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Export Exchange Mailbox for Specific Date Range to PST

As an Exchange Administrator, you must be prepared to manage various tasks within the Exchange environment. One crucial responsibility is regularly backing up the data in the form of an archive file. While you have several archiving tools at your disposal for this purpose, there are multiple techniques available to save Exchange mailbox data in PST files. For routine backups, you can Read more

Exchange Server Recovery Software Full Version

Exchange database files (EDB files) store the data within your Exchange environment, while Outlook data files (PST files) contain the data associated with your Outlook. This article shows how you can perform recovery with the help of Exchange Recovery Full Version by converting EDB Read more

How to Activate and Update Kernel for Exchange Server

Kernel for Exchange Server offers a secure and dependable solution for retrieving corrupt Exchange database files and saving them to a suitable destination. Unlike some other methods, it doesn't rely on transaction logs for data recovery; instead, it recovers the entire data using the database file (EDB) alone. A free version of the software is available for download from Read more

How to Recover Multiple Mailboxes in Exchange Server?

While there are manual recovery methods available, such as executing complex Exchange Management Shell commands to recover Exchange database mailboxes from a recovery database/backup file or utilizing the Exchange Admin Center interface to connect deleted or disconnected Exchange mailboxes, or even reestablishing mailboxes via the Exchange Server Manager, these methods are often regarded as Read more

Recover Public Folders from Corrupt EDB Files

Exchange EDB files are invaluable as they house all the essential information within their mailboxes and public folders. The Exchange Public Folder serves as an integrated service, enabling Exchange users to collaboratively share content and information within a shared folder. Administrators have control over assigning folder permissions to users. Public Folders are supported in Outlook on Read more

Extract Attachments From Specific Exchange Mailbox

How to extract attachments from specific exchange mailbox? In the following discussion, we will explore the steps for using the "Extract Attachments" feature to save attachments from the selected mailbox. What are the pre-requisites? The MS Outlook in your system must be configured with the Exchange account. The Use Cached Exchange Mode Read more

How to Import Contacts from EDB to PST File?

Exchange Server serves as the backbone of IT organizations, particularly those heavily involved in customer service. Within an Exchange Server database EDB file, you'll find a wealth of essential items, including inbox messages, calendar entries, contacts, deleted items, drafts, journal entries, notes, outbox contents, sent items, and tasks. It's imperative to create backups of Exchange EDB Read more

How to Import Calendar from EDB to PST File?

Similar to other Exchange mailbox item backups, preserving calendar entries is crucial for any organization. These entries encompass records of past and upcoming meetings, events with agendas, and vital details necessary for tracking activities within the organization. At times, administrators may recognize the need to backup the Calendar folder retrospectively, which can be an exceedingly Read more

Restore EDB from VERITAS Backups

Exchange database (EDB) backups serve as the foundation for every user relying on Exchange Server. Undoubtedly, they are the backbone of organizations engaged in daily communications, with the capacity to manage thousands of user mailboxes. Exchange shoulders numerous responsibilities, making it imperative for administrators to ensure the protection of critical information through regular Read more

Restore EDB files from NTBackup

Disasters are undoubtedly distressing, and they are situations no one wishes to confront, even in their worst nightmares. However, certain scenarios can unexpectedly strike, impacting your Exchange data and environment, and often these are beyond your control. Some of these incidents, such as hardware failures, connectivity issues, or unexpected disruptions, are external and unforeseen Read more

Download EDB to PST Converter Full Version

Exchange Server is one of the most popular email servers. It stores its mailbox data, such as emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, etc. in the form of EDB file. Insight into EDB File - EDB files are Exchange database files that store Exchange mailbox data. Insight into PST File - PST file store Outlook mailbox data including Read more