How to Convert MBOX to EML Easily?

Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, and Eudora are various email client applications that employ MBOX format files to store and manage mailbox data.

When transitioning between email clients, individuals often require their mailbox data to be available in various email formats such as EML and MSG. Converting MBOX to EML facilitates access to mailbox data through Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook Express, and various other email clients.

In this article, we’ll walk your through MBOX to EML conversion via a step-by-step route using the Kernel for MBOX to PST Converter tool.

This tool is widely used for converting MBOX data files into Outlook PST format. The tool offers many flexible features like mailbox data conversion, migration to Office 365, Exchange Server, Domino, etc. Conversion of all emails and attachments to different file formats which includes EML.

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Follow the steps to Convert MBOX files to EML

  1. Launch the MBOX to Outlook PST converter software. Launch MBOX to PST converter tool
  2. Navigate through the MBOX file and select "Next,"

    Note: You have the flexibility to choose either a single MBOX file or multiple files simultaneously, depending on your requirements. In section (1), you can make your selection, and in section (3), you can easily add or remove a chosen file.

    Select single or multiple MBOX file
  3. After the MBOX file scanning process is complete, a new window will appear, allowing you to navigate your mailbox items. This window is divided into four distinct sections within the "Mailbox Item Tree View," which organizes your mailbox items in a tree-like structure. In the "File(s) Folder(s) Preview" section, you can preview the contents of individual folders. The "Mailbox Item Preview" area enables you to preview various items such as emails, attachments, reminders, contacts, and more. Lastly, in the "Export/Migration Format(s)" section, you can choose your preferred file format for export or migration. Preview of MBOX file
  4. Moving forward with the migration process, choose one or multiple mailbox folders you want to migrate. In the Export/Migration Format(s) section, opt for the EML file format, as depicted below. Select EML file format as a destination
  5. Apply filters (1) to select the tiems. Click Next. Apply filter options Note: Use Include option to apply pre-determined filters (2). To know more about Filters click on the link (!).
  6. PSelect a destination to store the MBOX file as an EML file, then press Finish. Provide a location to save EML file
  7. After finishing the conversion process, you are ready to utilize the newly converted EML file. Simply click "OK" or access the file folder location by selecting the provided active link. Convert MBOX to EML process done


Converting MBOX to EML files manually can be challenging due to the use of outdated email clients. However, utilizing this MBOX file converter tool makes the MBOX to EML conversion a breeze, offering a seamless, swift, dependable, and customizable solution tailored to user needs.

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  1. I needed some emails from Apple Mail in Outlook and the Apple account was not working; then I used your software and converted the emails in EML format that was accessible in Outlook.

  1. The tool has advanced filters that I could apply for selective MBOX to EML conversion.

  1. Now I can easily upload my Thunderbird MBOX file to Windows Live Mail. The software is the most advanced I've ever worked with. Its graphic interface and its functions are very useful. The filtration option makes it more valuable.

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