SharePoint Tenant to Tenant Migration Simplified

Migration of SharePoint data from one SharePoint tenant to another is essential when there is a merger or acquisition between two organizations. Many Office 365 administrators find that the migration of Exchange data relatively easy as compared to the migration of SharePoint data. This is because of the complexity of SharePoint environment and absence of simple native methods for the migration of data from one SharePoint Server to another. Also, SharePoint tenant to tenant migration helps organizations to consolidate their SharePoint Online assets.

Because of the unavailability of a secure manual SharePoint migration method, you can go for the automated process using Kernel Migrator for SharePoint. It is the most direct tool which can migrate data from one SharePoint tenant to another SharePoint tenant. Here, we will go through the whole process of adding a SharePoint site as the source and another as the destination for copying the data between them.

Kernel Migrator for SharePoint

Kernel Migrator for SharePoint uses a simple graphical user interface for the whole process. Download and follow the steps as follows:

1. Install and run the Kernel Migrator for SharePoint. The home page presents all the options for selecting the data from Windows File System, Public Folder, SharePoint Server, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive. Right-click the SharePoint Server and select Add New SharePoint Site.

select Add New SharePoint Site

2. Provide a Project Name. Input the Site Address, User Name, and Password. Click OK.

Click OK

3. The wizard will ask if you want to add the SharePoint Server as the destination also. Click No.

Click No

4. The SharePoint Site will add as the Source. You can visit all the lists and libraries. The tool will show all the details of it.

add as the Source

5. Now go to destination pane. Right-click SharePoint Server and click Add New SharePoint Site.

click Add New SharePoint Site

6. Provide the Project Name, Site Address, User Name, and Password. Finally, click, OK.

click, OK

7. The tool will ask if you want to add the SharePoint as Source. Click NO.

Click NO

8. The SharePoint is present in the destination pane, and now you can conduct the migration.

and now you can conduct the migration

9. Go to any source list or library and select the data, right-click, and select Copy.

select Copy

10. Now, go to destination pane. Select the desired library, right-click it, and select Paste.

select Paste

11. A new wizard shows all the items you have chosen on the source, and you can choose to deselect them. Click Next.

deselect items

12. The tool shows the Site URL, List/Library/Folder Name, and List/Library/Folder URL. You can use the drop-down and choose any other destination site. Click Next.

Click Next

13. Select any attribute of the Item and Edit them. Later, click Next to go ahead.

click Next to go ahead

14. The Filter page presents all the crucial filters available for your data. There are Item Copy Options, Date Filter, File Filter, etc. Use these filters and click Next.

click Next

15. Set the permissions for data and map the users and role groups. Click Next.

Click Next

16. There is an exclusive option for scheduling the migration as a suitable period. But you can also choose to run the migration immediately. Click Next.

Click Next

17. There is a final summary of the whole data which you are migrating. Click Next.

Click Next

18. A message appears and mentions that the migration will start at the scheduled time. Click Finish.

 Click Finish

19. The migration begins (you can click the Stop-Process button and stop the migration).

click the Stop-Process button and stop the migration

20. At last, you can get a whole migration report with the status of each migrated item. Click Finish.

Click Finish


Kernel Migrator for SharePoint is the best option for SharePoint tenant to tenant migrations, as no feasible manual methods are not available for the same. When you use SharePoint Migration tool, you do not need to struggle with the migration - just add the source and destination and do a copy-&-paste from the source to the destination. There are ample features in the software which make it easy for you to conduct the migration. You have complete control over the migration, and after the migration, you will get a migration report with all the details. That is why this is the most preferred tool for SharePoint tenant to tenant migrations.

Kernel Migrator for SharePoint Software Working Video

  1. This is the best tool for tenant to tenant migrations. When you perform tenant to tenant migrations, then you do not have manual methods. So, use this software and start the migration of data along with complete permissions and metadata.

  1. This article shows all the necessary steps required to get the migration done accurately. I have saved it and will use each time I am going to do any migration.

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