How to enable site/subsite creation for all SharePoint sites?

A Global Administrator or SharePoint Administrator can authorize the SharePoint users to create and manage their sites, identify the sites they can create, and stipulate the destination path of the sites. Users can create communication and team sites if the admin doesn’t make any changes.

Manage site creation using the new SharePoint admin center

Find Settings in the SharePoint admin center. Sign in with a SharePoint account with admin permissions. As you select site creation, it will take you to the ‘Site creation’ page appears.

  1. Select ‘Users can create SharePoint sites’ to allow them to create their sites.
  2. Note: This controls users' creation of sites from SharePoint, OneDrive, and the REST API. It won't affect users' ability to create teams, Microsoft 365 groups, or connected sites.
  3. If you want to create a site using these services, select ‘Show the options to create a site in SharePoint and create a shared library from OneDrive.’
  4. Select to create Office 365 group-connected team sites, and then pick the default time zone for the new sites.
  5. Select Save to proceed.

Manage subsite creation in the SharePoint admin center

SharePoint administrators can enable and disable the subsite creation for the classic sites using the SharePoint admin center. When the administrators disable subsite creation, users can't create a subsite directly with a URL or API. The command bar will not show the subsite option when it is disabled.

  1. Log in to Office 365 admin center and go to the Admin application. In Microsoft 365 Admin Center, choose SharePoint. Click Settings
  2. In the SharePoint Admin Center, click Settings.
  3. Scroll down and choose ‘Can’t find the settings you are looking for? Go to the classic settings page.’ Click on the link. Choose Can not find the settings you are looking for?
  4. In the Subsite creation section, click on the radio box to ‘Enable subsite creation for all sites.’ Click OK. Enable subsite creation for all sites
  5. In the Site Creation section, choose either Hide the Create site command or Show the Create site command. Then, click OK. choose either Hide the Create site command or Show the Create site command


The SharePoint admin center makes it so manageable that the SharePoint administrator can enable or disable the feature through the Settings page. However, this needs to limit the number of users that can create sites, which further increases the administrator's responsibility. If you need to migrate a site, list, or library to another SharePoint site, Kernel Migration for SharePoint is a reliable solution to transfer data without losing its integrity.

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