Skip Migrated Items When Migrate Office 365 Mailboxes

When migrating from one tenant to another, many users encounter difficulties in avoiding the duplication of already migrated items, resulting in cluttered Office 365 mailboxes with duplicated emails and messages. Furthermore, manual methods for Office 365 data migration do not provide users with the option to skip items that have already been migrated.

Nonetheless, the hassle of exporting already migrated items can be mitigated by utilizing a tool like Kernel Office 365 Migration, specifically engineered for such tasks. With the Office 365 Data Migration tool, you gain access to intelligent filtering options, granting you the ability to export data from one tenant to another in accordance with your specific requirements and preferences. In the following sections, we will delve into a step-by-step process for skipping already migrated items when migrating Office 365 mailboxes from one tenant to another.

Using Automated Tool for Office 365/Microsoft 365 Migration

The Office 365 Data Migration tool offers a user-friendly and straightforward workflow, making it accessible even for non-technical users to migrate their Office 365 mailboxes effortlessly. Additionally, its intelligent filtering options enable selective data migration tailored to your specific needs. Let's now explore the step-by-step process of how this software works.

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To get started, begin by downloading and configuring the software on your system. Once the tool is installed, proceed with the following steps:

1. Launch the tool and click the Add Source section from the home screen of the tool.

click the Add Source section from the home screen of the too

2. In the opened wizard, provide the credentials for Office 365 account. Now, select ‘List all Mailboxes using above credentials’ and click Get User Mailboxes. The multiple mailboxes linked with the account will appear in the below section, select the specific mailboxes that you want to export and click Add.

 select ‘List all Mailboxes using above credentials’ and click Get User Mailboxes

Note: Make sure you are using a global admin account to add multiple mailboxes.

3. After adding the source mailboxes, you can add the destination mailboxes using the same procedure mentioned above.

After adding the source mailboxes

4. Once the source and destination mailboxes are added, map source mailboxes to the respective destination mailboxes, and then click Set Filter and Migrate.

click Set Filter and Migrate

Note: You can also use a CSV file to add both source and destination mailboxes.

5. In the next step, select the type of mailbox to which you want to migrate source mailboxes, and then click Migrate.

click Migrate

6. Now comes the most crucial step related to your query – the Filter Selection window. Here, you can apply specific filters to source mailboxes based on Item type, Date, Folder, and most importantly, you can select the ‘Skip previously migrated items’ option. After making your selection, click I am OK, Start Migration.

select the ‘Skip previously migrated items’ option

7. The tool will start migrating Office 365 mailboxes from one tenant to another without copying the already migrated items. Once the process is complete, a message will appear on your screen confirming the process completion, click OK to end the process.

click OK to end the process

Note: if you want to save this migration report to CSV, then click Save Report to CSV.

That’s how you can easily migrate Office 365 mailboxes while skipping already migrated items and folders with this Migration tool.

Migrate Office 365 mailboxes


Repeatedly migrating the same data during the process of transferring Office 365 mailboxes between tenants is an inconvenience that no user desires. Unfortunately, manual methods of Office 365 mailbox migration frequently lack the capability to skip previously migrated items. Therefore, users require a utility that can effectively handle already exported data. In this article, we have explored how the Office 365 Data Migration tool can assist users in avoiding redundant data migration during their Office 365 mailbox transfers.

  1. When you only want to migrate a small number of emails except for all the contacts and attachments. Then you should use this software that has multiple filtering options and a checkbox to skip the previously migrated items.

  1. Earlier, when we were conducting the migration, then the size of each migration was growing because all the previous data was getting migrated along with the new data. But, the tool gives a simple option to skip previously migrated items.

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