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How to recover deleted MS Word documents?

Microsoft Office Word may be the most important member of the MS Office family. It is used extensively for creating multiple types of documents. These documents may be reports, newsletters, blogs, prescriptions, receipts, resumes, technical papers, etc. So, what will happen if an important document is accidentally deleted or have become inaccessible? You need to try a Windows Data Recovery Read more

How to recover deleted Excel files?

MS Excel is used by the professionals and normal users to create spreadsheets to keep records of basic accounting, scheduling, employee data, sales data, data analysis, reporting etc. Losing such an important file can cause severe ill effects to individuals and businesses. So, Kernel for Windows Data Recovery is essential for all. Kernel for Windows Data Recovery software scans Read more

How to recover deleted PowerPoint files?

Suppose you are preparing a presentation all for an important meeting at your office. On the very day of the meeting, you see that the presentation is missing on your laptop. You vigorously search for it on your system only to find that all your hard work is gone. Think for a second - what if this happens to you. It will annoy you, frustrate you, and you cannot do anything about it. So, to Read more

How to recover inaccessible Text files?

Any file or document, be it TXT, Word, PDF, Spreadsheet, is vulnerable to corruption and accidental deletion. While researching for the lost or deleted data recovery solutions, I got to learn about a TXT file recovery tool - Kernel for Windows Data Recovery tool. Kernel for Windows Data Recovery runs a deep scan on Windows drives and recovers all inaccessible and deleted files for Read more