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Migrate Public Folders Between Office 365 Tenants

Following mergers or acquisitions, numerous Office 365 organizations seek to establish a unified Office 365 environment encompassing the entire organization. This necessitates the seamless migration of all data, including mailboxes, public folders, and more, from one tenant to another. Undertaking this task manually proves to be challenging and impractical, often leading to a multitude of Read more

Selective Email filters for Office 365 Mailbox Migration

Migrating specific data from one Office 365 tenant to another using manual methods can be an extremely challenging task. Additionally, many users struggle to avoid migrating items that have already been transferred, adding to the complexity of the process. In such situations, it is highly advisable to consider utilizing an alternative tool that enables you to apply customized Read more

How to Migrate Shared Mailboxes between Office 365 Tenants?

Shared mailboxes in Office 365 are established to enable multiple users to access them collectively. In essence, a shared mailbox facilitates the collaboration of multiple users in managing emails received at a common email address. It's important to note that only the administrator possesses the authority to create a shared mailbox and to add users to it. Why organizations Read more

Migrate Office 365 Shared Mailbox to Office 365 Group

If you're considering transferring data from your Office 365 Shared Mailbox to an Office 365 Group, don't spend time searching for a built-in solution. There's scarcely a native method available for executing this migration. However, with the assistance of the Kernel Office 365 Migration software, this Read more

How to Create App Password for Office 365?

An app password allows a device or app to access your Office 365 account securely. It is randomly generated and becomes useful when two factor authentication won’t work. The best thing about the app password is that it doesn’t expire, and you can use it in different services at the same time. But it includes a limit of 40 passwords per user. If you want to create another Read more

How to Quickly Import PST to Office 365 Groups?

Summary – Considering the inherent insecurity of PST files, are you interested in importing them into Office 365 groups? In this article, we explore the most efficient and pragmatic approach to rapidly import PST files into Office 365 Groups. PST stands as the default file format for Outlook, housing comprehensive mailbox data, including emails, calendars, Read more

Steps to Import PST Items to Office 365 Public Folder

Summary – Manually importing PST files into Office 365 public folders can be a laborious and time-consuming endeavor. In this article, we have explored the use of the Kernel Import PST to Office 365 tool, which offers a straightforward solution for swiftly importing Outlook PST files into Office 365 public folders with just a few clicks. Public folders stand Read more

How to Backup Data Selectively from Office 365?

Organizations require Office 365 data protection for a multitude of reasons, tailored to their specific business needs. These motivations encompass ensuring seamless operational continuity, adhering to regulatory compliance, and meeting diverse legal requirements. However, it is the potential cost of data loss that weighs most heavily on these enterprises. This cost encompasses financial Read more

How to Backup Office 365 Shared Mailboxes?

Typically, an email address is designed for individual users, enabling direct one-to-one communication. However, businesses often need a collaborative platform where multiple individuals can access and utilize a single email address, enabling one-to-many or many-to-one communication. Office 365's Shared Mailbox functionality transforms the conventional mailbox by allowing multiple users Read more

How to Export Office 365 Groups to PST?

Office 365 Groups seamlessly integrates across multiple applications within the plan, enabling efficient resource sharing among all group members. This integration also streamlines workload management across various tools such as SharePoint, MS Teams, Yammer, Stream, and more. Once the Group is created Read more

Step-By-Step Guide to Import PST to Office 365 Shared Mailboxes

In this article, we will discuss the process of importing PST files into Office 365 shared mailboxes, utilizing both manual techniques and a specialized tool known as Kernel Import PST to Office 365. This tool is designed for advanced PST file imports into various Office 365 destinations, including mailboxes, Read more

Steps to Upload PST to Office 365 Archive Mailboxes

Certain individuals and organizations opt to transfer PST files into Office 365 archive mailboxes for various reasons. Importing PST files into archive mailboxes not only enhances data security but also conserves storage space within the Office 365 account. Consequently, it is a common objective for many organizations to seek efficient methods for migrating their PST files into Office 365 Read more

Skip Migrated Items When Migrate Office 365 Mailboxes

When migrating from one tenant to another, many users encounter difficulties in avoiding the duplication of already migrated items, resulting in cluttered Office 365 mailboxes with duplicated emails and messages. Furthermore, manual methods for Office 365 data migration do not provide users with the option to skip items that have already been migrated. Nonetheless, the hassle of Read more

How can we migrate Office 365 archives quickly?

For a secure and precise Office migration, we strongly recommend opting for this dependable and efficient solution. The Kernel Office 365 Migration tool empowers its users to seamlessly migrate all data, including archive mailboxes, from on-premises/hosted Exchange and Exchange Online to Office 365. This tool Read more

Skip duplicate items while backing up/restoring Office 365 data

To safeguard Office 365 content and ensure uninterrupted accessibility, even in scenarios involving server downtime, internet unavailability, or misplaced login credentials, it is highly advisable to maintain regular backups of Office 365 data. Manual backups may inadvertently include duplicate items, making it imperative to opt for a professional solution like Read more