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How to convert MBOX to EML easily?

Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora are different email clients that utilize MBOX format files for storing and organizing the mailbox data. On the other hand, EML files stand for Electronic Mail, that contains text messages. This is a convenient file format used for archiving and backing up data. This file contains all the necessary email information including email Read more

How to import MBOX to Yahoo mail?

Many email clients, like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora, Opera Mail, etc., use the MBOX file format to store email data in plain text files. However, based on functionality, users prefer to switch to the best alternative. As these desktop-based email clients often have file size issues, that makes it necessary to find a cloud-based alternative. Yahoo is one such cloud-based email client Read more

How to convert Apple Mail to PDF?

Mac operating system, iOS, and other OS developed by Apple Inc. come with a default email application popularly known as Apple Mail. Apple Mail emails are saved in the MBOX file format on your local computer. PDF, being a portable document, offers ease of access, print, and view on all major devices. In this writing, you will get to know a variety of ways including Kernel for MBOX Read more

Step by step Process to import MBOX file to Gmail account

Gmail is the web-based email service that has become the de facto communication medium for lots of users. A free Google account gets a 15 GB of total space that all apps share between themselves including Gmail. When the size of an account reaches to such limit, then you can either delete the data or move it to another account. The simple method is to use Google Takeout service ( Read more