How to Export Office 365 Groups to PST?

If you’re an Office 365 user, then you might have heard of Office 365 Groups and how they can be used. But, many users still don’t know how to get started with it. Microsoft specifically doesn’t provide any utility that can be used to export Office 365 Groups to Outlook. So, you have to use a third-party tool to export the Office 365 groups. Kernel Read more

How to Migrate Shared Mailboxes between Office 365 Tenants?

Office 365 shared mailboxes are created so that more than one user can access it. Basically, a shared mailbox allows multiple users to share the responsibility of reading and responding to emails, from a common email address. However, only the admin has access to create a shared mailbox and add users. But why organizations need to migrate their shared mailboxes from one tenant to Read more

Migrate Public Folders Between Office 365 Tenants

After mergers or acquisition, many Office 365 organizations want to have a single Office 365 environment for the entire organization. They need to migrate the entire the data like mailboxes, public folders, etc. from one tenant to another. There is no feasible manual solution to perform this task without any hardships. Users may have to face many issues if they choose native Read more

Backup Office 365 Group to Outlook PST Format

Office 365 data backups become necessary to meet compliance mandates and also to avoid the risk of keeping the entire data on the cloud. However, Office 365 administrators and users need a quick, safe and error-free method for the backup of mailboxes. So, opting for a reliable backup software would be an excellent decision. The tool has the option for Office 365 Groups backup to Read more

How to Backup Office 365 Shared Mailboxes?

A shared mailbox is used by multiple users to send and receive emails from the same address. It can be created easily within the Office 365 admin center, but a user cannot access a shared mailbox directly. To have access to a shared mailbox, the user must be granted “Send As” or Full Access permissions to the mailbox. When different people in an organization share a Read more

Backup Office 365 Archive Mailboxes to PST

Like Office 365 mailboxes and public folders, archive mailboxes can hold some useful data which requires a backup, and the best backup is as PST file. For migrating archive mailboxes from the Office 365 account without any errors, use the super-efficient Kernel Office 365 Backup & Restore Read more

Step-By-Step Guide to Import PST to Office 365 Shared Mailboxes

PST is an important file format, and there is no doubt about that. Almost every email user uses MS Outlook, which stores the data in PST file format. But a PST file often creates a lot of problems for users, as it gets corrupt due to unexpected reasons such as the immediate shutdown of Outlook, sudden power failure, etc. Therefore, many people and organizations prefer to import Read more

How to Import PST to Office 365 Groups?

Office 365 Groups is a service offered by Microsoft for Office 365 users to collaborate with their teammates while creating documents, spreadsheets, scheduling meetings, or sending emails. Also, you can share some outside information from a PST file to Office 365 groups. But, you’ll have to import PST to Office 365 group to share that info. In this article, we will talk Read more

Steps to Import PST Items to Office 365 Public Folder

The public folder feature in Office 365 helps users to share data with colleagues and other users. That’s why most administrators create public folders in their Office 365. However, users often need to import some crucial data from an external PST file to public folder so that other users can have access to it. But, importing PST to Office 365 is very challenging as the Read more

Steps to Upload PST to Office 365 Archive Mailboxes

Some individuals or organizations prefer to move PST files to Office archive mailboxes for different reasons. Importing PST file to archive mailboxes not only secures the data, but also saves the storage space of Office 365 account. That’s why most organizations look for effective ways to move their PST files to Office archive mailboxes. There are some methods provided by Read more

Migrate Office 365 Shared Mailbox to Office 365 Group

If you are planning to migrate the data from your Office 365 Shared Mailbox directly to an Office 365 Group, then do not waste time to find the native solution for it. There is hardly any native way for performing this migration. But with the automated Kernel Office 365 Migration software, this Read more