How to Export Office 365 Groups to PST?

Office 365 Groups seamlessly integrates across multiple applications within the plan, enabling efficient resource sharing among all group members. This integration also streamlines workload management across various tools such as SharePoint, MS Teams, Yammer, Stream, and more. Once the Group is created and members are added, the need for manual permission assignment to individual members is eliminated.

Which kind of Group is useful for your business?

It's important to acknowledge that there are seldom perfect solutions when evaluating your options. Various teams may opt for different collaboration methods, and Office 365 provides the capabilities to accommodate collaboration in the preferred format of each team.

  • If your team need a shared calendar and wants to communicate via email: Use Outlook to create the Office 365 Group.
  • If your team prefers to work together using embedded applications or a persistent chat environment: Establish a Microsoft Team Group.
  • If you want to establish a sizable, public discussion platform for your business, say, for announcements and conversations at the executive level: Create a Yammer group.

Microsoft doesn't offer a dedicated utility for exporting Office 365 Groups to Outlook. Therefore, you'll need to rely on a third-party tool for this task. Kernel Office 365 Backup & Restore is recognized as one of the top utilities for exporting Office 365 Groups to Outlook PST.

It is an efficient tool that is used to export Office 365 mailboxes to PST. It provides some great benefits to users which include:

  • Back up Office 365 mailboxes to PST without installing Outlook
  • Export Office 365 Groups to PST or import PST file to Office 365 Groups
  • Export User/Archive mailboxes/Shared mailboxes & Public folders to PST
  • Advanced filters to extract specific data
  • Skip empty/deleted folders and duplicate items from export or import
  • Save the export/import report to CSV file
  • Works with on-premises/hosted Exchange & Exchange Online

For a clearer understanding, let's delve into the working process of this tool. To export Office 365 Groups to Outlook PST, follow the steps outlined below.

Note: To export multiple mailboxes, use an Office 365 account with administrative privileges.

  1. Download and install the software on your system.
  2. After launching the tool, click the Backup option to export Office 365 Groups to PST.Launching Office 365 backup & restore toolNote: To export multiple mailboxes, use an Office 365 account with administrative privileges.
  3. In the opened window, click Add to add Office 365 account from which you want to export Groups to PST. Add Office 365 account
  4. In Office 365/Exchange Login window, enter the details for Office 365 account and enter the Group email id in the specified section, and then click Add.Enter the details for Office 365 account
  5. The Group ID will be displayed in the software; click Set Filter and Migrate. Set Filter and Migrate
  6. Now, select the type of data that you want to migrate from the Office 365 Group, and then click Migrate. Select the data you want to migrate
  7. The filtering wizard will appear on the screen, apply filters to as per your needs, and then click I am OK Start I am OK Start Migration
  8. The Save As pop-up will appear on the screen, select the PST option, and click Ok. Select PST as saving option
  9. Select a location to save the PST file and click OK. Select a location to save PST file
  10. The software will export the Group to PST; once complete, a notification will appear on the screen, click OK.Software will export the Group to PST
  11. If you want to save the report to CSV file, click Save report to CSV.Save the report to CSV file

You have the option to save the report in CSV format, which can be utilized to restore the data back to Office 365. To initiate the data restoration process, simply use the "Restore" option provided by the software.

Wrapping Up

Exporting Office 365 Groups to Outlook PST is essential for backing up your Office 365 Groups. Unfortunately, the absence of manual methods can make this process cumbersome. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for the professional tool mentioned above to efficiently export your Office 365 Groups to Outlook PST.

  1. To take the backup of Office 365 data, PST is the best format that you can choose. It remains safe, you can assign a password, and can access in Outlook. That’s why when we used the tool to take the backups of Office 365 groups - we got the best res

  1. There are multiple groups in the Office 365 environment in our organization and we were afraid that trying a manual solution will delete the data from the groups. But the tool handled all the data very carefully.

  1. This is a great tool I've already used its free version but now I bought its full version for my company. Now everyone is pleased.

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