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Steps to import PST files to Office 365 Public folder

The public folder is a trusted and prominent feature of Office 365 which provide an effective way to collect, organize, and share data with other people in your organization. Basically, it works as a central repository for the team in an organization. Due to its technological advancements and better security features, public folders have become an ideal option for several organizations, so Read more

Steps to Upload PST to Office 365 Archive Mailboxes

Some individuals or organizations prefer to move PST files to Office archive mailboxes for different reasons. Importing PST file to archive mailboxes not only secures the data, but also saves the storage space of Office 365 account. That’s why most organizations look for effective ways to move their PST files to Office archive mailboxes. There are some methods provided by Read more

Skip duplicate items while backing up/restoring Office 365 data

Every organization needs to keep its Office 365 data secure and for that they must take a regular backup of the data and store it in the cloud. While taking these regular backups, they store multiple duplicate items in their backup. So, to skip duplicate items while backing up/restoring Office 365 data, use the advanced Kernel Office 365 Backup and Restore software to take regular backups Read more

How to backup data selectively from Office 365?

Organizations use Office 365 to store and protect their business data. It will help them to build a unique work culture, enhance productivity and utilize various components of Office 365. You can store any kind of data, including Word, Excel, presentations, sites, and emails on Office 365. It’s an advanced platform that can secure your data from any theft or unauthorized Read more

How to backup Office 365 Shared mailboxes?

Generally, an email address is meant for a single user with direct one-to-one communication. But a business requires some shareable place where many people can utilize a single email and process it for one-to-many or many-to-one communication. Shared Mailbox from Office 365 changes the availability feature of a mailbox as multiple users can access it and manage it better. All Read more

How to export Office 365 Groups to PST?

Major organizations depend on Office 365 tools to make their work easy and enhance productivity. Office 365 is bundled with advanced features and platforms. Today we will talk about the immense features of Outlook 365 Groups. It helps to share new information, tasks, and much more with the organization’s groups or teams. Read more

Migrate Public Folders Between Office 365 Tenants

After mergers or acquisition, many Office 365 organizations want to have a single Office 365 environment for the entire organization. They need to migrate the entire the data like mailboxes, public folders, etc. from one tenant to another. There is no feasible manual solution to perform this task without any hardships. Users may have to face many issues if they choose native Read more

Selective Email filters for Office 365 Mailbox Migration

While migrating Office 365 mailboxes with manual methods, it becomes almost impossible to migrate particular data from one tenant to another. Besides, most users are not even able to skip already migrated items. In such scenarios, it would be a great choice if you use an alternative tool that can help you apply specific filters to your Office 365 mailbox. Read more

How to Migrate Shared Mailboxes between Office 365 Tenants?

Office 365 shared mailboxes are created so that more than one user can access it. Basically, a shared mailbox allows multiple users to share the responsibility of reading and responding to emails, from a common email address. However, only the admin has access to create a shared mailbox and add users. But why organizations need to migrate their shared mailboxes from one tenant to Read more

Migrate Office 365 Shared Mailbox to Office 365 Group

If you are planning to migrate the data from your Office 365 Shared Mailbox directly to an Office 365 Group, then do not waste time to find the native solution for it. There is hardly any native way for performing this migration. But with the automated Kernel Office 365 Migration software, this Read more

How to Create App Password for Office 365?

An app password allows a device or app to access your Office 365 account securely. It is randomly generated and becomes useful when two factor authentication won’t work. The best thing about the app password is that it doesn’t expire, and you can use it in different services at the same time. But it includes a limit of 40 passwords per user. If you want to create another Read more

Skip Migrated Items When Migrate Office 365 Mailboxes

When migrating from one tenant to another, most users are not able to skip already migrated items, which later on spam their Office 365 mailboxes with copied emails and messages. Also, the manual methods to migrate Office 365 data don’t give users a choice to skip already migrated items. However, you can avoid exporting the already migrated items by using a tool like Read more

How can we migrate Office 365 archives quickly?

If you want to perform safe and accurate Office migrations, it is suggested to go for this reliable and efficient solution. Kernel Office 365 Migration tool allows its users to migrate all data including archive mailboxes to Office 365 from on-premises/hosted Exchange and Exchange Online. With Read more