Gmail is a widely adopted platform for essential communication due to its easy accessibility and absence of annual maintenance requirements. Moreover, it provides generous storage capacity, making it a top-choice platform. Gmail's user-friendly interface ensures real-time visibility of the status of various folders, including deleted items, spam, labeled content, and important messages.

In order to keep pace with the rapidly advancing technology, many users are transitioning to MS Outlook. This platform offers a plethora of features, such as the ability to access multiple accounts simultaneously, work offline, and access more storage space. However, some professionals encounter a challenge when they need to access their Gmail emails within the Outlook environment. In simpler terms, exporting Gmail to the PST format, which is compatible with MS Outlook, can be a perplexing task for them. The reality is that there are two methods to achieve this: a professional method that allows the export of Gmail to PST without using Outlook, and a manual method that necessitates access to both platforms.

Manual method to export Gmail to PST format-

This method involves three key steps. Firstly, you'll need to activate IMAP settings in Gmail. Next, set up your Gmail account in MS Outlook. Finally, export your Gmail messages to your desktop in the form of a PST file.

  1. Activate the IMAP configuration.
    1. Access your account and select the Settings icon located at the upper right corner.
    2. Choose "View all settings." Save Gmail files to PST
    3. Go to the Forwarding and IMAP/POP tab and switch the IMAP access status to "Enable IMAP." Finally, remember to click the "Save Changes" button. Save Gmail files to PST
  2. Add account to Outlook-
    1. Launch the Outlook application and then select the "File" option.
    2. Choose "Add Account." Save Gmail files to PST
    3. Enter all the necessary credentials into the Auto Account Setup page, then proceed by clicking "Next."
    4. After completing the configuration process, your Gmail account will be visible alongside your other Outlook accounts. Save Gmail files to PST
  3. Download Gmail messages to your computer.
    1. Access the File tab within Outlook, then select Open & Export, followed by Import/Export. Save Gmail files to PST
    2. In the Import and Export Wizard, opt for the "Export to a file" option and then proceed by clicking "Next." Save Gmail files to PST
    3. Select the Outlook Data File (.pst) option and proceed by clicking on the Next button. Save Gmail files to PST
    4. Please click on the email address and folders that require exporting, then proceed by selecting "Next." Save Gmail files to PST
    5. Please click "Browse" to pick a destination on your desktop where you'd like to save this PST file. Then, proceed by selecting "Finish." Save Gmail files to PST
Why is the manual method of exporting Gmail to PST not effective?

The approach's ineffectiveness is attributed to the following drawbacks.

  • Certainly, it's an extensive procedure that encompasses numerous sub-stages.
  • Access to both their Gmail account and Outlook application is required for the user.
  • It carries a minor potential for data loss.
  • It entails a significant amount of time without yielding productive results.
  • This procedure is not recommended for individuals without the necessary skills.


Because Microsoft Outlook provides numerous superior features, numerous users wish to export their Gmail emails to PST, the format Outlook employs to store data. Achieving this can be accomplished through either a manual or professional method, each with its own unique benefits. Users have the option to export Gmail to PST without the need for the Outlook application on their desktop by utilizing dedicated software. Conversely, the manual approach relies on accessibility to both Gmail accounts and Outlook.

An automated method to export Gmail to PST format-

To streamline a time-intensive process, you can depend on an external tool equipped with enhanced capabilities. Utilizing this method, individuals can export Gmail to PST files without the need for the Outlook application. Known as Kernel for MBOX to PST Converter, the conversion of emails from Gmail to PST is made with sure shot secure data integrity and folder hierarchy. To expedite this conversion process, simply adhere to these straightforward instructions:

  1. Open the email converter tool, and you'll be greeted with an interface that resembles the following: Launched MBOX to PST converted software
  2. Choose the Mode - Opt for either the "Select File(s)" or "Select Folder" option. Select mode for Gmail to PST conversion
  3. Now, click on the green + button to locate the directory containing Gmail-Webmail MBOX Files. Locate the directory containing Gmail-Webmail MBOX Files
  4. Choose the files and then click on the "Open" option. Select MBOX file to open
  5. Next, select the Finish option. Click on finish
  6. You'll see a fresh window containing emails and other mailbox information appear on your screen. To save the necessary file, simply click the Save button. Save the required file
  7. Once you press the Save button, a dialog box will appear on your screen, presenting various saving options. Choose PST as the Output format and then click Next. Select PST as a saving option
  8. Choose the filters you want to use for saving specific data from your MBOX file, then click on the "Next" button. Apply filter option
  9. The upcoming window provides options for selecting filters and saving preferences. Nevertheless, if you do not need to divide your file or include a prefix, feel free to proceed by clicking "Next" regardless. Choose filters and saving options
  10. Navigate to the location of your choice where you'd like to save the converted PST file. Select location to save PST file
  11. Choose the preferred destination for saving your file, then click the OK button. Select desired path to save file
  12. Please select the Finish button. Click on finish button
  13. Once you have saved the changes, simply click on the OK button to complete the process. Save Gmail files to PST