once the file is added, click on the Finish button to proceed. Add Apple mail
  4. At this stage, the file is ready for a preview, click on individual file to have a preview and click on the Save button once done. Preview of file
  5. In the new saving Window, select the PST as the file format and click on the Next button to proceed. Select PST file format as a saving option
  6. In the next step, apply filters to customize the final file by specifying the required fields like ‘From,’ ‘To,’ ‘Subject,’ ‘Folder Name,’ ‘Item Type,’ and ‘Date Range.’ This step is totally optional and can be skipped if not required. Click on Next once done. Apply filter option
  7. If required, you can split the file in multiple similar sized PSTs by choosing a size from the Drop-down box beside the Split Option. Similarly, you can provide a Prefix to the file to give it a unique identity. Both split and prefix features are totally optional, and the user can choose to skip them, if not required. Split PST file
  8. Assign a place to the newly converted file in the system by clicking on the Browse button and click on the Finish button to proceed. Assign a place for newly converted file
  9. Click on Ok once the saving process is over. Apple Mail to Outlook PST conversion done