Smart Filtering Options for Selective Migration - Kernel Office 365 Migration tool

Kernel Data Recovery has developed a dedicated utility, the Kernel Office 365 Migration tool, designed to facilitate swift and efficient migrations between Office 365, on-premises Exchange Servers, and hosted Exchange Servers. It outperforms its competitors in the market due to its user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) and a host of advanced functions and features, which are detailed below:

  • Office 365/on-premises Exchange/hosted Exchange to Office 365/on-premises
  • Exchange/hosted Exchange migrations
  • Automated, direct migration between Office 365 tenants
  • Smart filtering options for selective migration
  • Free trial version to learn software working and migrate 10 items per folder
  • Wide support to all Office 365 plans and Exchange Server versions
  • Maintains original metadata and hierarchy after the migration
  • Migrates mailbox, public folders, archive mailboxes, shared mailboxes, & groups
  • Migrates all – emails, contacts, tasks, appointments, calendars, distribution lists, attachments, etc.
  • Migrates public folders between Office 365 tenants

Filtering options in Kernel Office 365 Migration for selective migration

After the user has added both the source and destination accounts within the Kernel Office 365 Migration tool's interface, mapped the accounts, and selected the Migration Type, they are presented with a comprehensive array of filtering options. These filtering options enable them to precisely select and migrate only the necessary content to the designated destination account.

Let us understand each filter option available in the advanced Kernel Office 365 Migration tool. Office 365 Migration tool

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On the Filter Selection page of the software, users have access to a range of amenities to refine and filter their source account data before transferring it to the destination. These amenities include:

Review the folder selection- This section lets the user select mailbox folders as per the need by selecting the checkbox against them.

Date Filter- By employing this filter, the user can specify a date range to filter the source content created or modified during that time frame. This is achieved by entering the start date in the 'From' section and the end date in the 'To' section, either by selecting dates from the calendar or manually inputting them in the required format.

Item Type Filter- This feature empowers users with the option to individually select mailbox items for migration. They can accomplish this by checking the box next to the specific item(s) such as Email, Journal, Task, Contacts, Calendar, or Appointments to include them in the migration to the destination.

Exclude Deleted folder- By checking the checkbox associated with this folder, all the deleted folders from the source mailbox(es) will be excluded from the migration and will not be transferred to the destination.

Exclude empty folders- This is another valuable filter provided by the software, allowing users to prevent the migration of unnecessary empty folders from the source account mailbox(es) they have added.

Select if you want to save all data hierarchy to a new folder- This filter option includes a checkbox for users to enable this feature and a field where they can input the desired new folder name to which the migrated data hierarchy will be saved.

Set operation timeout for larger emails while uploading/downloading- True to its name, this filter serves to save time during the migration process by allowing users to set a time limit in minutes. If the upload or download of larger emails exceeds this time limit, it will be automatically skipped to expedite the migration.

Skip Previously Migrated Items (Incremental)- Users can select this option if they do not want to transfer items that have already been migrated to the destination using this tool. This choice allows them to avoid migrating duplicate items to the specified destination.

Select if migrating to Office 365 Group- It's essential to enable this filter option when migrating source content to an Office 365 Group destination.

These smart filter options within the Kernel Office 365 Migration tool prove to be invaluable for users who wish to migrate only specific and necessary content from the source to the destination account. With multiple and flexible choices, users have the freedom to tailor their migrations according to their precise requirements. For additional advantages and features of the tool, you can explore them on its official website.

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