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How to Migrate SharePoint Documents?

Microsoft SharePoint stands out as a leading enterprise-level content management system, renowned for its prowess in document management and fostering collaborative efforts. Seamlessly integrated with OneDrive, it emerges as the ultimate repository for secure document storage and effortless sharing. Its user-friendly interface and robust feature set make it a coveted choice for Read more

Migrate Exchange Public Folder to SharePoint – How to do?

Before delving into the intricacies of SharePoint's public folder functionality, it is essential to have a solid understanding of public folders themselves, SharePoint as a platform, and the significance of utilizing a proficient SharePoint migration tool, such as the formidable Kernel Migrator for SharePoint. Familiarizing yourself with these components not only Read more

How can I migrate data in bulk to SharePoint Online?

A business organization comprises various departments, each housing multiple teams responsible for generating a substantial volume of physical documents. Managing this paperwork can prove to be quite a challenge for the manager. This is where SharePoint Online steps in to alleviate the burden swiftly and efficiently. SharePoint Online is an exceptionally valuable platform that transforms Read more

Migrate SharePoint List/Library from One SharePoint to another

Every individual wants to benefit from the new features of SharePoint, which is why they prefer to migrate their data to the latest version. You can manually migrate data from one SharePoint server to another. But when it comes to migrate SharePoint list from one site to Read more

SharePoint Tenant to Tenant Migration Step-by-Step Guide

Tenant-to-tenant migration of SharePoint data becomes crucial during mergers or acquisitions involving two organizations. While migrating Exchange data within Office 365 may seem straightforward to many administrators, SharePoint data migration presents a more intricate challenge. This complexity arises from the intricate nature of SharePoint environments and the lack of straightforward Read more

Migrate OneDrive (Personal) to OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business provides businesses with an excellent storage solution at a more cost-effective rate. It offers ample storage capacity, allowing organizations to securely store and effortlessly share a vast number of files with their team members. As a result, many users and organizations are increasingly inclined towards migrating from OneDrive Personal to OneDrive for Business Read more

How to Sync OneDrive files and folders in Windows

There are several professional Sharepoint Migration tools available to assist you in transferring SharePoint and OneDrive data to your local drives. When you can seamlessly download OneDrive data directly to your Windows system, it serves as a reliable backup solution. A prime example of such a tool is Kernel Read more