Webmail platforms like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail are mostly used by everyone to exchange communication. Available as free without any annual maintenance, along with the availability of large storage platforms, makes it one of the most preferred platforms among many users. The Webmail interface is designed in such a way that the status of every item is clearly mentioned in real-time. Even the details regarding deleted, spams, labeled, important are also available in the Webmail interface.

In Gmail, features like ‘DMail’ have powered its users to revoke access to any message at any time, even if it is read. However, for professionals, the situation turns out to be strange when accessibility to the Gmail emails is needed in the Outlook platform. In simple words, it is practically impossible to access the emails from Gmail to PST file format.

To make the ‘practically impossible’ approach quite feasible, you can very well rely on an external tool with much better abilities. Known as Kernel for MBOX to PST Converter, the conversion of emails from Gmail to PST is made with sure shot secure data integrity and folder hierarchy. To make such conversion in a quick way, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the email converter tool. The interface of the tool will look like this: Launched MBOX to PST converted software
  2. Select the Mode - Select File(s) or Select Folder option. Select mode for Gmail to PST conversion
  3. Now, click on the green + button to locate the directory containing Gmail-Webmail MBOX Files. Locate the directory containing Gmail-Webmail MBOX Files
  4. Select the files and click Open. Select MBOX file to open
  5. Then, click Finish. Click on finish
  6. A new window with emails and other mailbox data will be displayed on your screen. Finally, to save the required file, click on the Save button. Save the required file
  7. As soon as you click on the Save button, a dialog box containing the savings options will be displayed on your screen. Select PST as the Output type and click Next. Select PST as a saving option
  8. Select the desired filters to save specific data from your MBOX file and click Next. Apply filter option
  9. The next window will allow you to choose filters and saving options. However, if you don’t require to split your file and add a prefix, click Next anyways. Choose filters and saving options
  10. Browse to select the desired location to save your converted PST file. Select location to save PST file
  11. Select the desired path to save your file and click OK. Select desired path to save file
  12. Click on the Finish button. Click on finish button
  13. After saving, click OK to finish the process. Save Gmail files to PST